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  1. Noah Lott

    H1b to F1 visa

    no one knows for sure...the only way to know is to apply.
  2. Noah Lott

    visitor visa for Sister in law

    Doesn't anyone ever read previous postings on this and numerous other sites??? For the 17,941st time, there is NO such thing as sponsorship for B2 applicants.....NONE....DOES NOT EXIST....and the COs do NOT care about who might pay for an airline ticket or buy a meal at a restaurant, nor will ANY letter of 'guarantee' signed by ANYONE on this planet make a bad case a good one, or qualify an otherwise unqualified applicant for a B2 visa...the COs do NOT care about YOUR job, YOUR wife's job, what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, how much $$ you might have in the bank or what type of shoes you wear....a B2 applicant MUST QUALIFY OR CONVINCE A CO THAT THEY OVERCOME 214b by themselves, without assistance of any kind from any human being currently residing 240,000 miles from the moon...there is nothing you can say, write or do that will change this simple LEGAL fact....if your SIL's circumstances have not changed much from the last time (and it does not sound like it from what you wrote), the outcome of her next interview is likely to be the same...if a CO is not convinced that an applicant will return after a visit nor engage in unauthorized employment...then the application is going to be denied....over my career as a CO, thousands of B2 applicants brought every imaginable kind of document, each hoping that their piece of paper would somehow work magic on me...those papers did nothing of the sort....most papers were not even looked at, for the simple reason is that, according to our current immigration laws, there is NO PIECE OF PAPER MENTIONED IN THOSE LAWS IN RELATION TO THE ADJUDICATION OF MANY TYPES OF VISA APPLICANTS, MOST NOTABLY B2 APPLICANTS, THAT IS A NECESSARY REQUIREMENT OF AN APPLICATION....and no piece of paper can exert physical/mental control over the future actions of anyone...which is why papers/documents mean nothing at those interviews....nor are promises/guarantees made by third parties acceptable, again, because there is no mention of those options in our laws...each applicant qualifies (or not) based on the merits of THEIR OWN SITUATION, not on the merits of anyone else's situation, save perhaps for minor children, who generally qualify through their parents....but adults by and large, stand alone and are judged alone. So all of this window dressing you are trying to apply will not have any positive effect on your SIL's next interview. And finally, the challenge for COs in these situations is that over time, most have become aware of previous B2 applicants who abandoned jobs, school, parents, spouses and children to live illegally in the US and hope they could somehow scam other family members to join them,,,,which means the interview process for B2 applicants is SUBJECTIVE, not objective....there are no magic answers, no magic jobs, marital status nor social relationships that will guarantee anyone seeking a B2 visa with one or more of these alleged 'ties' will be granted the visa they seek...it's up to the CO...and ONLY the CO...no congressman/senator, dog catcher or even the president of the United States can order a CO to issue a visa....period.
  3. Noah Lott

    Visit visa B-1 for mother

    dreaming up a new excuse to go the US will not lead to success...the COs are more concerned about why someone will LEAVE the US following a visa and NOT engage in unauthorized employment while in, say, visitor status - which includes child care...so how did everyone in the family get to the US? Marriage? A B2-> marriage? a B1 'business trip' to marriage? these are important questions...
  4. Noah Lott

    Help filling DS-160, 'Other Names Used:'

    I would not get to wound up on this....just have him bring a couple of examples in which his old name appears and the papers that pertain to his new name...most other documents are hardly necessary...
  5. Question #1: Why are we to believe that you will return after studies instead of staying put w parents and look for work? Question #2: see #1 Question #3: see #1 virtually nothing else matters...what status are your parents in?
  6. Noah Lott

    H4 to F1 rejected

    If the CO does not believe that you would be returning following the completion of your 'studies', then they don't believe it....you can make up anything you want to tell another CO, but it is doubtful it will be believed...because if there was nothing to believe the last time, what are you going to say this time that will be believable? Here are some favorite stories: 1- my parents are elderly and I have to return to care for them..(baloney, as they are currently either OK or being cared for by someone else) 2- I have this job offer ..more baloney, as job offers are not legally enforceable and since there is no penalty to you if you fail to return to take said 'job', what is the real motivation to do so? 3- I am going to return to start a business. this one probably causes more COs to laugh so hard that they crack a rib. The actual odds of this miracle taking place is around 750,00 to 1. Why? Where is the $$ coming from to start this 'business?" Where is the business plan? How are you going to support yourself until this 'business' gets going? but the main question to answer is: "if your spouse is in H1b status, WHY would you abandon said spouse to return as claimed from any of the above?"
  7. Noah Lott

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    probably nothing to worry about....just clarification of the details that your cousin messed up.. Her travel history is her best asset.
  8. Noah Lott

    Suspicious Arrest and CASE Dismissed

    if you didn't steal, why all the fuss over expunging records, doing six months of something, etc...I think you did steal, because people are not arrested for not stealing...
  9. well, being a Canadian PR should be valuable...
  10. what has changed since the last two times? If nothing but a different story, that is not a change. Apparently your spouse is in F1 status...the H1b was denied for some reason(s) and now it just looks like you want back in the US ...having applied for an F2 shows that you were willing to abandon whatever short term employment you dreamt up during your last interview...no one will believe that you are so strongly motivated to return a job held for minutes....I imagine the COs believe that you want back in the US to return to work...and the B2 is not the visa for that..in spite of whatever promises you may offer to the contrary..
  11. Noah Lott

    Suspicious Arrest and CASE Dismissed

    if you stole and were arrested, then paid some fine...your arrest record will be on file and available to DOS, USCIS and FBI forever
  12. Noah Lott

    Us B1 B2 visa rejected , need help for 2nd time

    Not surprised...you could not visit all of those places in '10' or '15' days if you owned your own jet! No doubt some kind of under the table work is planned, but the COs have seen through this very transparent charade...your entire story makes no sense whatsoever. "Visiting' all of those places would cost in excess of $10,000 for the family and you do not have anywhere near that kind of money in the bank to be spent so carefree. Next time (if there is one) trying to change the visit time to 6 days or something silly or 'having' to attend some conference will only result in an even faster denial....way too many uneven stories/excuses and unrealistic travel plans all add up to a denial ... or two....or more...and anyone foolish enough to pay some visa tout money to fill out forms and offer coaching lessons deserves to lose their money and time.
  13. Noah Lott

    Bringing spouse to US from India

    her getting a GC will take 2+ years....her getting a tourist or student visa will be more than difficult because her strongest reason for remaining in the US will be you....not impossible, just improbable...because far too many people have abused tourist visas in the past and COs are a lot less generous and tired of being lied to or setting the stage for the ever popular 'mind change' that seems to take place right around baggage claim.
  14. I suppose the truth comes to mind...remember, an F1 applicant must demonstrate non-immigrant intent....
  15. Noah Lott

    visitor visa - length of stay

    No...a visit to Canada or Mexico within the 1st 6 mos does not reset the 'clock.'