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  1. Noah Lott

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    OK....sorry....I was not trying to offer 100% guaranteed advice on how to get a visa, but rather a strong suggestion on what not to do or try..(based on years of experience)... so many people, applicants and/or their relatives/'friends', etc, keep trying to find some magic solution to their visa woes....for some reason(s) believing that there is some piece of paper or some unique way of expressing one's self that will automatically convince a CO to dole out a B2 visa....but....there is no document I've ever encountered or are aware of that overcomes 214b instantly, nor are there 'magic phrases'or answers to give to a CO that will convince that CO to hand over a visa....no letter from any congressman/senator can change a decision, no letters from anyone in the US, any business nor organization that can do the trick either....no amount of money in a bank account results in an instant approval...no third party can 'guarantee' that the applicant will abide by the terms of a B2 visa or somehow 'make' that individual depart the United States at the end of an authorized visit,etc....yet people keep searching or asking for some magic solution.....but....such a solution does not exist, because if it did, nearly every applicant would find a way to get it and offer it up during their interview.... For the most part, those who are having difficulties obtaining a B2 visa can, by and large, thank all of those fellow countrymen who decided to thumb their noses at our laws and remain in the US...for they are the ones causing problems....because when the COs find out (and often they can), those transgressions just make it even harder for the next applicant who gives similar answers or promises to get a B2 visa...because the COs are hard pressed to decide just who might be telling the truth, who really plans to abide by the terms of a B2 visa and who is far less likely to have the ever popular 'mind change' while collecting their baggage at a US airport....no easy task....
  2. Noah Lott

    H1B Denied , got 221G

    you need (should) to find out why the H1 was denied.....this will be important to any future visa application.....especially a B1.....
  3. Noah Lott

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    PLease note that I have not offered specific advice on how one might obtain a B2 visa.....I have merely suggested that telling the truth, whatever it may be, is the best way to approach an interview, and any or all attempts to try and outwit a CO will likely fail...remember, the COs enter interview notes into their computer system....and you do not want some phrase like ' lacks credibility because of........."...or 'showed me a phony bank account with money recently deposited in it from the US'....or 'someone wrte..'managing land based assets....blah blah blah...'...clearly not the words of the applicant,....applicant unwilling to answer specifics without referring to letters or notes from relatives....'... any of those or similar phrases will label the applicant as someone who is uncomfortable telling the truth...and that is the surest way to fail again in the future at another interview....
  4. Indian parents have NO LEGAL authority over anyone who is in the US.....none...zero...nada....
  5. Noah Lott

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    You cannot write anything that will somehow, as if by magic, establish strong ties on behalf of your parents....written words are largely meaningless.....anyone can write anything on a piece of paper, but those words prove nothing, will not overcome 214b and will not make an application 'stronger' in any way, shape or form. That is why there is a personal interview - I don't want to read words that someone else wrote; I want to talk to the applicant...., not you....nor anyone else.
  6. Noah Lott

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    Back on the high horse as a follow up....when I was interviewing, if I saw/read this sort of nonsense (money hastily placed in a bank account or Madison Avenue word games on the application), well, I knew right away that the applicant was not being totally truthful and honest with me, and therefore, why should I believe anything else they have to say? Answer: I don't/didn't. Since I had to interview 125+ people a day, these types of cases were quick refusals....why? Because the applicant instantly failed to establish their OWN credibility and were content to try some silly ploy to fool me.... and that was not going to happen. Credibility is the best asset an applicant can possess and it is not always easy to establish one's credibility, but it is very easy to tarnish it...and when that happens, that is the end of the interview...there is no going back, no apologizing for having tried some silly trick...it's too late (at least for that interview)...and once damaged, credibility is then even harder to establish....so please, stop trying to play 'Let's Fool the CO'...because COs are not stupid nor naive....many of the seasoned ones have seen or heard all the various baloney that applicants and/or their relatives use to try and obtain a visa, when merely telling the truth would have given the applicants a much better chance.
  7. Noah Lott

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    (climbing down from my 'high' horse)...as a retired CO, what I am saying is that any sort of 'game playing, either with word games (like the above, "managing land based assets for productive profitable crop yields; are not the words of a farmer....nor of the applicant.....and dumping money into a bank account to 'make it look good' is a shallow ruse.....all these sorts of silly maneuvers do is cast doubt upon the applicant, and since we have only around 3-4 minutes to make a judgment call, none of the above will add anything positive to the interview....it is far better to be yourself, and tell the truth and use your own words instead relying on others to speak for you or create the illusion of wealth you don't possess...
  8. nonetheless, a job of less than a year is not a strong reason to return...and lots of people say they are going to stay 15 days, but instead end up staying permanently...what you say about that time is largely meaningless....COs know that our border folks routinely admit people for six months....and again, applying with your parents will not make your case better or stronger....you are an adult...and not subject to their control.
  9. Noah Lott

    Parents Visitor Visa rejection with 214(b)

    Dumping $$$ into a third party's account is a oft-tried scheme...COs have seen it before...it will not enhance your parents' chances of success...
  10. your application will not be strengthened by applying with your parents....they have no legal control over your actions....short term employment and being young and single are all red flags....who gets an extended vacation after just a few months in a new job? Virtually no one....a new job is not a strong tie, since you have nothing to lose by abandoning it....I would not expect an approval, no matter what your parents might try to say during their interview - they cannot, for example, 'take responsibility' for you, since you are an adult.
  11. Noah Lott

    Travel plans in DS-160

    If that is accurate, why would you wish to alter it?
  12. your initial question is confusing....none of us are filling out a DS 160....applicants should complete those applications with whatever information is accurate and/or honest....nothing fancy. You are not taking any risk aside from perhaps spending the $$ on their applications....they apply, they qualify based on their OWN situation, not yours.
  13. What has changed significantly in their situation? (i.e., not your situation)....if nothing has, expect a similar outcome....
  14. Noah Lott

    visitor visa extension - leave before decision

    It's best to do as Old Bridge said....in this current climate, lots of bad things can happen to visa holders...
  15. just tell the truth....because if you lie and the CO/USCIS finds out, you will be done....for a long long time. Stop trying to find loopholes and just give the facts of your case to those who are requesting it. When I had applicants lie about arrests (often shoplifting while in the US as a student) and my electronic records showed otherwise, their credibility took a huge nosedive....some tried to back pedal with the 'gee, I forgot..." or 'I never went to court'...but the question on the application merely asked, 'have you EVER been arrested?'....if they were unwilling to answer that simple question truthfully, why should I believe anything else they tell me? Remember, credibility is the best asset a visa applicant has....don't ruin it at the outset.
  16. Noah Lott

    Dads B2 Visa rejected 4 times .. Please help

    still seems like an odd refusal....true, the helping the household issue may be of some concern, but his spouse has had a visa for a while, and unless she has been staying in the US for 10-11 months each year (with an extension), I don't see why he should be denied.
  17. Noah Lott

    F1 VISA while on F2 visa

    But since she was issued an F2 before, it would be pretty unusual to deny her an F1 now...really unusual
  18. Noah Lott

    F1 VISA while on F2 visa

    anything is possible nowadays...
  19. Not relevant to their application....they qualify on their OWN merits, not yours.
  20. Noah Lott

    B2 visa, while I 130 is pending

    The COs might have called and someone at your company may have said something that gave the COs pause...maybe they said, 'yea, she's quitting soon to rejoin her husband...'....either because you did or because someone is jealous...you never know exactly.
  21. Noah Lott

    B2 visa, while I 130 is pending

    (I know I would have!!)
  22. Noah Lott

    B2 visa, while I 130 is pending

    pretty simple....those 11 years on the job don't mean much,as you would quit that job within a year or so once the I-130 becomes 'current.'...the CO decided that you would likely stay put, waiting for the petition to become current. ....but did you quit your job? They (COs) may have called....
  23. Noah Lott

    Parents B1/B2 Visa got Denied

    Odd, I must say....as far as docs go, the first four are useless as are the last three. The only oddity is a hotel booking, as it is more likely the parents would stay with someone...but that should not be sufficient for a denial...since they traveled several times to Australia and returned, I don't see why they were refused....
  24. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa renewal refused

    the COs figured out that she was (very likely) providing child care, as no one realistically takes an 11 month 'vacation.' If you tell the CO some silly story about her wanting to visit 'all of the sites' in the US, her visa will be refused instantly. I am guessing that the letter to USCIS was far different than what she did (or did not) say during the interview, and COs do not like inconsistencies. An attorney cannot do anything except write letters.....they have no authority over the COs nor the visa process.
  25. Noah Lott

    I-539 extension stay to Green card i-485?

    Since she is babysitting, you would be better off filing for the green card, because with it, she can work legally.