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  1. Thanks for the response... So after F2A approval how long will it take to get visa to travel to US... My priority date is Feb 27, 2017.
  2. Hi, My priority date is Feb27, 2017 under F2A category. My husband is green card holder(LPR). My I130 application is pending in California Service center. I have been closely watching the processing times for the same. I have noticed that the dates are moved back 40 days from Nov to Sept 2016. This is the third time it had happened. I am very disappointed as the dates are moving backward instead of forward. Can you please tell me when can I expect my green card based on my priority date and current situation. Please help!!!
  3. I was working in US on H1B visa and my extension was denied recently so I had to come back to India. My husband is in US and he is a GC holder. He applied I 130 for me last year and it’s status is pending. It may take more than one year for me to get green card. I want to apply for visitor visa as our wedding anniversary is coming up. I am currently working in India. Is it possible to get visitor visa, as my I 130 is pending. Please suggest!!!
  4. Aleena

    B2 visa, while I 130 is pending

    I have applied for visitor visa on May 2nd and it was rejected. I took three weeks leave from my job and had leave approval documents. Interviewer asked me if I had quit my job in India. I told him I just want to celebrate my wedding anniversary and come back to India to resume my job, as I was working for the same company for past 11 years. But he was not convinced. He said I was not qualified under that category. can I reapply again? Please suggest
  5. Aleena

    B2 visa, while I 130 is pending

    Thank you for the information, I am applying for visitor visa. I have a job here, so taking leave for three weeks and applying for the visa. Hoping that it should get approved...
  6. Aleena

    B2 visa, while I 130 is pending

    Can you please elaborate, whether should I apply for visitor visa... if it’s rejected will it have any impact on my future green card application processing
  7. My situation is also same. Can someone please tell me is it possible to get visitor visa, while green card processing is pending??? I am working in India.. my husband is in US and he has filed I130 for me and I want to go on visitor visa... please help!!!!