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  1. Hi All, My parents have applied for B-2 visa and the interview is coming up. My dad works in a public sector bank and mom is a housewife. I was wondering if my dad needs to get a NOC from the bank for visa interview? Thank you.
  2. rocketroger

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi All, I am currently working on OPT in F-1 visa status and would like my parents to visit the US for tourism. My parents would be sponsoring themselves and have mentioned in the visa application that they would be visiting me. They don't have my 'graduation' reason for the visit as it is already over. I am just concerned if my being in OPT F-1 status but not in H-1B visa, hamper their chances of getting the B-2 visa? Thank you.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have very recently received my EAD card for post-completion OPT. However, the card has an error in 'End Date'. Instead of the date being mm/dd/2019, it is mm/dd/2020. Now my (prospective) employer has asked for EAD document for filing the H-1B application. Since, April 5th (or 1st) is the deadline for sending the applications, even if I send the EAD card back for correction immediately, I don't see it coming before the H-1B applications are sent out. Now, would this create a problem in my H-1B application? (since by the time they review my H-1B case, the end date on my EAD card would have been updated) If so, is there anything I can ask the company's lawyer to do, to alleviate the problem? Thank you!