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  1. Employer A petition should no longer be valid. When you quit, they are required by law to inform USCIS that you no longer work with them and cancel the petition. If they want to hire you back, they should re-file, and pay for, a new petition.
  2. Your company, or their attorneys should be responding to RFEs, not you. H1b is an employer's petition and dealing with USCIS is their responsibility.
  3. Provence

    Food stamp - Green card denial/deportation

    Nothing about deportations in the original post. Nor am I aware of any otherwise legal residents and non criminals being deported for using public aid.
  4. What part of applying via Consular Processing, or B2 visa fraud did you not understand from previous posts?
  5. Provence

    Emp B - Perm process - Need help!

    Misrepresentation is never a good idea. Truth and ethics matter, irrespective of effects on a visa or US immigration benefit.
  6. Incorrect, error-laden documents have nothing to do with environment. Any document containing errors ie "the year on my birth certificate is wrong", has to be fixed to match supplemental documents. Absolutely zero to do with any type of environment. Quite simply, the Indian government insists on error-free docs, and so does the US and the world.
  7. Provence

    Apply N-600 for legally adopted child

    You'd be better served talking to a handful of qualified immigration attorneys familiar with international adoptions. This is not a DIY project. Googling and research would be a good start. Adoption is one aspect, US immigration is another.
  8. Provence

    Food stamp - Green card denial/deportation

    Try not going about spreading falsifications. No one is deporting foreigners for using public aid. The current administration has merely proposed scrutinizing past uses of govt benefits while reviewing immigration adjudications.
  9. Once married (as you are), you cannot have another marriage. A marriage has to be registered in the jurisdiction it took place in. You'd have to be present in that jurisdiction, and with evidence of of the date and location of your current marriage, have it registered with that particular municipality.
  10. Begs the question, why wasn't the error fixed immediately? The birth certificate needs to be fixed with the correct data, followed by whatever other documents that display any incorrect information. All documents submitted to USCIS, etc have to match. Also, did the previous PERM thru H1b not materialize?
  11. You don't provide anything. The employer and/or their attorneys respond to the RFE.
  12. Provence

    Specialty Occupation - RFE

    Nothing safe anymore. Everything is getting more scrutiny than ever before, can thank previous abuse, shady consultants, etc for that.
  13. Provence

    Change of Status to H1B

    If unable to procure appropriate documentation, stay back and work in India. Once established ties to your home country a few years from now, you may chose to apply for a B2 visa if you intend to visit. And then return back to India.
  14. Provence

    H1B Transfer/ Extension

    The employer is required by law to inform USCIS of an H1b termination and rescind the petition. Do not dole out advice that borders on illegality. The employer should file (and pay for) a new petition.
  15. Provence

    Steps after loosing job on H1B

    Best to leave the US if an H1b job is lost with no alternatives in the 60 day window thereafter. Attempts to COS are almost always frivolous; unless you really intend to study, which going by your posts, is not your real intent.