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  1. Why hasn't the "friend" resigned from company A considering he is working for B now? The previous employer should have revoked the H1b petition immediately following the departure. You've listed very specific details on the "friend", right down to "his" wife's travel plans.
  2. Always be truthful and upfront with the employer. They got you to the US and hold your H1b petition. If you were charged with a crime, you must let the employer know. And get rid of that immigration lawyer providing shady suspect advice. Is the lawyer desi?
  3. What is it about desi consultancies.. An average American typically has a hard time finding jobs once laid off, but H1Bers miraculously go from company B to company C jobs in a jiffy. Those desi H1b resumes.. I tell ya !
  4. Provence

    h1b 3rd RFE

    Couldn't agree more with Noah! Too many foreigners/desis trying to cheat the US with fraudulent petitions. Kick em (fraudsters) all out I say!
  5. Typically a Plan B should be to work in India, assuming an applicant is an Indian citizen with authorization to work there without conditions. Why don't folks want to work in India which has a multitude of jobs?
  6. You have doubts about relying on professional advice from your Attorney and HR? It is their job to be aware of the law, more so than volunteers on a public forum.
  7. Exactly how many forums would you have this discussion on?
  8. Assuming they entered on a tourist visa, they must've had a return ticket. They use that return ticket to exit the US, and await IR5 processing in India, and interview in Mumbai.
  9. Did any part of the Extension filing paperwork ask to list or disclose arrests/charges etc? Why is the employer not informed? Domestic Violence is a serious offence in the United States.
  10. Provence

    B1Visa - Withdraw

    Regardless of title, OP was either denied a visa or denied an admission. S/he has opted not to clarify what's meant by 'withdraw' in spotty english. Bottom line, s/he is free to reapply, but if the reasons behind the denial haven't changed, s/he is looking at another denial.
  11. Provence

    Impact of Passport Expiry Date on Visa Issual

    The US embassy will not issue a visa on a passport expiring in under 6 months. If otherwise approved for a visa, they would deny you one until a new passport.
  12. How could you be applying for Naturalization if you don't yet have a green card?
  13. Provence

    B1Visa - Withdraw

    What do you mean by withdraw? You cannot do business in the US on a B2 visa.
  14. Provence

    Filling out DS 160 before marriage for H4 visa

    Get married first, then she fills out the ds160 after marriage evidencing her marital status as "Married".
  15. Provence

    Lost advance parole

    Without the AP card, he has no choice but to get the transportation letter. Unless he could be re-issued the Advance Parole card again. Either way, he has to prepare for somewhat of a wait.
  16. If it's not stated in the link, it's not there. Your "friend" awaits processing just like every other applicant.
  17. What's so urgent about this? You have very specific dates in asking for a "friend"; the thread title, otoh, refers to you in the first person.
  18. Provence

    Can i switch Job after GC interview?

    Understood, but a company that filed a PERM and I-140 petition for you.. with the understanding there is no qualifying American to do the job.. doesn't have work for you? Why else would they ask you to return to your home country?
  19. According to your previous thread, an amendment is already filed, and under RFE. What gives
  20. Provence

    Can i switch Job after GC interview?

    A company filed for a green card for you but don't have a project for you? How does that work?
  21. Provence

    No Green Card, only working permit

    What was the basis for the work permit? And what is the wife's status in the US?
  22. Provence

    B1 approval trends in India

    Location has nothing to do with B1/2 adjudication. Applicants have to convince a CO they have strong ties to home, and applications are decided on merit. Interview locations should be chosen based on residence. Hyderabad rejections might be due to a combination of lack of ties and not being truthful.
  23. Exactly how many documents were looked at by the CO 12 years ago? Answer: none! B2 visas DO NOT require sponsorship! She applies, she interviews, CO adjudicates.
  24. A CO decides whether or not to issue a visa. Your family has to be truthful with the facts, irrespective of it's impact on a visa.