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  1. Noah Lott

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    I believe the question was obvious...I would expect that an experienced CO might well ask it...because, as we have often seen on this site (and others) that many people 'invite' their parents or in-laws over not to visit, but to provide full time child care so both other parents can return to work....and quite often, these same people ask how to avoid telling the CO this, or what supposed clever reasons might be given for a visit....etc...I used to ask that question a lot....and the time it took many applicants to answer was telling in and of itself, as many would lie after a long pause (why pause over such a simple question?)...remember, babysitting as B2 visa holder is not allowed under US law....period. I know you are stating something....but to a seasoned CO, other questions are usually needed....just because someone says something does not make that something true....people have been known to lie during their visa interviews....or to try and offer silly excuses....happens all the time....which just makes it harder for bona fide, genuine tourists to get a B2 visa....blame the ones who lied not the ones who denied.
  2. Noah Lott

    Applying for second f1 visa

    What are you going to answer if the CO asks what you were doing during those 6 months......????
  3. Noah Lott

    CPT Policy

    One cannot attend classes 'live' while working several hundred miles away...which suggests something possibly shady....and as we have all seen and heard on this (and other) site(s), a lot of foreign 'students' are really interested in working, not learning, and arrived solely with the unstated objective of remaining permanently in the US this is why I have tried to convince my local representatives to change policy/laws, so that every foreign student upon graduation MUST return to their country for TWO years, without exception, so that their country can benefit from the education received first (and to reduce the amount of student visa fraud)...barely 10% of foreign students return to their country following completion of their studies, in spite of the stories told or promises made during their interviews. I suggest insisting that people be required to do what they said in the first place and end all of the 'mind changing' nonsense....after all, the applicant fervently wished that the CO believed them in the first place, so what is wrong with making them live up to those statements? They can always return two years later with an H1b or via marriage to a USC....
  4. Noah Lott

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    You will not be sponsoring anything....B2 applicants do not require a 'sponsor' nor an invitation letter....as to completing the DS 160, well, telling the truth is the best approach. Leaving out simple, critical details will have a negative effect on the outcome of an interview, as establishing one's credibility is the most important task for any visa applicant, especially for those applying for a B2 visa. When was your child born?
  5. Noah Lott

    My Friend Visit to USA

  6. Noah Lott

    CPT Policy

    CPT is baloney...and suggests that the U of M, Ann Arbor, is nothing but a diploma mill.
  7. Noah Lott

    H1B question

    it's not about legal advice, it's about hearing what the actual regs are, then consulting an attorney to make sure those regs are understood and followed...
  8. Noah Lott

    H1B question

    ask yourself this question: Is employer B legally authorized to provide legal instructions to someone as it relates to US immigration law? No.....best to contact USCIS and get the EXACT rules and guidelines from the source, not a financially interested third party (nor anyone on this site)
  9. Noah Lott

    Ds160 B2 denial 2nd time

    and of course, no visa applicant has ever lied on their application.....
  10. Vivek: let's see.... 1 - person paying for trip is not a change in circumstances of the applicant. Makes NO positive difference in the application. 2- Reduce intended length of stay: the most common 'tactic' tried and which will fail instantly, as this is a laughable idea....even the newest CO knows that CBP routinely admits people for 6 months..and this change is NOT a change in circumstance- it is perceived by most COs as a futile attempt to lull them into a false sense of security and should result in a swift denial because the statement itself is nonsense. (notice that in your narrative above, you mentioned, as I predicted, that she wants to 'see places' and stay with us for a few months...not 8 weeks....and, BTW, when are you planning to return to working full time? 3- Add travel companion - why is this a change in the circumstances of the applicant? Will this travel companion somehow 'make sure' that the B2 holder actually returns when she says and does not work while in B2 status? How? By what legal means is this even possible? No third party has legal authority over another... Everything mentioned above is not a change in circumstance of the applicant....none of it...none of that offers any credible evidence that the applicant will do as she said and not work as a tourist...it's all 'window dressing' and will only make the applicant look more desperate to reach the United States. As for relatives left behind, it happens everyday around the world...relatives left behind are not a strong reason for an applicant to abide by the terms of a tourist visa. I would certainly suggest not reapplying for a while, as a quick reappearance at the window will just look like desperation....
  11. Noah Lott

    Stay period for B-2 visa holder

    CBP routinely stamps/admits most B2 visitors for 6 months mostly because to otherwise 'officially' limit their visit, the CBP officer must first track down a supervisor, who is likely at the other end of the airport nursing a fresh latte and who does not wish to be disturbed...and then have that supervisor approve the limited stay...this situation is pathetic in the sense that the same CBP officer is empowered to limit an arriving B1 visitor for business to almost any amount of time they wish, but apparently there are 'orders from high above' that preclude that same officer from limiting B2 tourists with the same ease....but as P-vecchio suggested, there were likely some notes entered into the CBP computer data base (much like the ones entered into the CO's database, which, BTW, can be accessed and read by CBP!) and stay there for a while....bottom line: respect the privilege given and don't push it....because that privilege can be rescinded instantly without recourse.
  12. there is NO such thing as sponsorship for B2 visa applicants....none...zero...nada....a CO does not care about your income, pay stubs, bank account, apartment or house size, model of car or what sort of shoes you wear....because none of these things have anything to do with an applicant overcoming 214b.....all of this nonsense about 'self sponsoring' or having another relative 'invite' someone is just worthless noise....an I-134 is even more worthless, it is NOT legally enforceable and a complete waste of cut down trees. The MIL's property which is rented can be rented from 1 mile away as easily as 6000....her pension still arrives in the mail (electronic or otherwise), so those items are not strong reasons to return because they remain in place no matter where she is. There were, no doubt, some other questions posed to her, my guess about will she be providing child care so mom (OP's wife) can go back to work full time....an activity that is NOT allowed by B2 visa holders and that she may have stumbled a bit during the interview when asked about babysitting... To the OP: YOU do not apply for anyone, every applicant (except minor children) apply for themselves...there are no magic sponsorship documents to be notarized and then given to a CO, nor can any congressman/senator or immigration attorney change any decision made by a CO (nor influence legally them to do so)... Every applicant seeking a B2 visa must qualify on the strength of their own situation, not on that of another (adults, that is)...in short, there are NO magic answers, papers or bank documents that will guarantee visa issuance.
  13. No one viewing this forum can possibly answer that question with a 100% legal certainty or accuracy.
  14. Noah Lott

    F2 Visa Rejected

    The main issue here is a simple one...is the F1 visa holder going to return to India soon? If not, why would the future F2 recipient? Stories will not help...vague plans that try to persuade a CO otherwise will not help. If the F1 OPT period is ending relatively soon, then there is NO need for the F2 to wander off to the US, as the F1 person has been doing just fine without her and can easily survive another few months apart since the marriage was recent and both have been apart for some unknown amount of time.
  15. There is no question in the above.....best to consult with a knowledgeable immigration attorney to see what, if any, options exist for CSPA to help or not. It appears that you did indeed 'age' out' but the rules of CSPA may mitigate this to some extent...not enough details above and no one on this site can offer 100% accurate legal advice.
  16. Noah Lott

    Aos denied

    without a valid visa, you have no legal means by which to reenter the US.
  17. Noah Lott

    F2 Visa Rejected

    attorneys have no authority over the visa adjudication process...none.
  18. ...and, for 9747th time, there is NO SUCH THING AS SPONSORSHIP for B2 visa applicants.....NONE...NADA...NOT REQUIRED, CO's do not care about who might be paying for airline tickets or a trip to the movies...
  19. Noah Lott

    OPT Denied

    1- 50% - you will either succeed or not 2- any that you wish 3- one day to four months 4- no one knows
  20. between one day and thirty days...
  21. Noah Lott

    B2 tourist visa for sister and brother in law

    Attempting to play some sort of 'clever' games with a CO is a poor idea....do you really think that most COs have not been exposed to this tactic? (I am not sure where it originated, but you will not gain the admiration of any CO by trying it)
  22. Noah Lott

    Aos denied

    hard to say...do you have a valid US visa?
  23. Noah Lott

    F2 Visa Rejected 2 times

    Neither CO believed that your spouse would be returning...and if you are really going to return, then she does not need to go just to turn around and come back...
  24. Noah Lott

    F2 Visa Rejected

    but when are you really returning to India? Because that is the central issue....if the CO does not believe that you will be returning, why should he/she believe that your spouse will?
  25. Noah Lott

    B1 to H1 Change of status Stamping

    If you were 'employed' when you got your B1, where was that job? How long have you been working in the US? Best to return to your own country