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  1. Provence

    Bank accounts in USA if H-1B extension denied

    Well if the plan is to exit the US for good, makes sense to empty out and close the account.
  2. Provence

    H1B stamping denied multiple convictions

    Admin processing is open-ended, which translates to no end date. It could be weeks or months, or in rare cases, years. DUI conviction and domestic battery are significant CIMT issues. It's not outside the realm of possibilities that your visa could be denied with a bar. You could seek work in your home country India (if that's your nationality).
  3. Provence

    travel to UK with dismissed case in USA

    The US has close cooperation with certain countries, and one could assume the UK is one of them. Whether or not a shoplifting charge that you were fingerprinted for becomes an issue isn't clear. Did you disclose the arrest on your H4 and UK visa appl?
  4. Provence

    My rights at Port entry with arrest record

    CBP has the discretion to ask questions during POE inspection. Only US Citizens are guaranteed entry, but even they get questioned and have their belongings/social media searched. Anyone seeking entry is liable to be turned away if CBP finds them uncooperative and suspicious, and being evasive. Best to be truthful about your past if anything comes up at POE, as opposed to lying or staying silent which could lead to a denied entry and/or a misrep bar.
  5. Provence

    H1b 6 yrs going to complete,I-140 denied..what to do?

    Based on your previous posts, sounds like a shady employer with an incomplete/invalid i140 petition. You're better off either finding a reputable employer, or exiting the US to seek alternative opportunities.
  6. Provence

    H4 to H1 Conversion

    If the private consultant is a reputable firm with an available H1b job, they should be able to respond to the RFE; the rest should be moot.
  7. Not every American hates immigrants or non-american people. There are a vocal few who do, but a majority approves of legal processes. But most Americans do not appreciate immigrants/visa holders violating US laws with fake H1 resumes, B2 overstays, illegal use of taxpayer assistance, etc. Think of it as the current admin in India for example, which took it's win as a mandate to toughen up laws against illegal migrants. We don't see many complaints against that person or team.
  8. Provence

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    That discretion you speak of is referred to as a consular officer or a CBP officer. If merited, it's that discretion, for example, that allows a CO to approve a visa for a young, single, jobless applicant who might otherwise not have qualified for a B2. A visa is a privilege.. and there's nothing stopping an individual from traveling to India to see family.
  9. Provence

    H1B RFE, not sure about the RFE reason

    Company lawyers should be responding to the RFE.
  10. Provence

    H1B Stamping and House In USA

    Always respond to the VOs questions truthfully, regardless of it's impact on your visa. Always the truth, no lies to the US govt. H1b is in fact dual intent.
  11. Provence

    H1b Interview Question

    Reply with the truth. Is what you're doing illegal relative to the terms of your visa?
  12. Provence

    H1B visa expiry without travel

    The H1b petition/visa is to perform authorized work for a real employer; it is not for working on a whim. Do not abuse the visa or defraud the US.
  13. Provence

    Travelling on 8 Year Old Visa

    She can request entry into the US as long as the visa is valid on that day. No one sponsored a b2 visa back then, there is NO sponsoring a B2 visa.
  14. I suggest listing the felony insurance fraud and misdemeanor disturbance on the ds160 application and the h1b interview. Give the CO the facts and let em decide.