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  1. Does your company have a Legal department? Lawyers respond to RFEs on behalf of the employers they represent, not employees.
  2. Something to be advised and handled by company attorney, not you.
  3. You could seek a professional consultation as suggested above, though you answered your own question about why you're looking to switch.. "because I am aging out in May and this might interfere with my undergraduate studies . I also wanted to pursue further studies (graduate program).". Sometimes, the simple truth suffices.
  4. Provence

    Part time work when on H1-B

    You need to stop teaching immediately, and inform the students/parents that you're not authorized to teach. The US issued you an H1b visa to work one particular job and you must adhere to the conditions thereof. You should also report payments already received to the IRS.
  5. Provence

    H1b CAP 2019 RFE

    It appears that both you and your Employer are guilty of fraudulent practices. The employer advised you to perform an illegal act, and by your own admission, you knowingly provided invalid documentation to USCIS. If indeed USCIS finds evidence of fraud, all fair minded folks would hope they do the right thing and revoke your H1b.
  6. Provence

    GC for parents

    They can be petitioned anytime if/once OP is a USC. But they should go through Consular Processing and interview in India. They could seek to temporarily visit the US for short durations and then return to India to interview.
  7. Provence

    Health insurance for green card parents in Georgia

    OP needs to clearly state upfront his/her parents are not current green card holders but looking to become one down the road. The parents are permanent residents of India and at current possess a US b1/b2 visa. OP- please be upfront with facts.
  8. No one can foresee the odds of visa approval. Quality of the school, evidence of non-immigrant intent, access to liquid funds are among a set of factors looked at during F1 visa adjudication.
  9. Provence

    Parents GC Filed, can they travel??

    Technically, AP was applied for, but has not been approved. Applicants left the US before AP approval.
  10. Provence

    Consultancy ended my employment

    On the bench for a couple of weeks, or was you last day December 14? Either they find you a project, or you'd soon be out of status following which you are required to leave the US. Your current contract dictates if you're eligible for any severance were you to be let go.
  11. Admin Processing is open-ended, ie the length cannot be predicted. The embassy has to complete certain checks and verifications before an H1b visa could be issued. The partial government shutdown (DHS is affected) may have an indirect effect as well.
  12. Provence

    H1B Client changed

    Something your employer's Attorneys should have knowledge of..?
  13. With a revoked petition from Emp A and a denial with Emp B, you best bet would be to leave the US. Clearly Emp B's documentation was sub-par. You have 60 days from the December 6 revocation, which is coming up soon. Exit the US, and either try to obtain a new H1b from your home country, or work overseas.
  14. Sure, provided the applicant is otherwise eligible for an H4. How long has the F1 been under AP? Was the i-20 from a public or a for-profit school?
  15. Asylum is (and should be) pursued should there be a genuine threat to life. Harassment, while inappropriate, does not rise to the bar. On the face of it, this looks like an Indian court case and should be settled as such.