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  1. I am planning to book a ticket from US to India via Canada and Germany as I am seeing a good deal. I have a Green Card, do I need Transit Visa? The Canadian embassy website says we need to fill up eTA and Germany embassy says we don’t need transit visa for GC holder. Is it true for Indians holding GC? Anyone travelled via Canada and Germany recently? Can you please share your experiences. Many thanks
  2. I got employment based Green Card. The original SSN card has the words: 'VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION'. Should I get this condition removed at local SSN office? Is this is the correct process? Thanks in advance for your inputs.
  3. Bramaresh

    Adjustment of Status

    Appreciate your response on my below queries: My employment based I485 for Adjustment of Status was filed in Jan 2019 based on Date For Filing chart Interview with USCIS was done in Oct 2019 and the PD was not current by then 19 months after filing (10 months after GC interview), I have joined new employer as my company outsourced most of IT jobs, the PD was not current and my case was still pending with USCIS. My new Employer was supposed have filed I-485 J soon after I joined, it’s two months since I joined new employer, this is still not yet filed, meanwhile, PD became current and I have received Green Card My question is: 1. Should the new employer still file I-485 J ? As I have switched employment while I-485 approval was pending for more than 19 months since filing, will this have any negative impact when I apply for citizenship after five years? Should I stick on to current employer for at least 6 months or is it ok to change the employer if I get better offer? TIA
  4. Hello guys, My Employment Based I-485 Interview was done in Oct 2019, the PD were not current by then and I was issued a letter that said, "your interview is complete, however your case must be reviewed". Now my PD has become current and I am still seeing same old status of I-485, no change in status. My I-485 J also shows same old status. Any idea how long it takes USCIS to approve I-485 and I-485 J after PD becomes current? TIA
  5. Bramaresh

    Moving to different company after filing I485

    If the I-485 is pending for more than 180 days and if I join new employer, Is there a time within which new employer has to file I-485 J Supplement??????? Many thanks for your answer in advance.
  6. My GC interview was done last year, PD is not current, I have joined new employer.Is there a time limit viz., within 30 days the new employer has to file I-485 J ????The new employer is preparing the form, but it’s almost a month now.Does anyone know if there is any time limit within which I-485 J has to be filed by new employer??Thanks in advance.
  7. Bramaresh

    EB3 GC Interview Completed

    Hello Rajesh, My EB3 AOS Interview was on Oct 4, 2019, I am also in similar situation. I was given a letter with the first option ticked. It says, Your case must be reviewed, we do not need any further documents at this time..................... It's nearing a month since the interview took place and no update. I am just keeping my fingers crossed. Did you receive update in your case? Can I know how long it took for your status to change? Thanks.
  8. Change of status from H4 to F1: Need suggestion on the following please: My son is in US on H4 studying in college, will be aging out in June 2020 (reaching 21 years), our PD is not yet current, we have completed I-485 interview for AOS but waiting for PD to become current. Question: I am thinking of applying F1 for my son to change status from H4 to F1 Can F1 be applied while the applicant is in US? Assuming the course begins in the month of Sep 2020 and we applied for change of status in May 2020, would the approval be received just a month before course begin date? if yes, can the applicant still stay in US while the F1 is pending? Any idea on timeline of such approvals for applying within US? TIA
  9. Need some advise please !!! I have a son who is studying in college and on H4 visa, he will be aging out in June 2020 as he would reach 21 years of age. Our I-485 interview was done in the first week of Oct 2019, it is held for review and no approval received yet due to the reason that my Priority Date is not yet current. If our PD is not current by June 2020, my son would be aging out and I will not be able to claim his as dependent. I understand USCIS will consider time it took to approve I-140 to calculate the age of a child viz., if it took 6 months to get I-140 approval, it would add that time to 21 years, which means he can be claimed as dependent till 21 year and 6 months instead of just 21 years. This is as per CSPA act. Question: I had my first I-140 approval from my previous employer which took about 6 months time, I left that employer and joined the current employer and restarted the process and it took one month's time to process I-140. Questions: Would both of I-140 approval time be considered for the purpose of calculating age viz., 6 months from previous employer and 1 month from current employer? Or is it simply from the current employer??
  10. Can anyone help answer my question: I am on H1 and filed I-485 for AOS based on “Date for Filling” option for me and my dependents. My priority date is now moving very slowly. My son is in studying in college, he is on H4 and 20 years. He would get EAD soon. Question: Assuming the priority date is not current, I-485 is still pending and my son has reached 21 yrs, will he be able to continue his studies based on EAD? Will he still get GC when PD is current even though he would age out? Really appreciate your answers. TIA
  11. Does anyone know approx Regular Processing time at Nebraska Center for H1 Extension processing? I read in this forum that it used to be around 60 days as of last year end, but not sure how long it takes nowadays. My H1B Extn (Form I-129) filed on 23rd Feb 2018 on Regular Processing. Thank you.
  12. Bramaresh

    H1b premium processing has been suspended

    Yes, you can upgrade to PP.
  13. Bramaresh

    COS from H4 to F1 Visa - Need Advise please

    Thank you for your quick advise.