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  1. 1.Your spouse I-94 is valid.So she can try another employer and file H1b with in 60 days from date of denied in the USCIS website. She can start work based on receipt number now.But once premium open she should change the transfer for premium and get the approval ASAP. 2.Out of status is starting from date of denial in the website.But her 1-94 is valid.So she is safe for 60 days. 4.Please try another employer and apply transfer.No need to go india now. 5.Most of the employer is not interest to re file if the visa got denied.But they can file another client. Chances for approval with another client. 6.I dont know about this 7.Dont apply multiple employer at the same time.It will be create problem. first apply one employer then check the status.After get the status you can try another employer. 8.If some one filed here dont ask to go india.If one is apply with in 60 days ask to go india and then try from india. You can find attorneys in this place near your area. Some attorneys are giving free advice.I also faced same issue on last year. If you want you can mail me
  2. Adhidan

    H1B transfer and change of status

    We cant guess whether it is approve or not?It is based on USCIS decision.But if your attorney provided all the documents perfectly means you can get approval.Best of Luck.I am not sure about H4 status transfer.
  3. Adhidan

    H1B transfer and change of status

    In case your current transfer is denied means you can do 2 ways. 1.The same employer can raise MTR.But most of the employers are not doing.It is againest for USCIS 2.In case your I-94 (In the I797 mentioned the I-94 date or based on passport stamping you can check it in online)is valid means you can transfer to another employer ASAP.From denied date with in 60 days you need to apply new transfer.Premium processing is more preferred. In case your i94 is expired means you dont have any option.You need to leave the country ASAP.
  4. Adhidan

    H1 Amendment Pending - Lost Job

    How any years you have I-94?Is it 2020? If i -94 is not expires try to look other employer and file your H1b within 60 days
  5. Adhidan

    H1b Transfer

    Hi , I have worked Company A and got H1b visa upto Aug 17 2018 & I-94 also the same date. Mar 29th 2018 got released from company A and joined company B based on premium receipt number. I got RFE related with speciality occupation and company B responded the RFE on May 16 2018. May 29th company B transfer got denied.So i have applied another H1b transfer to company C . Now company C case is received status from June 27 . Query: 1.Is it possible to get approval in company C if we have all the proper documents? 2.Is it any problem for me as per June 28th USCIS Memo? 3.As of now i am safe or not?I mean i am in status or out of status?
  6. Adhidan

    H1b Transfer and Amendment

    Hi Currently i am working in company A and my H1b amendment got RFE and sent the response from our side .But Waiting for amendment approval for last 4 months(Oct 25 RFE document received status is showing) and my current project is getting over.Now i got another company offer and they are doing H1b transfer by premium now. 1)Is it any problem for me to get the H1b transfer approval? 2)My current company A project is over and planning to move new client & location. If suppose current company A file new LCA and amendment means is it any problem for new company H1b transfer? Please advise me. Thanks, Mani