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  1. Do you have any updates on your situation? was your H4 EAD approved ?
  2. Priyach0909

    H4/ H4 EAD Start date post H1B expiry

    wow .. 6 to 8 months ? Does it take that long for H4? I heard from other folks who recently got their H4 that it take 2-3 months. That's the reason I was checking if I could select a start date after October once my H1B visa expires. I did not want to wait until last day of H1B in October to leave the country and come back on H4 as we don't yet have definite news on H4 EAD situation. So I was thinking if I apply ASAP for H4 and H4 EAD, I might get H4 EAD approval, if I get lucky.
  3. Hello All ! My H1B visa is expiring in October'18 and my Labor is currently in process. Taking into account the processing times, it is not feasible for I-140 to be approved before October to get H1B extension. To handle this situation, I am planning to apply for H4 and then H4 EAD (if still allowed) to stay in status after H1B expiry. While filing for H4 COS/H4 EAD, can I mention a start date for COS ? I don't want the H4 to start before H1B as I want to fully utilize my H1B work period. Can I choose a start date for H4 while applying to start after H1B expiry date ? Please advise.
  4. Thank you for your response. Yes, I was on PTO so I have paystubs for the period I was outside of the country on vacation. If I don't have I-140 approved, on what basis will they extend my H1B ? For the 3 months that I was outside the country ? My husband has a I-140 approved, so if I convert to H4 EAD to work after my H1B expiry date, can the PERM process still run in parallel ? Can I move back to H1B from H4 once I-140 is approved ? Does I-140 approval grant H1B extension or extension needs to be filed once I-140 is approved ?
  5. Hi ! My H1B is expiring on 09/21/2018 and GC process has just started, did not start before 365 days. For H1B extension after September, is it enough if I get Labor approved or I-140 should also be approved before H1B expiry date ? Keeping current processing times in mind, any chance of Labor/I-140 being approved by September ? During my 6 years of H1B, I have stayed outside the country for 3 months, so after recapturing this time, expiry date would be December'2018. If it is not possible to get Labor/I-140 approved before Dec'2018, what are my other options to remain in status and be able to work ?