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  1. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B re-file old case

    Similar question here
  2. Leavemessageh1b

    Calculation of Cooling-off period for new H1 Filing

    At minimum you need full calendar year outside of US , your future employer's attorney can give you accurate date for filing.
  3. Leavemessageh1b

    H1 cap exemption

    No Yes
  4. Leavemessageh1b

    Visiting parents driving in USA?

    No, they need IDP. If you have doubt get accurate details (written publication) form your local LE/traffic dept. I had number of family members got pulled over in different states and told other wise, at minimum one needs IDP. No, some companies charge at-least 4 to 5 times over the rate. Also some companies do offer and some not, so check with multiple sources. Best bet is to call airport rental services coz they usually provide coverage to customers who does not have valid US drivers license. Yes, primarily Anxiety and confusion.... other issues with normal traffic pattern, speed 60 MPH vs 60 KM, left turn, yield to emergency vehicles and foot traffic , driving and passing lane, parking, entering on freeways and getting in to exits, navigating through city traffic , paying attention to traffic lights , knowing local traffic laws. If it's only for occasional use, I would highly recommend avoid the risk of driving. Get in touch with the insurance company of your choice.
  5. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B Transfer

    Yes, do the transfer from B to A
  6. Leavemessageh1b

    Same employer - working for multiple clients simultaneously

    No I believe you also understand that it's not legal- Your employer is being greedy and want to bill both clients by putting your immigration status at risk. Essentially he is asking you to willfully violate condition/s of your H1b petition.
  7. Leavemessageh1b

    Downgrade in progress but now Eb2 dates are current

    Yes, you can request anything, no guarantee will be granted or you will receive response in timely manner. Yes, 100% You need an expert attorney's help. Good luck
  8. Leavemessageh1b

    Need help with inputs on H1 transfer application

    You need to at-least start working for the original petitioner, collect 1-2 paystub and then apply for transfer through new employer. (I am assuming you have already joined original petitioner and activated h1) As you mentioned that you already have approved H1b, IMO degree certificate- transcript or course completion letter is less important compared to joining original petitioner. Not only certificate but number of other factors are also needs to be considered. Hope your future employer's attorney can clarify your doubts about required documents. Good luck
  9. Leavemessageh1b

    Intended work location DS-160

    Based on above, its material change. In my opinion you need amendment. Comply with the H1b regulation and it will help you in long run. I would recommend you to look up the regulations on USCIS website.
  10. Leavemessageh1b

    H1b concurrent

    Depending upon who your employer's / clients are, they both need to sign off on your petition. Also on H1 one CAN NOT work more then 40 hours/ full time. so if you're trying to have 2 full time positions or one full time and one part time- it's not legal. You may want to stop here if that is your plan and not complicate your case by introducing employer C. I could be wrong, you may also consult your employer's or any other qualified attorney who has knowledge in this area.
  11. Leavemessageh1b

    How to recover your petition if employer is hiding details from you.

    Sadly it's employer's decision and petition so you have no claim on it. Also it was never used or stamped... buy now it must have been revoked by employer. So consider it's gone (not eligible for transfer too) You can not. Most certainly No You need to understand this: If your past employer is not willing to bring you in US means he no longer have any work for you or no incentive for him to do amendment/extension process. You need new petition.
  12. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B Grace Period

    You need to provide more details on "Debarred"- it could mean lot of things...debarred from where? why? etc. I believe it should be least of your concern since you moved from that employer (unless initial H1 was fraudulent). Consult an experienced attorney with more specific details of your past company and your case.
  13. If you're in India- you are not on H1, so you don't have to worry about "working on H1" because you're not on H1. It's simply your US employer is allowing you to work from home county and still willing to pay you in USD (trusting you to meet with tax obligations in both countries). Now your extension application- if you employer attorney has not specified in petition that beneficiary needs to get stamp from "outside of country" (CN), petition could be considered as abandoned and eventually end in refusal. So it's a good time to contact employer+ attorney and make specific requests. As best of my knowledge, travel to US has resumed on H1b so you can still gain entry on your existing visa before it's expiry date. And it goes without saying keep your employer and it's attorney in loop. Good luck
  14. Leavemessageh1b

    H1b Expired - want to move to US

    Re apply with new or same employer, it will be NEW petition, if old one was never stamped or travelled on, it's gone.