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  1. Can I submit multiple h1b submissions this year with two different employers I am working with employer A , would like to submit another h1b application with employer B also. if Employer B h1b picked I can find job by may end and submit those documents. is that legal ?
  2. rockstar321

    how is new h1b process work

    so my employer need fill only my details while doing registration.. no need to submit client location and client name .?
  3. rockstar321

    how is new h1b process work

    my employer only doing registration..
  4. rockstar321

    how is new h1b process work

    I m applying for new h1b , my contract ending in April . while filling online registration do we need fill client location and client name.? can we change location and client if application picked ? I know we can't change in old process.
  5. Hi , filling H1B for 2019 my current project ending by June end , seems no chances for an extension. if i get new job in july and submit new client letter , will uscis okay with that .