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    RFE: Speciality Occupation SOC 15-1132

    Hi Jazzbha1234, You mention that, you got RFE.. RFE on what? Amendment or Extension.. If RFE on Specialty Occupation, then Education Evaluation has to be done again ( if it already done in past, request your attorney to do it again in this Current year ), Provide all your Educational Documents including your Mark List Expericens Letter & Job Responsibilities also required and your Specialization in doing the Current Job, supporting Documents.. needs to provide.. In your case, you better approach your Attorney provided by your employer.. If not you can go with Murthy Expert Regards, Devi
  2. Hi Friends, Thanks in Advance. Request you please review my issue and provide your valuable Suggestions / Options I got H1B Amendment Denial (New Project), on JUL 18 2019, but i got the Physical Copy to my hand on AUG 01, 2019 ( I recently Changed the Project from BOSTON to PHILLY new Project ) Denial Reason is 'Specialty Occupation' & improper filing by my Employer I have valid I 94 up to SEP 2020 My VISA Stamp in my Passport is Expired in 2017, so NO Valid VISA Stamp. Please answer for my below Queries. Can i continue in the Current JOB i mean in Philly Is my H1B OUT OF STATUS Do i need to EXIT the Country immediately, if So, what is the Time Limit Can i go for Motion to Reconsider, and what are the Changes of getting Approved Can i change Employer with the Same Client and do Refiling ( H1B Transfer in Premium Process ) ; Do i have that much time What are the other options, if i want to stay in US What should be my Payroll Status.. Do i ask my employer to stop the Payroll Can i join in any University as a F1 VISA Regards, Friend in need.

    I-140 Priority Date Porting Issue

    Hi Team, Thanks in Advance, Request you please go through my case and provide you valuable suggestions: I have my approval 1-140 ( with Priority date as on SEP 15, 2015 ) which i got from my previous Employer_A. After one year , i.e On OCT 15 2016 i changed to another Employer_B and got Transferred done successfully. Recently, they initiated my Previous I-140 transfer and got Approved Successfully, but change in the Priority Date. My previous Priority date is on SEP 15, 2015 and now i got as OCT 20, 2018 Please provide your valuable answer for the below Queries: Can i change the recent Priority Date to the Previous Priority, i mean can i port the new one to the Old One. If YES, request you please let me know the Process to do the same. Is there any change in 1-140 Process recently Will this be a Impact for my future Extensions or Future I-140 transfers to different companies. Regards, Jampas
  4. Hi Team, Thanks in Advance, Please find my issue and request your Valuable Suggestions. Step 01: In AUG 2017, We filed an extension through Company A, and we got approved I-797 in the month of NOV 2017 and Valid up to OCT 2020. at the time of Extension, Company A applied I-539 for my Family, and they also got visa up to OCT 2020. i.e, My Self and My Family had Approval I-797 Copies which is Valid up to OCT 2020 through Company A. Note: VISA Stamp on Passport is expired on SEP 2017 for my Family and then i Went for Extension in AUG 2017. Step 02: After getting the Valid VISA, i mean Approval Copy from Company A ( in the above Step 01 ), Then i transfer to Company B in the Month of JAN 2018, in Premium mode through Company B ; Successfully, i got New I-797 Form through Company B, which is Valid up to to OCT 2020. Here, i forgot to apply I-539 for my Family, as my new Employer told me not required to apply as they had validity up to OCT 2020, which we got from Employer A. Now it has been a Year, since i transfer in JAN 2018, now it is April 2019. Now, I had a Valid I-797 Copy through Company B, and i do not have any new I539 Copy Through Company B, only i had my Previous I-797 / I 539 Copy fro my Family which is Valid up to OCT 2020. I.e in my Approval Copy, My Company B details is mentioned, and for my Family, Previous Company A details will be mentioned. My Question: What is the Legal Status of my Family, are they still Valid to Stay in US or not. Can i apply any State ID card for them in USA or not ( as they don't have Company B, I-539 Document ) Currently , my KID Passport is going to Expire in Couple of Months, and CKGS is requesting a Valid US Legal Status for renewal ; Can go with my I-797 and My KID Previous I-797 Which is Valid up to OCT 2020 but through different Employer , Company A. Please suggest, if any alternative, so that i can request my New Employer.
  5. Hi, I want to check the Labor / PERM Current Processing Times. What is the General SLA, How many days it will take for the Approval. Where can we check the Status. My employer applied PERM on Oct 01, 2018; Is there any way to check the status of this. Do we have any Link to check, or i need to check with my Employer / Attorney. Regards, Sri.

    H1B Transfer / Receipt Copy Invalid

    The Receipt Number which was given by my Employer, i.e company B, starts with EACXXXXXXXX Regards, Jampas
  7. Hi Friends, Thanks in Advance, Recently i joined to Company B from Company A, Company B applied for the Transfer Process in Normal mode and they provided me the Receipt Copy as well. But the issue is , i am not able to see the Receipt Copy in the USCIS Web Site, and it shows as Invalid. Can anyone know, what might be the issue, what went wrong. Regards, JAMPAS