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  1. My wife's company wants to have premium processing done for her H1B extension in May. I have filed for COS application from H1B to H4. I don't see approval coming back before July with current processing time. Question: Can I file premium processing for change of status to H4 along with H1 B extension again. Also can I file for H4 EAD card at the same time.
  2. - Applied for COS from H1B to H4 in mid-november. Got the receipt notice in two days -Case sent to Vermont processing center -Update as of Dec 31st- Still processing April 2017 cases -Same type application in California service center is processing October cases -Any updates regarding how fast they are going to clear the back log.
  3. Thank you. What happens if I decide to travel for stamping before they give decision for COS application. Any risk in going for stamping?
  4. Hello, My H1 B expired on Nov 24th 2017, I applied for COS from H1b to H4 on Nov 13th and got my receipt on Nov 15th. I saw USCIS is taking approx. 8 months to approve the petition. Before that my driving license has expired. Anyways if I go to India and get it stamped. Would I be considered out of status/illegal in the country since Nov 24th. I am planning to go and get it stamped on March 20th. My COS application was done before my H1b expired. Please suggest Thanks