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    ReAppeal H1B Denial

    What are the chances of MTR if the Initial Petition was denied without NOID or RFE when Signature was missing on the I-129 Petition Applied Extension Employer made mistake on signature page and USCIS Accepted Petition, Denied after 1-2 months after I-94 Expiry Date that the Petition was Not Properly Filled Only Option I have was to COS from H1 to H4 and planning do an MTR To reappeal this decision. what are the chances to Re Appeal with this Scenario have we seen USCIS change these decisions
  2. mark333

    H1B 6th year - H4 - H1B

    You can Apply H4 to H1, But H1 wont be approved until your earlier H4 is Approved. So your Status will Change to H4 and then From H4 to H1 ...it will take almost 6 months Min. Since July 2020 You Will be Status of H4 since you have a Receipt with H4 Pending . Until a decision is made you are in a Valid Status. 1. Apply H4 to H1 anytime but you cant work until its approved 2. Wait for your H4 to Get Approved - Since biometric is delayed i guess it will be Late nov/dec or even later 3. then H4 to H1 will start getting processed - 2-4 months more unless you do premium Processing (until you have h4 this is useless)... Other Option apply in consular Processing and get out of country once h4 is approved and get back with a valid status and start working asap Better to wait and apply you will have more options i dont see any employer will wait for you until then so better to wait till h4 approval
  3. Applied H1b Ext that Expires in July 15th 2020 in March 2020. Labor Applied Less < 365 Days, I-140 Applied in May and. Converted to Prem but RFE and Finally Approved Yesterday after 6th Year H1b I Applied to COS from H1 to H4 with Start Date of July 10th 2020 and stopped Working From July 10th. So have 5 Days Left of H1b for 6 Year Limit Got RFE on my H1b Application that No 140 Approved so how they can Approve Beyond 6 Yr Either 140 has to be approved or Labor Pending 365 Days. Question: 1. Can I Request for COS on the Existing Pending RFE H1b Petition from H4 to H1 instead of the Original EOS (Ext of Stay) that was Requested ?? (Or) Should I Request for Consular Processing instead and wait of US Consulates to Resume Visa for H1b and Get Stamped Let me Know your Thoughts and If COS can be Requested is that an Option if not Consular Processing is my Only Option Left . Since H1 to H4 COS Is dependent on Biometric its going to Take Forever for me to get From H1 to H4 and then Get back From H4 to H1 COS.