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  1. Leavemessageh1b

    H1b job change and Health Insurance

    COBRA is a law. You may still keep the plan, but premium (probably without employer's negotiated price) has to come out from your pocket.
  2. Leavemessageh1b

    H4EAD to H1B Urgent

    You have to pick one, can't have it both ways. Avoid unnecessary complexities.
  3. Leavemessageh1b

    H1-B Extension and EO : Overnight Vs 2-3 Delivery

    I am no legal expert but, what if EO has retroactive action? If it's imperative, I believe your employers attorney must've considered it.
  4. You might be thinking too much......don't risk it just to save some $ on monthly internet cost
  5. You need to involve an expert immigration attorney. Are you certain that your past employer filed your i-140?
  6. Leavemessageh1b

    New non-immigrant sponsorship agreement at workplace

    No Find an actual employer. Mostly Indian MNC (they'll try to charge you one way or another) or consulting companies have this type of practice
  7. Leavemessageh1b

    Urgent -No response to H1B transfer after 240 days

    This does not sound right, how did you transfer revoked petition? - does your employer know all the "facts?" I might be wrong,but consider getting professionals help at this point.
  8. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B - Marriage Help

    AOS, call immigration attorney, he will guide you how to do it.
  9. Leavemessageh1b

    Entering US border by road during COVID19

    Good place to start here : https://www.dhs.gov/coronavirus/keeping-threats-out-country Read their notices and rely on facts only.
  10. Leavemessageh1b

    Laid-off on H1B visa. Am I eligible to receive UI benefits?

    May be because you lied/mis-reprsented info on application? 100% correct I agree with the expert who responded earlier "handing your head on silver platter to INS"
  11. If it's your goal, then experts in this forum are on point. if possible travel now and deliver baby in your home country, save mother and baby from all the anxiety and stress related to immigration matter
  12. It's explained in simple english, I hope your attorney can understand it clearly.
  13. Leavemessageh1b

    Asylum in case of Covid-19

    for your "colleague" who's Visa extension got denied As per my knowledge COVID is not added to asylum categories YET. 1. This question is for an attorney who has an experience in asylum field. 2. Since you said visa extension denied...whats the basis for GC ? 3. If visa extension is already denied...these question has no point. 4. yes, hard (not impossible) to go back to home country take a look at USCIS Asylum page
  14. This does not matter, you get 60 days from 02/14. in absence of H1b transfer petition every day beyond 60th day is illegal stay and will cause complication in future. depends on what your attorney is requesting.