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  1. I have H1B Visa , stayed around 18 months in USA last time. Due to extension denial, went back to India on Sep-2018 and came back on May-2019 with below cases. Petition 1: Extention & Amendment :Filed on 01-Feb-2019 LCA role: XXX analyst Approved on 26-Feb-2019 Petition 2: Extention & Amendment Filed on 25-Feb-2019 LCA role: XXX Developer The current status is pending with USCIS . (Just RFE responded on 25-Jun-19) and it is in premium mode, expected the out come by 10-July-2019 Note: Both petitions are filed with same client and location. ================================================================================ I got Visa stamping based on Petition 1 (XXX analyst LCA role) approval and traveled on 18-May-2019. But due to LCA role not expected , they filed another petition 2. I came to know that attorney was already requested to withdraw my approved petition 1 on 14-Feb-2019. Now below are the questions. 1. Since I have valid Visa and I-94 (Nov-2019), am I in status or out-of-status from May-2019 2. If luckily my petition 2 will get approved, then will I be in good status? 3. If petition 2 gets denied?, then if change employer in USA, will be it good or any problem for that? 4. If I change employer, can I start working with new employer immediately or need to get petition approved? 5. Do I need to inform about my withdrawn of the request sent by current employer, If I will change new employer? 6. I heard that USCIS process the withdraw from the requested date , not on when they open the withdraw request. Is this correct? Then when they process, I would be in out of status in the current period (May-2019 to till petition 2 approved date-(if it is an approved))? Could you please help me on this and your suggestions/answers are appreciated.