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  1. This does not matter, you get 60 days from 02/14. in absence of H1b transfer petition every day beyond 60th day is illegal stay and will cause complication in future. depends on what your attorney is requesting.
  2. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B Stamping Date H4

    probably not
  3. Yes, if one does not provide very basic documents (check qualified attorney's opinion on this ) This is good to have for all who work in EVC or EV VC model. in addition, relation between -all parties has to be explicitly documented (all layers) and provided with time duration -employer-employee relationship explicitly documented and should have adequate proof of it -client / vendor/ employer needs to prove that position is specialty occupation and no one but only applicant can perform the job. - also job description-educational background also needs to match in OOH if your attorney aligns all this, then you will have a good chance of approval
  4. Leavemessageh1b

    Software Developer to Manager H1B complications

    simple answer- if your JD-SOC and education background does not fit the specialty occupation criteria, there are high chances of rejection. present this situation to company attorney, they can see through this easily.
  5. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B approved Petition + 221(g) = Legal Status?

    this is strange probably on you and company as well
  6. Leavemessageh1b

    L1B to H1B COS

    Before you start working on h1b, you need to attend visa interview OUTSIDE of US- that's what Consular Processing means,
  7. Leavemessageh1b

    CAP exemption period for H1B Visa

    Primary question: Do you still have that job and your employer needs you physically in US?
  8. Leavemessageh1b

    H-1B LCA SOC question - No education level set

    By letting a qualified immigration attorney / employer take care of it.
  9. yes, for your next petition your attorney has to explain this to uscis. this tells me something was not legit, hence attorney advised the same.
  10. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B Extension approved for 2 months

    Apply again for extension if you still have an ongoing job/project. exactly your scenario
  11. Leavemessageh1b

    FICA tax liability while transitioning from F1 to H1B

    **Looks like this is a Tax related question not H1B or F1 related question, this may not be a proper place to get a tax advice. ** OPT is under F1 as well. Consult a qualified tax professional.
  12. Whats does your employers attorney say ?
  13. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B question

  14. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B | Severance | Grace Period

    Find a new role in 60 days, rest your attorney can guide. this does not matter if you don't have a job
  15. Leavemessageh1b

    Initial Approved H1B Petition 2016 - Now Changed status to "Intent to Revoke"

    does not matter,every petition is revocable regardless of approved duration. wait for NOIR to see what its about