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  1. hello, i want to surrender green card of my father and apply for a b1 visa . he hasnt visited US for 4 years . is it advisable to apply for visitor visa at the same time of green card surrender? or can we do this , after some wait time. like ,applying for b1 visa, 6months after green card surrender. please advise.
  2. hello, how is the miami airport for port of entry from our experience for green card holder (even for h1b for that matter). especially if you are a green card holder(received under eb2 few years back).. returning after 8 months of stay with a reentry permit that had expired a month back. some of the posts i see,that are years old,stating miami is not a friendly port of entry. heard miami has got separate lines even for gc and US citizens. not sure what the latest experience is. pls share your thoughts on this..
  3. hello, is it true that re entry permit can be used only once? got a reentry permit issued for 2 years from dec 2016 to dec 2018 ( got green card on eb2 category) travelled to US in jan 2017(showed above reentry permit to enter_ for few weeks and then travelled out. if i want to come again in jan 2018.can i use the same reentry permit to show, if asked at poe...even though my travel outside this time is for less than a year. thanks
  4. hi i got my green card in 2014 on ebe category. since then i have been travelling out of the country and coming back after few months one time i applied for reentry permit and came back after 1.2 years and no issues. this time, i am out of the country for 9 months (no entry permit) and coming back in september. what is the worst i should expect? will it still be considered risk of abandonment any specific port of entry to consider that is hassle free n these aspects
  5. hi i am a green card holder and a divorcee .got it in eb2 8 yrs back .and getting remarried.my girlfriend s from india. what is the procedure to get my would be wife on a green card. do i need to be a US citizen to sponsor green on family based category or is a green card status for me enough to sponsor for my wife. also, what is the wait times like,in delhi or india in general, if i had to apply green card for my wife.
  6. hello, i have found a opportunity where i can be in the country only for 3months with rest of the year n international travel within europe and this is going to like this for next 3 yrs. i got my green card 3 yrs back on eb2 category. i really want to go for this opportunity but just want to know if there is risk of losing my green card by being here in the country only for 3-4 months in a year. i will be filing my US taxes though even for the international income. what is the worst that i should expect at port of entry for this 3months stay only in US. sent back .or allowed in and sent before a immigration judge.
  7. hello, got my green card in 2014. and since then had moved to few address as i am n a consulting role. never updated my address with USCIS.but at one point i updated last year, but didnt remember if the change was confirmed at that time. now got a permanent job and updated my address with USCIS, AR11 online , giving my previous address s the last address when i got my green card(my cousin address) now, if the previous address doesnt match, will it be serious ground offense? how to handle this if USCIS gets on this..just n case.
  8. hello i got my green card in 2014.. and had spent 3-4 months in a year since then of country.and at one point, i spent upto a year using a reentry permit. with this state, will i be eligible to apply for a US citizen in 2019. have been filing taxes regularly though. alos, is there anything like a time recapture for the perod i was out of country with a reentry permit received . please clarify how this physical presence rule works when it comes to eligibility to become US citizen.