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  1. hi i signed a non compete with a vendor for a client in US in florida . and quit within few months.am into software development now the same end client, in another country, is offering me a full time. will it still considered violation of the non compete even though am taking this position out of US am a green card holder . got it in eb2 few years back
  2. tollgate0000

    vendor not paying - 2 weeks

    hi, my brother was working in h1b and was contracted to a client site. he had to leave to india n mid of dec last year for vacation but due to some family /visa issues coupled, he is unable to return back til date. he lost the job at client sit as well. as per his contract, he is supposed to give due to 2 weeks notice with vendor/client.but due to his above mentioned situation,he s unable to serve that notice. now the vendor is not paying him the same. he is pretty sure the vendor got paid from the client though. how can he get the vendor pay him..can a complaint to IRS or USCIS help?will it back fire him n any way? i heard the 2 weeks is only a courtesy notice. is that true?or is the employer legal to withhold his approved hrs. what does labor law saying this case.?
  3. hi want to surrender green card of my father and he is based out of delhi. my brother got him the green card as he is a citizen. should i apply for a b1 visitor visa at the time of surrender or wait for few months and then apply for b1 visa. is it true that getting b1 visa is tougher after surrendering green card.? reason for surrender is that he stays longer than 1yr during each visit and so want to avoid poe hassless ..
  4. hello, how does the reentry permit work. i am green card holder and an indian national. with a reentry permit, is it true that there will be a guaranteed no port of entry issues even with stay of upto 2 yrs. also, is it true that, a reentry permit is also some sort of a passport where i can just return with it along with my green card ,even without my passport. just want to know how fool proof is this reentry permit travel for extended stay of upto 2 yrs and how many times can i apply for the reentry permit in a span of my 10 yrs green card validity.
  5. hi how many times can one apply for a reenty permit.? are reentry permit used only once during entry? say, f someone applies for a reentry permit but returns back in 1.4 months and was asked to sign the reentry permit at the poe. if the out of country stay is less than 1 year,and if the POE officer is not happy about it, what exactly happens? will i still be let into the country and meet a immigration judge later or will i be forced to sign some papers and sent back. i heard, as a permanent resident, i will have access to ask for a lawyer.is that true. and can i reach out to lawyer like murthy law firm under such circumstances. in reality ,had anyone ever been sent out from port of entry for staying out of country for upto a year...
  6. hello, what is the procedure to surrender green cards ? my old parents are in india and they have green cards and havent visited US for last 4 years.. want to surrender it and so they can enter as usual for few months in b1 visitor visa without any hassles. please clarify - is it recomended to surrender green card along wtih b1 visa application or should we wait for sometime and then apply for b1 visa. will there be any interview process to surrender the green card.and do they have to be in US to surrender green cards? does this surrender affect me in anyway , as i am the primary through which they got their green card.s