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  1. You seem to have heeded lawyer's suggestion in the past, so why not now? A notarized letter is usually not required. On another note, if this employer has offered you a job opportunity as claimed in a previous post, what prevents them from issuing a letter now?
  2. Provence


    OP, how old is your son? Your son cannot sponsor you for permanent residency (gc) until he (your son) is an adult. That means your son must be 21+ years old to sponsor you for a green card; not before then.
  3. There're likely to be issues. Best to have the father correct names on his documents prior to petition submission.
  4. Provence

    I-539 Approval Status

    Also bear in mind that routine requests for extension are seen frivolous in today's US climate, and are likely to be denied. Extns should be reserved for medical/life-death emergencies. If the folks have been in the US for a few months, requests for extending the visit for more sightseeing or tourism won't cut it. Any properly completed i539 has to be received prior to i94 expiration to be valid. USCIS is slooowww of late, routine i797s are taking weeks.
  5. Provence

    Change of Status from B/1-B/2 to F1 and H1B

    Very shaky status. That being said, best bet is to return to your home country and apply for an appropriate visa, likely an H4. The odds of which ironically are slim. You appear to have misused/abused your b2 visa privileges, and seem desperate to stay in the US at all costs (b2/f1/h1/h4). That could work against you during future visa attempts.
  6. Provence

    Travelling to India

    Should not be any issues travelling or returning provided valid H1b employment exists.