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  1. because staying near it is the problem, not moving away from it.
  2. Noah Lott

    Extension of B2 visa for my mom due to COVID 19

    leaving is not the issue...an extension request to leave the US is bogus
  3. the sooner the better hard to day....had he stayed more than 6 months numerous times?
  4. Noah Lott

    Joining the client in a different role

    This does not sound like an immigration issue, more like agreements, etc, between two companies...
  5. Noah Lott

    I-539 Extension denial

    and B2 visas are not for living (and working) in the US,...
  6. Noah Lott

    I-539 Extension denial

    What you do not understand is that I took an oath to obey the laws of the United States of America, not assist people in working illegally in my country, If God wants someone to enter and overstay, he/she could teleport them to the proper site...oddly, that has never happened....I wonder why, Phony extension requests are for nothing more than to continue working in some form...not to sight see...of course, you do not understand this because you have never been nor ever will be a CO. Never had a phone call from said deity....I am guessing that you do not speak for any deity.... Our laws do not provide exceptions for 'feel good' decisions....and my ethics are vastly more important than helping people violate or ignore our laws....tell you what....why don't you find the exceptions to our laws?????????/ You do not know me....'wicked man',...says who, you? (yawn)
  7. Noah Lott

    In-Laws Tourist Visa Denied

    changing the duration to something less just indicates that the applicant is trying to fool the CO...guess what the results will be? No one can leave an actual business for 2 months, one that is prospering, but it is all too easy to leave one that is floundering, then try to work in the US to make $$$...imagine the next interview... CO- last time you said you were going to visit for 2 months, now two weeks, why the change? BIL - well, er, I realized that my business needs me back sooner... CO- why didn't the business need you before? BIL - well, er, we just got a big order and we have to process it... CO - can I see the order? BIL - well, er, I forgot it....but here's a letter from my relative in the US, explaining everything... CO- why can't you explain it to me? What's the name of the company that made this big order from your business? BIL - Well, er....uh....I don't have that information with me... CO...(end of interview) his credibility will evaporate when he tries to weave a new story about this sudden change of visiting time...
  8. Noah Lott

    In-Laws Tourist Visa Denied

    OK...how can the BIL leave a 'business' for 2 months?????? Not possible realistically...ergo, the CO presumed that he would be working while in the US...changing the planned visiting time to something else just looks phony...(because it is)...
  9. a CO working in a country that is not your own cannot really determine your ties to that country...so how can the CO figure out why you would return to that country after studies? Said CO would not know the culture nor other aspects of life in country X and...it appears at first glance that you have NO intention of returning since you are trying hard to figure out how not to return...how might you explain this?
  10. Noah Lott

    F1 to EB1A

    if you do not appear in the top five of any 'musician' you will not get an EB1.....you must be at the very tip top of your field
  11. one can apply anywhere....however, each of the embassies mentioned may not be able to determine your true ties (which from my perspective look like zero)... 4Q- 'why would you return?'...since clearly you have no intention of ever doing so....
  12. Noah Lott

    In-Laws Tourist Visa Denied

    1- they can reapply anytime they wish...however, a quick request can appear as desperation 2- trying the 'divide and conquer' strategy will fail miserably....COs have seen this transparent ruse...when I encountered it, my response was to (a) deny the newest applicant and (b) revoke the previously issued visa(s)....presuming that everyone was trying to pull a fasts one on me, and I had the instant curekjn 3- totally and 100% worthless....whatever financial representations you or anyone else makes has no positive effect on the outcome of an interview because you cannot be held legally responsible for their actions nor be compelled to pay for anything; therefore promises to do so are not enforceable and will not make a weak case strong. 4- Playing the 'visa shopping game' will just look like desperation....and those interviews will be even faster and unsuccessful. For how long did they say they were planning to visit?....and as an aside, papers/documents are not interviewed by COs....like the empty sponsorship promise, papers cannot make a weak case strong....papers are neutral at best and often harmful.
  13. Noah Lott

    Parents visitor visa denied twice.

    you cannot make anyone's case stronger....because you are not the applicant(s)...applicants must qualify for B2 visas on the strengths of their own merits, not by promises and papers offered by interested third parties.
  14. Noah Lott

    Emergency assistance required for F1 Visa

    without a valid SEVIS, applying will do little good (a) no 2 - with what form???? (a) probably
  15. Noah Lott

    Father convicted...chances of B2 visa

    if he lies, the interview will be over.... it sounds like he now is ineligible for having committed a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude..(CIMT)....for that, not only must he overcome 214b (which you cannot assist in doing on his behalf, no matter what worthless letter you might write explaining how he is really a good guy, etc) but he would then need a waiver under 212 d3, which will be entirely up to the discretion of the CO in recommending...no recommendation, no waiver (pretty much), and even if recommended, no guarantee one will be granted As for paying for a trip, totally meaningless...but again, if he lies, he will never see the United States for years...they will be taking his fingerprints....his case will likely be set aside to investigate his conviction and how it might relate to someone having committed a CIMT...and any wild stories presented about how it wasn't his fault, that the police made up stories or he was forced into making some bad decision will only result in an extremely swift denial...