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  1. When I was last in the US in 2013, I had to rush back home due to my mother's illness. I could not properly close the lease agreement for my apartment. Subsequently, I got sued. I paid the claim amount from India and the suit was dismissed "with prejudice". Now I am going for my H1B stamping. Will this past / settled lawsuit affect my chances due to a negative assessment of my background?

  2. I am in India. My company recently obtained a German Schengen Business visa, intending to use it to transfer me to Poland for a series of meetings there. My company claimed it was OK to get a German Schengen visa and travel on to Poland because they are all Schengen states. 

    Unfortunately, I was denied boarding at the airport. The next day, the German Consulate called me in and canceled my visa, saying: 

    1) The conditions and arrangements of your stay were not reliable, 
    2) The embassy was made aware your primary destination was not Germany. 

    More than my business travel, I am worried about my upcoming H1B stamping visit to the US consulate. How much of a trouble is this incident, and the visa cancellation on my passport, likely to cause? Will I be held to be a suspicious individual who has a history of visa abuse/fraud, though the business visa paperwork was provided to me by my company? What kind of additional paperwork, if any, should I prepare for the H1B stamping? 

    Thanks for your advice! 
    Best Regards