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  1. sivadevan

    H1b stamping question for India travel

    Existing stamping is good enough.
  2. sivadevan

    H1B Stamping - Chennai

    I was in the same situation and it took 7 weeks. Be patient.
  3. Yes, you can goto Mexico
  4. sivadevan

    H1b Visa stamping on pre approved i-797

    You can go in advance. Visa stamping will be done based on your new I797.
  5. You need to file for an extension immediately.
  6. sivadevan

    Visa stamping in Canada

  7. sivadevan

    Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked in DS-160?

    I had the same situation and I answered no. i got my visa without any issues.
  8. sivadevan

    Correction in DS 160

    I had a similar situation and I filled a new ds160. I was eligible for dropbox and submitting my documents I asked the person to update the ds160 number. He updated successfully and my visa was approved. This was May 2018. so, I think this is not an issue.
  9. sivadevan

    H1B Dropbox called for interview

    Any update? Please let us know if you got your visa and interview details
  10. sivadevan

    H1B - Financial Assistance

    I don’t think getting any medical aid will impact your H1 or GC.
  11. sivadevan

    H1b transfer and grace period

    As long as your transfer process is going on, you should be good.
  12. sivadevan

    H1B Premium Processing

    As of now, yes. It is available.
  13. I think you need to be with your current employer for at least 6 months after you mr I140 approval
  14. sivadevan

    Change of Job after I140 approval

    Yes, Emp B can file extension on your approved I140
  15. Unless you travel close to your visa expiry, there is no problem.