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  1. This is an extension application with the same employer, same Client. I got the RFE letter from my employer. It says "Availability of Work at client place" in the subject. In the detail they have mentioned all these questions to be answered.
  2. NanSam

    H1B Dropbox Documentation Chennai

    Please include your Tax filing statements(for the past 2-3 years), pay stubs (recent 3 pay stubs) and a client/ employer letter if you may have.
  3. Hello, I have applied for my H1B extension on Aug 20, 2019. I work in EC model. I hold a masters degree (Computer Applications). I have got an RFE for specialty occupation. I am asked to provide the below mentioned details: Detailed Project/Duty Description including: Project Name/Description Additional detailed and specific job duties including the original duties submitted with the initial petition % of time to be spent on each duty Hours per week of work Minimum education, training, and experience necessary to do the job for example: “Bachelor’s degree in [specific field of study related to the position] or related field.” Any secondary evidence of the Beneficiary’s placement at the job location such as an ID badge, work station pictures, phone/email directories etc. I have couple of questions: 1) Should i do a education evaluation while replying my RFE? 2) What is an experts letter? Is that mandatory? 3) can i please get some sample reply or document for something similar?
  4. NanSam

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    @Provence , @Noah Lott Thank you so much for the detailed reply. Yes what you have mentioned is right, when coming on a visitor's visa, it should be solely for tourism and pleasure. I understand the law and obeys it. My parent's visit here are purely tourism. A getaway party for my parents and nothing else. Thanks once again...
  5. NanSam

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    @Noah Lott what do you mean by "when was your child born?". Offending kinda question... I am clearly stating that they are coming over for a vacation. Thank you so much for replying back.
  6. NanSam

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    @JoeF Thank you so much for your reply. Good to know that there is no sponsoring concept for visitor visa. I was in a wrong assumption. Thanks again 🙂
  7. NanSam

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    @pontevecchioThank you so much for your replying. This helps... 🙂
  8. Hello, Currently i am holding H1B visa. I am inviting my parents for a vacation (3 months). My father is retired and mother is home maker (never worked). I am sponsoring their visa. My brother-in-law is here in the USA on a J1 visa and my sister will be joining him soon (After my parents come over here or along with my parents) . Should i mention in the DS-160 about this? There is a section any immediate relatives in the USA.
  9. Hello, I am a H1B holder(I am on my 7th year H1) with I-140. I am employed with Company A working for Client B. Client B offers full time job, but they will consider whether they will do GC only after a year. If they don't, can I transfer to another employer based on my old I-140? Thanks and Regards, Nancy Samuvel
  10. NanSam

    H1B interview. 221(g) passport returned.

    Hello ashukla, I am asked to submit my passport on April 18th and got it approved on April 24th. Thank you so much for your timely reply Regards, Nancy
  11. Hello Ado and Machman232, Any updates on your cases?
  12. NanSam

    H1B interview. 221(g) passport returned.

    Hello Skoyalada, Did you get any update?
  13. NanSam

    H1B interview. 221(g) passport returned.

    I had my Visa interview on 21st March. Please let me know if you get any updates on your case.