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  1. We are Houston based and are waiting for an interview date. If we travel in the mean time for 3-10 days at a time while we wait for the interview date do we need to notify USCIS before the interview date of our travel details? I know we submit our travel outside of USA on our application form but just wondering if we need to let them know the travel we do while we wait for the interview.
  2. We are in the same boat. I applied August 17 2017 and finger prints on September 11. I know each field date has a different processing time so I assume our field office is houston. Our status says waiting for interview schedule so can only wait I guess
  3. kianb

    N400 Processing time

    I don't know which field office my case is at. I am in Houston TX. The last update on our online account is done on 08/22/17 but we did our finger prints on 09/11/17. We have no updates after that. I wanted to find out when i would be expected to hear about the interview if someone has a similar timeline as mine.
  4. kianb

    N400 Processing time

    I couldn't find it that's why i asked here.
  5. What is the current processing time for N400? How can I find out which field office is working on my application?
  6. Hi My Priority date is 12-31-11. I filed my I-485, I-131 & I-765 on 05-25-12 when the June Visa Bulletin had current date for EB2 Other countries. I just got a notification today that the EAD card and Travel Document is in production and will be mailed to us. Anyone else have similar Priority Dates and category? Anyone receive any fingerprints letter? Or is that assumed to be delayed until the PD is current again? Thanks.
  7. So what is the prediction for EB2 other countries category? Any idea?
  8. kianb

    any 485 approvals eb2 in

    I'm also waiting. I applied my I-485 May 25 so I am also waiting. The Priority date for EB2 Other countries change has got me a bit worried because it went from Current to Jan 2009.
  9. How long does the EAD & AP take after applying it?
  10. kianb

    priority date question

    I am in a similar situation. I submitted my I-485 May 25. Chakri78 when did you receive your EAD & AP and your finger print letter?
  11. kianb

    EB2 Date Change

    I already applied my I-485 along with the AP & EAD on May 25. It was after I applied on May 25 I saw the date change in the visa bulletin. Well if there is no point in checking the processing times at different centers why do they give that information? I'm sure the processing times at the Tx center has some relevance to it.
  12. kianb

    EB2 Date Change

    I was a bit curious. The July visa bulletin has the Jan 2009 date for EB2 for all other countries. Up until June the date was current so how can it move back if all current files were being processed? My priority date is 12-29-11 and my husband's is 05-25-12. Does anyone know that now that the EB2 date is Jan 2009 the wait time will increase for me too? Also since my date and my husband's priority date is different will we still both get our green cards together? The other interesting thing is if you look at the processing date for TX center is 12-10-11. Does that mean within a few weeks my file will be in line since my priority date is 12-29-11? Also how long will the EAD and advance parole take? I read a lot of conflicting information and am totally confused. I would appreciate any feedback and possible answer from lawyer too.
  13. My in laws have a pending family based file for a green card. Their priority date is 2006 and the current visa date is jan01. If I and my husband get our green card can we sponsor them for a green card? Will they get a green card sooner if I sponsor them or they are better off with thier current file sponsored by thier sister who is a us citizen?
  14. kianb

    I-485 Questions

    My I-140 is approved and I am under EB2 category which is at current for the green card. My questions are: 1. How long it take to get my green card once the I-485 is applied? 2. If the visa bulletin shows current for EB2 other country is it necessary to file the travel parol and EAD card? 3. When can we anticipate the finger printing after the I-485 is applied? Thanks.
  15. kianb

    Questions for I-140 & I-485 Stage

    Thanks for the info. I ask about the H1 ending date because I will get my GC before my H1 expires. I just wanted to figure out when stop my job with employer A with whom I have my H1 and when to start working for employer B who is filing my PERM. My date as per visa bulletin is current.