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  1. Noah Lott

    B2 rejection for parents

    there is not a single document on this planet that will make a difference to the outcome of their next interview... who has been paying for subsequent years of study? for how long did they state they planned to visit? with what type of visa did you begin your education?
  2. In some cases, a child could attend school while in B2 status; but usually the parents must be in the US, typically on a B1 visa (in a visa category without a derivative status), and the kids attend school during the business trip...
  3. none of what you sent last time had any positive effect on their interview...their prior travel history will carry the most weight, while letters,tax returns, old sox or anything else from you will be worthless.
  4. anyone can apply anywhere....the common challenge will be for the COs to be able to judge whatever ties one may have to their own country when they apply from another one...hard to make spot check phone calls and no CO with more than 10 minutes of experience will base his or her decision on papers...
  5. your parents apply for themselves and the outcome of their interview is not predicated on your in-process H4...their travel history using the B2 visa will be the cornerstone of the renewal process.
  6. Noah Lott

    I539 extension of stay denied

    basically you ignored the terms of her admittance period to the US and now her visa is electronically cancelled. She might be boarded on a plane in the future but likely sent back home upon arrival. Then she will have to apply for a new B2 visa and be ready to provide a valid reason or excuse as to why she overstayed....which likely won't be believed.
  7. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa for younger brother

    in general, younger applicants have a more challenging time qualifying, mostly because they are often lacking strong reasons to return to their home country. Visas are not granted for very short terms, as some sort of 'trial run' because if someone is going to violate the terms of a B2 visa, they will usually do the first time....your brother applies and qualifies based solely on his own circumstances, not by his parents', yours, nor anyone else's....no letter of guarantee has any value...no one can guarantee or control the actions of others (legally)...
  8. Noah Lott

    affidavit -general question

    such documents have no positive effect over a person's B2 visa interview....
  9. 'sponsoring' does not exist for B2 visa applicants...nor does the question regarding who might traveling with whom have any positive or negative impact on an applicant's visa application...COs do not care why someone wants to go the US, only why they will return to their own country after a visit of appropriate duration. No interested third party, whether relative or friend, can make any POSITIVE influence in the outcome of another person's visa interview.
  10. Noah Lott

    Business Visa to USA

    the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly..
  11. Noah Lott

    i539 Mother stay extension

    Is there some reason that this 'birthday party' cannot be celebrated early? Or will the one year old be unhappy? This excuse for an extension is just plain silly...your mom and you knew when the birthday was, so why didn't she just arrived a bit later? Oh with NO...babysitting duties were needed sooner....and apparently still are....if the extension request gets denied after expiration of her I 94, her B2 visa will be automatically canceled...then she will have to get a new one...with NO guarantee she will be successful...
  12. Noah Lott

    visitor held after 120 days

    who is sending you the bill for these amounts? IRS cannot legally 'hold' someone in jail without a court hearing. If she is telling you that the IRS is asking for this money, that is a crock of You-Know-What....something is very fishy here.....did this 'friend' arrive on a tourist visa and was 'suddenly' hauled aside by IRS? Impossible.
  13. Trying to play 'application games' with a CO is risky business. Your parents may well be successful; your sister is a very high risk applicant as she has virtually nothing at home that would act as an overwhelming reason to return rather than find true love right after picking up her luggage and clearing customs. Any attempt by you to improve things won't work...no letters from you will mean anything, no one can guarantee that your sister will abide by the terms of a B2 visa, and the reason for going to the US carries very little weight versus the reasons a person would return.
  14. Noah Lott

    Extended Stay Concerns for InLaws with Valid Visitor Visa

    when the CO who issued their visas discovers their 'change of mind' as far as their proposed length of stay, none of the above will matter, as a good Co will revoke their visas because clearly they have been and want to continue to provide child care so everyone can return to work....I am guessing that during their interview they did not state that they were going to 'visit' for 6 nor certainly 8+ months....I sincerely hope that the CO cancels their visas.....