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  1. Noah Lott

    R B1/B2

    a visa is only an object with which to, in essence, 'ask for permission to be admitted'...it is not the actual permission itself. If CBP finds out something during the brief exchange at the POE, doesn't like the answers to questions or pops their luggage or opens their phone and finds something that indicates that mere tourism is not the objective, they can easily deny admission to that person. If this person's prior travel history seems OK, there should not be much of an issue. But there is NO guarantee of admittance merely because the visa is still valid. As far as the challenge younger applicants have obtaining visas, well, that is just a well known demographic....after all, who is more likely to go spouse hunting upon arrival.....a 30 year old with little incentive to return or a 65 year old past their prime?
  2. Noah Lott

    B2 to F1

    if his intention is to study rather than being a 'tourist' (since it appears you, opps, your 'friend' has a B1B2 visa, then when (and if) he arrives, he must tell the CBP folks why he is coming to the US...if he 'forgets' to mention the aspect of study, then pursues a COS, the adjudicators will look at his I94 and his request for a COS may well be denied....
  3. Noah Lott

    R B1/B2

    if the visa itself shows 'B1/B2' and the date of expiration has not yet been reached (validity date), then her current visa is still valid for travel purposes.....that does not mean that she would be admitted to the US upon arrival, however....as CPB interviews (quickly) and can determine a person is not admissable.
  4. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa Dates

    options = none. If the embassies are not scheduling appts, then they are not scheduling appts...you cannot change that simple fact. They are not going to open just for you.
  5. Noah Lott

    B2 to F1

    possibly....what did said 'visitor' tell the CO when applying for the B2 or what did the 'visitor' tell CBP the reason for coming to the US?
  6. Noah Lott

    Arrested for DV, background check for new employer

    an employer can always decide not to hire wife beaters
  7. Noah Lott

    Universities offering FT CPT

    CPT = a university offering degrees in baloney....
  8. Noah Lott

    Universities offering FT CPT

    only low level institutions offer CPT...student visas are for studying not working. CPT is offered by diploma mills where one buys a diploma while taking 1 or 2 'classes' online in their spare time....
  9. Noah Lott

    Continuous CPT to OPT

    CPT = baloney = RFEs = more baloney.....only bottom tiered 'universities' engage or offer CPT...
  10. Noah Lott

    I539 Rejected because of payment issues

    only USCIS can tell you what the problem is, not website participants
  11. Noah Lott

    Domestic Violence no charges Visa Revoked

    well, apparently your visa has been revoked and the consulate sent USCIS and ICE notification of this action....so what do you think will happen when ICE finds you working without permission? Or even staying in the US?
  12. Noah Lott

    Stamping for visa

    do not lie....do not blame others....do not try and make up excuses....some item did not jump into your bag or other object you might have been carrying..the more stories you try to tell the longer your case will take.
  13. Noah Lott

    B1 to H1-B visa

    for how long did you tell the CO you were planning to stay? And what happened to your 'job' in your home country? And how are you supporting yourself during this extended 'vacation?'....
  14. Noah Lott

    processing time of the B2 Visa

    until it's completed.
  15. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa Extension Covid

    contact USCIS, as no one visiting this site has the knowledge nor authority to provide an accurate response
  16. contact USCIS,....no one else can provide the correct instructions.
  17. Noah Lott

    Need advice on extension of stay

    here is an original idea: follow the instructions that USCIS provides.
  18. Noah Lott

    I-140 Revoked after 10+ years during I-485 review

    no one on this forum can answer your questions,...only USCIS can...they have adjudicated your paperwork....no one else can...you will need to respond to whatever letters they send you.
  19. telling the truth pays dividends
  20. Noah Lott

    Need advice on extension of stay

    anyone can apply with no guarantee of success....
  21. there are no guarantees for a successful renewal...
  22. Noah Lott

    2 options available to get married.

    ...marry a USC...
  23. Noah Lott

    Is it visa abuse?

    If the consulate is not taking appts, it does not matter. Applying for B2 instead of whatever category the approved I-797 says means applying for the wrong visa class. Is she a bona fide tourist who intends to 'visit' for a short period and then return home? Doesn't sound like it.
  24. Noah Lott

    Change of status from B2 to F1

  25. Contact the authorities in India...