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  1. Yes, non-immigrant intent is a big issue, as you apparently have NO plans to return, so why would she? A b2 denial means the CO did not believe she would return and an F1 will have the same issues....since you are not returning, what is she supposed to say to convince a CO that she would (a) abandon you and then (b) return to India?????
  2. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa for in-laws: Intended date of arrival in DS-160

    Big difference between watching the g-kids once in a blue moon so the parents can have a night out versus providing full time child care so the parents do not have to pay for it...and the amount of time spent by the gparents is often indicative of said activity...why do so many parents tell their parents to write 'two months' on the proposed visit, know full well it will be at least 6, plus extensions...the answer is simple: provide child care for as long as possible; otherwise a six month 'visit' is laughable... I received hundreds of reports from INS/CBP who had denied admission to said g-parents for having provided said child care for those many months and who were trying to return to continue that activity...that's not 'visiting' the g-kids, etc...that's full time labor...which is NOT allowed for those admitted with a B2 visa....that is why a B1 visa is available for NIV holders who are posted to the US for a long time, who can, under certain circumstances, bring a domestic employee to the US to provide child care and other duties, but who must be paid a certain minimum....something that 99% of NIV holders are reluctant to do because it costs money...so our current laws have a legitimate way for child care to take place, either B1 domestic employee or a J1 au pair....NOT B2 visa holders, no matter if they are related or not...so Ken...find that section of the INA that says something different...you won't. I have interviewed tons of g-parents who were trying to avoid revealing the true/primary intent of their proposed visit and getting to the real story normally took me about 1 minute...three or four carefully planned questions started to build a picture and the applicants never saw this picture forming until it was laid out in front of them...and then their futile attempts to fool me or my colleagues was exposed.....and then??? A denial followed...and then later was frequently followed by phone calls and letters from their adult children promising all sorts of things (none believable at that point); sometimes calls or letters from attorneys trying to rewrite prior history (none succeeded) and an occasional letter from some congressman/senator which had no positive effect on the outcome whatsoever. I've had the adult children promise they were (or had) going to hire a nanny (none did) or that their 4 and 6 year old children were actually 12 and 15 and thus did not need child care (how they aged those years in a matter of weeks was still a puzzle)... it's great for g-parents to visit....but not to knowingly violate our laws....big difference. In later years we (COs) could get access to entry/departure records to the extent they existed and often I randomly sampled issuances to see about mind changes...if a g-parent had written they planned to visit 1-2 months, and stayed 6-12, they were called back in for a review...and under questioning, the vast majority admitted to lying and providing child care...and then they waved good-bye to their visas...most people cannot change plans so dramatically unless it was planned (and thus concealed)....those who did not live up what they wrote or said and were discovered, found out rapidly how fast the visa privilege could be taken away....and their promises to 'do better' next time sounded very hollow...
  3. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa for in-laws: Intended date of arrival in DS-160

    Tell you what Ken7.....after you have interviewed 100,000 visa applicants, then perhaps your opinion might be worth something....parents are frequently 'invited' to provide free child care so that the parents do not have to pay for it, and providing such care is considered work and not allowed by B2 visa holders....period....no matter if a relative or not....
  4. Noah Lott

    Parents B2 Visa Refused

    having interviewed tens of thousands of applicants, I can tell you that rehearsed answers are treacherous...interviews last longer than 30 seconds (3 min or so is about average), applicants are not denied because they miss a birthdate....most likely there were other inconsistencies in the way they answered questions...often the case with farmers, for ex,,,who on one hand claim they have to return to tend to the land, but then have written or stated they wish to spend X months in the US...often during growing or harvest season....which makes no sense..but having them 'practice' answering will work against them rather than help them.. COs do not want to hear pat or rehearsed answers...a couple of those and the interview is likely to end swiftly. I have had numerous applicants in the past who answered questions 'out of order'!! They had spent so much time memorizing answers that they forgot to listen to the actual question! Remember, B2 applicants are not auditioning for a broadway play...
  5. Noah Lott

    Parents B2 Visa Refused

    practicing answering questions (i.e., attempting to memorize such answers) will likely fail....why????/ because an applicant reciting 'rehearsed' answers will come across as putting on an act or not being credible....and it is pretty easy for an experienced CO to see if the answers are rehearsed....how...?? merely ask routine questions 'out of order'...start at the opposite end or begin in the middle...instead of 'why do you wish to go to the US?" as the first question, instead a CO might ask, 'what color is your car?', followed by 'for how long do you plan to stay?'...followed by, "how many acres do you own/farm?' and keep bounding around....merely watching the applicant trying to ransack his or her memory tells me that the applicant is not really being honest, and then guess what?? Their credibility just took a nose dive....and damaged credibility is very difficult to repair quickly.
  6. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa for in-laws: Intended date of arrival in DS-160

    It is best if you do NOT coach them nor provide them with fancy answers or have them memorize responses that sounds like reading a travel pamphlet.
  7. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa for in-laws: Intended date of arrival in DS-160

    They should tell the truth, without worrying about specific dates....are they also coming to provide child care for you so you can return to work?
  8. No. the husband's military situation cannot and will not benefit you in any way.
  9. Does this "university" offer diplomas if you promise to study online?
  10. Noah Lott

    H4 to F1 OPT/CPT eligibility

    CPT = shady, as most reputable universities don't go there....OPT yes, but CPT is rare..
  11. Noah Lott

    B1/B2 Visa renewal Administrative Processing

    my guess is your country of origin...sort of a standard thing for people from certain countries, I imagine.
  12. Noah Lott

    F1 stamping with I797

    50%....you'll either get approved or you won't.....if this is some No-Namo diploma mill, chances are slender indeed...
  13. yes, but you will not reset the 6 month admission period...what sort of job gives a 6 month paid vacation?
  14. Noah Lott

    F2 to F1 conversion

    The above is pretty accurate....the CO may well cancel the F2 when issuing the F1. Normal......however, if you planning to 'attend'some No-Namo online diploma mill just for CPT, expect some issues....if you are planning to attend a REAL university, should be fine.
  15. Noah Lott

    F1 VISA while on F2 visa

    if she was granted an F2, an F1 should be EZ, assuming that she is planning to attend a reputable college, not some online diploma mill