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  1. Hi Team, I want to file my family(wife and son) I-539 together, how much fees i need to pay? And what is the process to renew H4-EAD together with I-539? Please Help Thanks Rakesh
  2. HI , Can i apply H4 extension for my family and H4 EAD extension together by myself. If yes, than what all documents required for this. Thanks RK
  3. Hi We(me & my family) have a visa stamping from my Employer A till Oct 2020. I have changed my employer and joined employer B . I got my H1B approval till May 2022 but i didn't file my family H4(I-539/ I-797C) as they have valid I-94 till Oct 2020. I am eligible for Drop box from Delhi India but my family doesn't have their H4 extension paper. Will they be eligible for Drop box ? if yes than will they be able to submit there passport with my I-797A approval notice? Or they need their own I-797C for this? Please help. Thanks RK
  4. Hi, We(me & my family) have a stamping from my Employer A till Oct 2020. I have changed my employer and joined employer B as full time employee. I got my H1B approval till May 2022 but i didn't apply for my family I-539(dependent H4/ I-797C) as they have valid I-94 till Oct 2020. I just want to clarify these questions before going to India for Stamping will be eligible for Drop box from Delhi India? For Drop box will they need my family I-797C approval notice? Or my family can also get Drop box from my approved I-797A. Please help. Thanks RK
  5. RakeshKK

    H1B Stamping with new employer I-797

    I have one more Question related to this. If employer A revoked I-797. Can i travel with employer A Stamping with Employer B I-797?
  6. RakeshKK

    H1 H4 H4ead extension filed (PP)

    I filled it on 10/01/2018 and received on November 15, 2018. I can not share application number to you but this is the final status for EAD "Card Was Mailed To Me"
  7. Did you filled in premium or normal? In Normal processing USCIS usually take 2 weeks to send petition to Attorney by mail. But in premium it comes as same day in Email.
  8. RakeshKK

    H1 H4 H4ead extension filed (PP)

    I got my wife's H4 EAD in an around 60 Days with normal processing.
  9. Hi Team I have my H1B transfer till Mar 2022 and i did not file my family H4 transfer because they still have valid I94 till Oct 2020. Is it mandatory to file H4 I-539 for family? Can i get my family visa stamped from any neighbor country by my I-797 ? Thanks
  10. Hi , I have stamping on my passport from my employer A till Oct 2020, I transfer my H1B to Employer B and i got extension till Mar 2022. If i travel to india/or any other country outside USA next month. Do i need to get visa stamped with employer B I-797 or my existing stamping will work? Thanks
  11. RakeshKK

    H1B transfer to multiple employer

    I got transfer in 4 days with premium with previous employer
  12. Hi Team i got my H1B transferred to an employer last week and I got approval till 2022. I have already given one interview and that is also in final stage. Can I transfer my H1B again to this new employer? will there be any problem to transfer H1B multiple times? Thanks RK
  13. Hi Team, I have applied a H1B transfer in H1B Non dependent company on 13th March 2019as premium processing, I have masters in Computers and having 12+ year of experience. 1) Do i need to worry about any RFE from USCIS ? 2) USCIS saying to give result of transfer with in 15 days, according to your experience did they give result before 15 days also? Please help with these two questions Thanks RK
  14. Hi Team, My new employer sent a packet to USCIS on 19th Feb in normal H1B transfer process as premium for new H1B transfer is not opened yet, but they didn't get any receipt till now. Do you have any idea how long it take to generate a receipt from USCIS for H1B transfer. Thanks Rakesh
  15. My H1B is approved till Nov 2020, i just want stamping on my passport.