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  1. nxko

    H1 Stamping in Vancouver steps

    I'm applying for visitor visa Canada, they ask for purpose of visit, I have put it as "tourism" and They need some kinda documentation like travel itenary . How can I apply for Visitor Visa Canada without DS160 & what reason or documentation that I can provide while applying online as tourist
  2. I have been in USA on F1, OPT, H1b and H1b ext. I will be going for first time visa stamping this year ( mostly to Canada) on extended H1b. Can someone please tell me advise about my situation as I'm in strange situation as I haven't been out since 2010.
  3. I have come to US on F1 in 2009, changed my status to H1b after OPT and all that. I also got my H1b extension in 2016 valid till 2019. Also received my new indian passport recently Unfortunately I haven't been to India after coming here since 2009. I'm preparing to get stamping for H1b first time, I would like to go Canada or Mexico. Please let me know what is the best possible location for VISA stamping and general instructions or advise. I would appreciate any information that would help me here. thank you