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  1. Adhidan

    H1 Amendment Pending - Lost Job

    How any years you have I-94?Is it 2020? If i -94 is not expires try to look other employer and file your H1b within 60 days
  2. Adhidan

    H1b Transfer

    Hi , I have worked Company A and got H1b visa upto Aug 17 2018 & I-94 also the same date. Mar 29th 2018 got released from company A and joined company B based on premium receipt number. I got RFE related with speciality occupation and company B responded the RFE on May 16 2018. May 29th company B transfer got denied.So i have applied another H1b transfer to company C . Now company C case is received status from June 27 . Query: 1.Is it possible to get approval in company C if we have all the proper documents? 2.Is it any problem for me as per June 28th USCIS Memo? 3.As of now i am safe or not?I mean i am in status or out of status?
  3. Adhidan

    H1b Transfer and Amendment

    Hi Currently i am working in company A and my H1b amendment got RFE and sent the response from our side .But Waiting for amendment approval for last 4 months(Oct 25 RFE document received status is showing) and my current project is getting over.Now i got another company offer and they are doing H1b transfer by premium now. 1)Is it any problem for me to get the H1b transfer approval? 2)My current company A project is over and planning to move new client & location. If suppose current company A file new LCA and amendment means is it any problem for new company H1b transfer? Please advise me. Thanks, Mani