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  1. Mallik3982

    H1 Transfer Denial and Joining Old Employer again

    I have checked for status of Petition of Client A and it has not been revoked. Meanwhile Company B has filed for new LCA and planning to apply New H1 end of this week. What are my option now while Company B is filing new H1.
  2. Hi, I moved from company A to company B in March, 2019 and joined on receipt with company B. I got RFE asking for client letter and answered RFE in premium processing. Today I got denial for the transfer petition with Company B. Can I go back to my old Company A since their petition and I94 are still valid? My old company has not sent my H1 for revocation. Though it has been 4 months now. Meanwhile Company B is again trying to file a new H1 again. Can I check with Old company A if they want to take me back ?
  3. Mallik3982


    Hi Team, Please help me in my case to get an answer. My H1 Petition is filed in 2014 and picked in lottery and approved. I went for stamping during 2015 and got visa valid until 31 Aug 2017. After that I got onsite opportunity and right now an in Germany from past 3 years and never came to USA even though I had visa stamped. Now I want to come to USA and since my visa is expired, what is the process ? How can I make use of my H1 petition which I have never used. Do I have to find new employer and file again ?
  4. Mallik3982

    Is H1B transfer premium processing stopped?

    Yes, Premium Processing is stopped for H1 Transfer until Feb 2019 or further notification from USCIS.
  5. Is your H1 transfer in process... I mean have they applied for Visa transfer in Premium Processing ? USCIS has announced that Premium processing will be suspended from Sep11th and Normal Processing will take 3 to 6 months for decision making.
  6. Mallik3982

    H1B Transfer in 3 months

    Hi, I am working for a client from July 2016 through company A . My client has transferred my H1 in May 2018 (Got Approval Valid till April 2021) and I have joined Client as Full time employee from June 4th 2018. I am client payroll from 2 months. Now, Client says they cant sponsor for Green Card even though they accepted to do it initially. I am now trying to find another Full time opportunity. Will it be a problem if i find opportunity and apply for H1 transfer in this short span again ? Since it has been just 2 to 3 months since my last transfer. Please reply.
  7. Mallik3982

    H1B - Back to Old Employer

    My Old I797 was valid till 30 Sep 2018. My New I797 is valid from April 2018 to April 2021. I have joined a client as Full time employee on 04th June 2018 after H1 transfer approval. Due to some changes at client place, I would like to go back to old employer since I797 with them is still Valid till 30th Sep 2018. If Old employer has not revoked H1, what is the process to go back to old employer? If they have already sent for revoke, what is the process to go back to old employer ? Appreciate your response in this case.
  8. Mallik3982

    H1B Visa Stamp in Germany

    I have an expired H1B stamp (Expired in Sep 2014), a valid 1-797 approval,(Valid Up to Sep 2018) and I am planning to visit Germany on training through company where am working on H1B work permit. I have not stepped out of USA after my stamp expired in 2014. My Questions are 1. Can I get Schengen Visa with expired H1B stamp, but with valid I-797 approval (Valid till Sep 2018)? 2. Can I get my H1B Stamping done in Germany to re-enter into USA as my current I-797 is valid up to Sep 2018 ?. I am planning to apply for H1B extension after I come back from training.