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  1. DinoKumar

    Visa Stamping During H1B Transfer

    It is the TCS/Infy/Accentures of the world. So you can imagine the credibility...
  2. Hi All - My visa has expired but I have an approved petition and i94 till 2020. A new employer has initiated an H1b transfer that has gone into RFE. I am planning to go to India and get my visa stamped with my current employer's petition. Do you anticipate any issues during the stamping or at the Port of Entry due to the ongoing h1b transfer and the associated RFE ?
  3. DinoKumar

    Going for stamping with another H1B in process

    How is it a misrepresentation? Petition by my current employer and the petition by my future employer (which went into RFE) are two separate ones. I am going to get stamping on the basis of my petition with the current employer
  4. Hi - I am currently employed with an IT services company and in the past 6 month I filed an extension and then a location change amendment. I have my petition validity till 2020. I recently received an offer from another and they filed a petition for me and it went into RFE. The new employer is yet to respond to the RFE. In the meantime, I was hoping to go to India and get my stamping. Questions. 1. Will the two petitions raise any concerns in the VO's mind? 2. Will my current employer get to know about the job change plans? 3. I was hoping to make I quick trip because I could be eligible for dropbox. Do you advise that I wait till I join the new employer?