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  1. new2immi

    H1B Stamping availability in Canada

    Canada opened for all Visa Holders I booked mine for Calgary in Feb for Todays date. I got my H1b approved today
  2. Anyone has any recent Visa Stamping in Canada can you please share your experience.
  3. new2immi

    H1B and H4 visa stamping at Calgary, Canada

    We are going mid of august we been there before it takes 3 to 5 days as Gopal replied
  4. Nothing like that everywhere is the same procedure but in Canada the process might be faster as we are on same timezone. In mexico not suggestable. If in India might take long time
  5. Hi ALL, First of all THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SHARE STAMPING EXPERIENCES. It's TIME TO PAY BACK to the COMMUNITY. My Scenario: I have a FULL-TIME Job. I have DUI was arrested in 2012 and I pleaded Guilty in 2013 I have to pay around 400 dollars fine with 6 months probation which I successfully completed. Also in 2014, I was Arrested for Assault and Battery it was not my fault long story short my case was NOLLE PROSEQUI ( STATE DINT want to prosecute my CASE) so kind of dismissed. So I have MULTIPLE ARREST RECORD. NOTE: on DUI I went for stamping in 2014 got 221G Admin Processing for Panel Physician report. I got my VISA approved in 2 weeks. And at POE every time I have to go through Second Screening. I was going through a lot of stress whether to go for Stamping or not and visit my Parents its wedding season in INDIA cannot Miss those events. So I contacted the MURTHY LAW FIRM. They charged $500 dollars (yeah it's expensive but OUR CASE IS KIND OF COMPLICATED) but ITS WORTH IT. THEY WILL CLEAR ALL YOUR QUESTIONS AND DOUBTS. they do have ATTORNEY in this Experience he as good understanding on what impacts with Criminal/Arrest record IMPACTS IMMIGRATION. He straightaway told YES EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ARREST THEY DONT COME UNDER INADMISSIBLE SO I don't need to worry of STAMPING he was so CONFIDENT that I will get my VISA and at POE I will go through secondary screening as usual. I had all KIND OF DOUBTS HE ANSWERED EVERYTHING PATIENTLY SO I WENT OUT WITH CLEAR MIND AND SCHEDULED MY STAMPING. VISA Stamping Experience: Note: IF YOU ARE ARRESTED ONE TIME OR MULTIPLE TIMES YOU HAVE TO MENTION in DS160 EVEN IT IS EXPUNGED OR DISMISSED DO NOT LIE ON DS160. YOU CANNOT CHEAT US IMMIGRATION OFFICERS. I REPEAT MENTION YOU ARREST EVEN CASE IS EXPUNGED/DISMISSED. I have stamping appointment at 10:30 Went to consulate around 9 they told me to come at 9:45 its in First floor for initial verification I was in Line Lady checked the PASSPORT/ I797 and Photos and Appointment verification. They attached a barcode on back of the Passport Went through Security Check. We were in Line they took us from the first floor to the 10th floor for Interview. 1st Window verified the passport, Picture, I797 and DS160 and asked to go for 2nd window. 2nd Window they will take Ten printed Finger prints. Then here comes the crazy part need to be in LINE for Interview they are 3 windows 1 is male young like around 30's another one around 50's and another Lady around 50's So, everyone one by one depends on which window is empty they are going for Interview My time has some so i went to the Visa Officer whose age is around 30's he is MR. Cool no smile at all ME: Good Morning Sir VO: Good Morning, Give me your Passport ME: I gave my Passport VO: Give me your I797 ME: Given VO: What do you DO ? ME: Explained my JOB and Responsibilities VO: Who is your employer? ME: ******** VO: What kind of employment ? ME: I asked to repeat VO: Is it Contracting or FULL TIME ? ME: FULL TIME VO: Salary ? ME: ***** VO: OH Nice what level is that ? ME: Level 3 based on DOL VO: What is your ROLE? ME: WEB/Mobile Architect VO: What is your Highest Degree? ME: Masters VO: in what ? ME: Computer Science VO : Whats your Bachelors in ? ME: Same in Computer Science Sir. VO: What are you doing in Canada? ME: We are here for vacation and also for Stamping VO: I see you have been Arrested tell me what happened? ME: I explained the whole story how i was arrested for DUI in 2012. Then i explained my second ARREST for Assault which happend in 2014 which was Nolle Prosequi. VO: Did you plead Guilty for Assault ? ME: NO Sir VO: He gave me the booklet and asked me to read VO: In the mean while he interviewed my WIFE he asked her how long we been married ? My Wife: .......... VO: Can i see your Marriage Certificate My Wife: Gave hime Marriage certificate VO: Congratulations on Wwedding Anniversary( Ours is in this Month only) My Wife and ME: Thanks Sir. VO: (Here we heard the GOLDEN Words) Your VISA IS APPROVED you will get in 5 business days GOT MY PASSPORT IN 2 DAYS POE: ME: GOOD AFTERNOON SIR CBPO: GOOD AFTERNOON, give me your PASSPORT ME: Given mine and my Wife Passport CBPO: WE NEED TO TAKE FINGERPRINTS AND PICTURE ME and My Wife : Given CBPO: Asked what you doing in CANADA? ME: Vacation and Stamping CBPO: What did you do here? ME: blah blah... CBPO: I see you are arrested so tell me what happened. ME: Same story ...... CBPO: Just wanted to know Canada is very strict on DUI how did they gave you Visa? And called Secondary inspection Officer ME: I explained to him that I have to go through a lot of Paper Work that's how it go approved 2nd CBPO: Came and greeted with SMILE and Took us to secondary big Hall only we were there he said it will take a while stay here relax no phone's or laptops just watch TV. ME: I was going crazy what will happen and all those idiotic thoughts 2nd CBPO: Saw me that i was panic he came to us and told don't worry got to do your background and see if you come under INADMISSIBLE OFFENSE. ME: THANKS SIR 2nd CBPO: called us in 15 minutes and said your case doesn't come under IN_ADMISSIBLE OFFENSE SO HE GREETED WITH SMILE WELCOME BACK HOME DONT GET INTO TROUBLE. ME: Thankyou Sir. 2nd CBPO: Stamped and gave our PASSPORT ANYONE HAVE ANY QUESTIONS DO PRIVATE MESSAGE ME on MURTHY FORUM this is my PROFILE let me know if you have any QUESTIONS on DUI OR ANYTHING RELATED TO ARREST RECORDS DONT FORGET TO CONTACT MURTHY LAW FIRM IF YOU HAVE ANY CRIMINAL RECORDS AND HAVE IMMIGRATION QUESTIONS ITS WORTH IT. THEY WILL CLEAR ALL YOUR DOUBT'S. GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES
  6. new2immi

    H1b visa stamping in Calgary, Canada

    Anyone stamping on August 2nd ?
  7. new2immi

    H1b visa stamping in Calgary, Canada

    Anyone stamping on August 2nd ?
  8. new2immi

    2nd Time H1B Visa Interview with DUI

    Hey Buddy any update on your stamping ?
  9. Anyone going for H1b Stamping in Calgary in August ???
  10. new2immi

    H1B visa revocation for DUI in NJ

    Dude Hire a good attorney DUI is not cheap so ready to spend money try to negotiate with your conviction.
  11. new2immi

    Arrest Record and need to go for Visa Stamping

    What happened to your visa stamping ?
  12. new2immi

    2 arrests within 6 months

    Hey , Did you got your stamping done ?
  13. new2immi

    H1B stamping denied multiple convictions

    Hey, I'm in your situation but my DV case is nolle prosequi Can anyone advice what would be my case with DUI conviction and DV case is nolle prosequi??