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  1. Noah Lott

    H1b- Denial next steps

    I encountered a fair number of these types of cases (i.e., fraudulent)....in most cases, I just peppered the applicant with questions regarding the 'job' to quickly discover that the applicant (a) knew nothing about the 'word aligned' job and (b) was trying to disguise the fact that they were going to do some low level job that was not a specialty occupation, but trying to paint it as one with word games.....none succeeded when interviewed personally, which was the key....I sent back dozens of these cases to the Kentucky CC for review for fraud...I don't remember even one being reaffirmed....
  2. Noah Lott

    H1b- Denial next steps

    "...Me and my manager are working on matching the Job title which can be Computer Systems Analyst and creating a mapped job description in order to align the duties with SOC code as well as master’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Are there any suggestions for me on this step for eg. A sample job description from other colleagues, a resource to reach out to get technical details and words aligned correctly, ways to increase approval chances?' "Words aligned correctly??" sounds like Loophole Management rather than the truth...word games will not prevail...what are you really doing at this 'company, sweeping floors or running an Excel program? Because if you were really doing something that requires a bachelor's degree, you would not be having problems...but if you and the manager are trying to fudge the system with 'word alignment', well, no H1b for you...
  3. One ideal way of responding to an RFE is to provide truthful answers and/or documentation rather than made up stories and questionable documentation.....for some reason, way too many people would rather dodge the questions than answer them truthfully....not sure why this route is so popular...
  4. Noah Lott

    H1B lay off , no stamping & outside USA

    options such as...?????
  5. Noah Lott

    H1b Visa stamping issue

    tell the truth and succeed at the visa interview....nothing else will matter.
  6. Noah Lott

    Specialty Occupation

    and what is it that you actually do?
  7. and what will you say when asked how this salient fact was somehow 'forgotten?"
  8. Noah Lott

    B2 visa for my elder sister

    The more you try to involve yourself in this process, the worse her chances....forget papers...they cannot and do not prove one's intent. that is up to the CO...a job letter stating that she has to return to her job has no value since that piece of paper exerts no physical force over her and cannot prod her towards the boarding gate after a visit. Best to stay out of it altogether. She qualifies (or not) based on her interview, and how well she manages to establish her credibility from the CO's perspective, not anyone else's...any opinions from third parties regarding her bonafides and/or credibility have no value nor place in her interview. A CO does not care what others say, think or believe. Nor can you 'guarantee' her return. You lack legal authority over her.
  9. Noah Lott

    B2 visa for my elder sister

    You can take care of nothing....she must qualify on the strength of her own situation, whatever it is..
  10. Most COs do NOT wish to interview attorneys, as they are NOT the ones seeking a visa. Answers (truthful ones) to questions need to come from the applicant, not from a paid representative, who will offer only carefully crafted answers that often evade the facts. I never allowed attorneys to attend an interview, for 1001 valid reasons. If they didn't like it, tough. I did not want anyone else except the applicant answering my questions....without coaching, without a script, etc....the more scripted the answers, the longer the interviews would take. If I did not get a truthful answer, the interview would end and the applicant sent home for two weeks (at least) to 'straighten out his/her head' and be prepared to answer truthfully the next time....and this could go on and on and on for as long as it took to either wring the truth out or determine that the applicant was not eligible for the visa being sought and the case concluded. Some applicants discovered to their dismay that I was not going to expedite their case if they refused to give me honest answers to questions. I did not accept answers from third parties, whether relative, friend or (even worse) some immigration attorney. Some applicants thought they were more clever than I by dancing around the truth with evasive baloney....they soon found out how long they could remain in their country while I pursued their case methodically...in spite of phone calls, etc, from their attorneys or 'bosses' or cousins.... So check with the embassy; I doubt they want attorneys at the interview...and be prepared to answer truthfully.
  11. Noah Lott

    I-539 and visa stamps

    Is her visa annotated with something like, 'domestic employee of Mr. X; who is in J1 status? If not, expect problems...
  12. Noah Lott

    Investing in Stocks on F1-Visa

    why not? stock investing as a consumer is considered more of a 'passive' work activity...stocking shelves is different.
  13. Noah Lott

    F-1 visa guidence

    Avoid shady 'universities' that tout CPT or online degrees Avoid memorizing their pamphlet then trying to remember it all during the interview... Tell the truth....
  14. Noah Lott


    sounds like some sort of scam....that kind of employer is SHADY...no honest, ethical employer creates phony deductions merely to enrich themselves at the employee's expense...or to act as some sort of bargaining chip with which to entice you to stay (or else!)...this is yet another problem with the H1b program....at its inception, it was supposed to be for the 'best and the brightest'...now it's for the cheapest and most desperate. This program is rife with fraud, from unscrupulous employers (like this one) to 'employees' who have no degree and no relevant job experience, but who pay other fraudsters (known as 'credential evaluators) who, for a price, will translate a high school diploma into a degree from MIT...this program has outlived its usefulness and should be abandoned, as it harms American workers and fills many 'businesses' in the US with visa cheats who bring their equally unqualified relatives here in H4 status to steal even more jobs from US citizens...it is sickening....and yet, there are tons of ethically challenged immigration attorneys who love to fill out petitions (at around $4500 each!! for less than 90 minutes of 'work')...and sell out American workers to the lowest bidders.
  15. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa for my wife

    what excuse will she offer that she would return after a brief visit? Or are you hoping that someone will offer some odd story for her to tell? B2 visas are for tourists, not for loophole seekers.