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  1. holyriver6@gmail.com

    H4 EAD

    What biometric? the I-94 is updated immediately upon the port of entry.
  2. holyriver6@gmail.com

    H4 EAD

    Dear all, I am working in Australia at the moment but my spouse is in USA. I would like to move back with him. He has a H1B and an approved I-140 (under EB1A). We are waiting for our filling date to be current. I have H4 stamping from Australia. I was wondering if I travel to USA for 10 days apply for my H4-EAD and leave, will it still be processed? I can then apply for a position in USA as and when the work permit goes through. Best, G
  3. Hello! I was wondering if some can tell me if one can travel to USA in B1 visa while consular processing is going on for Green card - I824.
  4. holyriver6@gmail.com

    H1B premium processing

    Thank you.
  5. holyriver6@gmail.com

    H1B premium processing

    Hello! Is the premium processing still available for H1B cap exempt from Nebraska center?
  6. Hello all! I have applied for a change of status from J1 to H4 3 months back. It will be 90 days today that USCIS have received my application. My center is vermont. Anyone got the change of status approved recently? How long did it take? I have a H4 EAD pending as well. Any news when I can receive that? Thanks! G
  7. holyriver6@gmail.com

    Will retrogression end after September

    I am sorry to hear it did not change even this month. I am very hopefull for next month
  8. holyriver6@gmail.com

    Will retrogression end after September

    I was talking about EB1A in specific.
  9. holyriver6@gmail.com

    Will retrogression end after September

    Dear all, Do the experts in this group think that the retrogression on Indians will end at the end of September? What is your take on it? G
  10. holyriver6@gmail.com

    Visit India while change of status to H4 is pending

    But if I do not leave USA and stay back and wait for my H4. Will the H4 application and EAD come in the same time? G
  11. holyriver6@gmail.com

    Visit India while change of status to H4 is pending

    Thank you for all the kind replies. I have one more question. My application is for a status change from J1 to H4 as I have mentioned and along with that I have sent my EAD. Do you think it will be processed concurrently or do I get the H4 done first and then the EAD application will be processed.
  12. holyriver6@gmail.com

    Visit India while change of status to H4 is pending

    Hello! I have a 2 year HRR but I do have a waiver. So I am good with it. One more thing. Along with my change of status, I also have an application for EAD that is pending. So if I exit now and go to India to apply for H4 from there, will my EAD application also be abandoned?
  13. Hello! I have a J1 visa and I have sent an application for the change of status to H4. However, I would like to visit my family now. My J1 visa will expire this month and I do not think with the current time frame I will get a confirmation for my H4 status this month. Can I still visit India and apply for a re-entry from the consulate based on a new H4 visa? Thank you G
  14. holyriver6@gmail.com

    EB1A end of retrogression

    Can anyone shed some light on when this retrogression will end for EB1A for Indians?
  15. holyriver6@gmail.com

    J1 wavier 2018 Timeline

    They say all this rubbish. The truth is they are understaffed and they cannot do things in time.