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  1. 3 months. Hang on tight. Do not give up.
  2. Hello! I am still on J1 visa and working for a university. My visa will expire on August 2018. My J1 cannot be extended as I have the waiver approved. My husband has an I-140 EB1A category approved but we could not file for I-485 as it is stopped from April 2018 and the status is no longer current for Indians. My question is can I switch to H4 and H4 EAD while in the USA? If I do not get the H4 papers on time after the expiration of j1 visa am I still allowed to stay in the USA? The processing time for H4 documents in Vermont service center is 9 months now. It is very very long. Any suggestions?
  3. I have got my waiver yesterday. The trick is you should call the USCIS and ask to expedite the process. They sent me an email saying that they have rejected my request and then sent the waiver in 1 week time. So here is my experience. Nov 15: DOS receives the package Feb 20: Fav recco to USCIS Feb 27: mail from USCIS March 30: Call to USCIS to expedite the process April 4: rejection email from USCIS to expedite April 9: mail from USCIS with approval. It took me 1 year to get the total waiver from start to finish as my home state of West Bengal is useless and had to beg the gov officers for the letter. My father had to knock on many many doors. I honestly suggest other candidates to take a lot of time and then apply. It took me 5+ months to get it from USCIS. I hope this helps. If anyone needs more suggestion please ask on this forum. I will try my best to answer.
  4. you will get a letter from USCIS very soon. Also check this page https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do with the receipt number from the letter. What is your timeline like?
  5. I tried to call them to expedite the process but they rejected it. I see that the J1 waiver is taking a lot of time these days.
  6. I told him many times but he did not listen. Now we are suffering. The EB1A category for Indians show Jan 2012 and the USCIS shows that the following: "Unless otherwise indicated on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website at www.uscis.gov/visabulletininfo, individuals seeking to file applications for adjustment of status with USCIS in the Department of Homeland Security must use the “Final Action Dates” charts below for determining when they can file such applications. When USCIS determines that there are more immigrant visas available for the fiscal year than there are known applicants for such visas, USCIS will state on its website that applicants may instead use the “Dates for Filing Visa Applications” charts in this Bulletin."
  7. Dear all, My husband has an approved I-140 from November last year but he could not file for the change of status as he lost his job. He is back to the USA now with new H1B in April 2018. We see that we cannot even file for the adjustment of status as USCIS has moved the date to Jan 2012. How long will it stay there? Any idea? I am on J1 visa and have the waiver pending. I was wondering in order to continue my job can I move to H4 and apply for EAD? How long ll it take to get both done?
  8. You are being very very optimistic in this situation. The waiver now will take 2 yrs.
  9. I have sent it in November 2017 and still did not get my waiver. Prepare to wait for 6+ months. My timeline is here November 15: DOS received the package Feb 15: Fav Reco to USCIS Feb 27: USCIS receives the package and I get the letter by mail April 5: Still did not get the complete clearance.
  10. Dear all, My husband has an approved I-140 from last November. We could not apply for the adjustment of status as he lost his job. Now he got his H1B visa from India and now we will be able to apply for the I-485. He was approved under EB1A category. From what we have learned from USCIS website is that we cannot even send our application now for the adjustment of status and the category is no longer current. Can someone verify on this?
  11. So for you it toke 2+ months to get the waiver?
  12. What was your service center?
  13. Did you get the Approval notice?