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  1. Hello Experts, I received my GC with the given name/surname mentioned incorrectly (switched around), I verified that this was mentioned correctly in the I-485 AOS. I filed the I-90 as USCIS error and mentioned the correct details there and am waiting for the receipt notice.My question is, is it safe to travel (due to a family emergency) abroad with an incorrect 'named' GC ? Could there be issues with the airlines accepting this delta between the name in Passport vs The GC. I could explain the difference and show the receipt notice for the correction. Is this a better option compared to getting the I-551 stamp as all airlines don't understand this ? What do you guys think ? What else maybe the best course of action. Thank you !!
  2. Thanks for the response folks ! @pontevecchio That's the part I am still trying to figure out, maybe the CO thought they were close to retirement and doubted the timing of it all, I gather this from the CO's interest in my parents retirement plan. @Noah Lott Agreed, B2 approval is a tough cookie, reading other experiences I have come to realize it's complexity but I have to have them try again at some point, they have no intentions of staying back in the US, just have to convince the authorities but unsure how. @JoeF We had planned for a 2 months, mentioned similarly in their DS-160. They had leave letters from work (signed by the reporting managers) indicating the earned leaves they accumulated, duration of visit and the expected date to rejoin work, but then again they weren't asked to show it. At this point, what would you guys recommend we do ? (based on your experience/expertise) Thanks again !!!
  3. To add, my parents have no intention on being ‘potential migrants’, hard part being proving this to the VO.
  4. Hello, My parents had a visa interview at the Dubai US Consulate and were rejected with a 214b. I had completed their DS-160 and listed myself as the sponsor. To give you a background; I was born in Dubai and my parents have lived there for quite a while, I am currently working on my H1B. Below are the series of questions that were asked: VO: GM Parents: GM VO: Please hand me your passports Parents: Hand over the passports VO: What is your purpose of visit to the US ? Dad: We would like to spend some time with our Son, DIL and to visit X, Y, Z places VO: Where does your son work ? Dad: XYZ with City/State VO: Your son is on H1B? Dad: Yes VO: How long have you been in Dubai ? (While looking at my Dad) Dad: I came here in 1978 VO takes a sip of water while looking at her screen….. VO: How long have you worked here ? Dad: Approximately 40 years VO: What are your retirement plans ? Mom: We don’t have any plans yet, we both are currently employed and have work commitments here. Dad and Mom then explain their job descriptions, roles. VO: Where will you go after your retirement? Mom: We will go back to our home country – India (My parents had the property papers of India, bank details from there but weren’t asked to show) VO: Can I have a look at your payslips, Bank statements ? Mom & Dad gave the docs, VO has a quick glance and starts to type on her computer. VO: Sorry, you are ineligible for the Non Immigrant visa and hands over the 214b My Mom assumed that the VO looked something at the payslips and bank statements and thought that the money wasn’t enough (they had a total of around $7k), my Mom tried to explain that our son will be sponsoring us and will take or all the expenses like ticket, travel, etc but VO repeats “Sorry, you are ineligible for the Non Immigrant visa” My parents say ‘thank you’ and leave with their documents. I wonder that the VO assumed that my parents were close to their retirement and want to migrate to the US and that because they have lived away for so long that they don’t have sufficient ties to India. What could be other reasons for the rejection ? Should we reapply now with documents showing ties to India (property, bank details) ? Please share your suggestions, thanks for reading !