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  1. Pingpong123

    221g in Vancouver

    Hello Friends, Yesterday i got 221G ( white slip ) at Vancouver consulate , Interview was straight forward with General questions. Gave white slip and no documents are requested. VO kept my Passport , 797 Do you know how long does this take , If some one is willing to share accommodation that will be great.
  2. what was the reason of your denial
  3. Pingpong123

    H1B amendment denied, is H1 transfer possible?

    what was your wage level ? SOC code ? and degree
  4. Pingpong123

    H1B Denied

    What was your RFE , wage level ? Degree ? SOC code
  5. Pingpong123

    H1B transfer denied

    Jayanth , can you please let us know what was the reason for your denial
  6. Hello Hema , can you please let us know the reason for denial , that way we will know what are the consequences at time of stamping