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  1. george_1990

    H1B stamping dismissed DV case

    Any update on your VISA ?
  2. george_1990

    H1B stamping with dv arrest but no charge?

    Did they take your fingerprints ?
  3. george_1990

    Required Docs for H1B Stamping

    Thank you !!
  4. george_1990

    Required Docs for H1B Stamping

    Hi, Can someone please share the list of documents need to carry for H1B stamping ? Thanks
  5. george_1990

    Required Docs after DV case dismissal

    Thank you !! will hire immigration attorney .
  6. Hi, Can anyone list out the required documents need to be collected after DV case dismissal. Like what all documents from court , police , immigration attorney , criminal attorney , spouse for VISA stamping and POE. Thanks.
  7. I think you are good with H1B extension , But if you are convicted it will be a problem during VISA stamping.