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  1. Noah Lott

    2 options available to get married.

    ...marry a USC...
  2. Noah Lott

    Is it visa abuse?

    If the consulate is not taking appts, it does not matter. Applying for B2 instead of whatever category the approved I-797 says means applying for the wrong visa class. Is she a bona fide tourist who intends to 'visit' for a short period and then return home? Doesn't sound like it.
  3. Noah Lott

    Change of status from B2 to F1

  4. Contact the authorities in India...
  5. Noah Lott

    Recommendations on bring H1B spouse on B2

    what will she tell the CO about the true purpose and duration of her 'visit?' They will be able to see the H4 appt, etc...
  6. Noah Lott

    Recommendations on bring H1B spouse on B2

    she is not a bona fide tourist who intends to return after a short visit.
  7. Noah Lott

    B1/B2 Visa Entry To US

    why not contact CBP and ask them?
  8. Noah Lott

    USC Guy considering to marry a girl in India

    Just telling it like it is, based on tens of thousands of personal interview experience, and the thousands more of colleagues with whom I have worked and/or supervised....in other words, from actual knowledge instead of guesswork.... People have tried and continue to try and search for the 'magic' way to somehow fool COs...some succeed, others don't. A B2 visa is an object of trust, not a device to be used to circumvent other visa categories..yet so many use and abuse it to work illegally, to go around K1 visa wait times, etc. When a significant percentage of the population from a particular country have demonstrated continuous abuse over their demographics, well, what would you expect a CO to do? Keep doling out visas no matter what? No. That would not be legally nor ethically correct. Countries who are not part of the Visa Waiver program are not given that privilege for a reason (actually several, but they all center around abuse of the visa privilege in different ways. Should the US just hand out travel privileges to all? If so, why? When people join in a forum to try and ask for ways to get around our regulations, or to get some new story to tell, do you find that behavior acceptable, and if so, why? We either have rules for a reason or we should just dispense with them...but there is no middle ground. My feedback comes from having heard those stories and their results; the stories are not new to some of us nor are they very creative. A good CO can ask questions in such a way as to get to the real intentions of an applicant with some effort. I was known by my foreign colleagues as being 'tough, but fair.' For me, that was no higher complement. Immigration attorneys did not particularly like me, but I did not lose a moment of sleep worrying about their opinions. If you can find any inaccuracies in any of my statements or suggestions, please, point them out. Since you have never interviewed a single visa applicant, well, I'm not sure upon what knowledge or experience you would base such contrary opinions.
  9. Noah Lott

    USC Guy considering to marry a girl in India

    to the OP: please reread the above......"one needs to be honest on the purpose of the visit..."...this is crucial...if she tries to make up some story, she will very likely fail. However, once she honestly tells the CO that she wants to visit her new Amcit BF, well, most COs with more than ten minutes of experience know all too well what will probably happen if she is granted a B2 visa....there will be the 'sudden' mind change at baggage claim, she runs off to get married and never returns...happens constantly....which is why the K1 visa is the preferred (though longer) route...experienced COs have heard most of the stories....and the more she might try to dodge certain questions, the more likely she will not get the tourist visa.
  10. Noah Lott

    F1 visa 221(g) for 10 months

    seems odd, I must admit.
  11. Noah Lott

    Expediating Visa stamping (criteria)

    anyone can request an expedited appointment....getting one, however, is up to the specific consulate/embassy. You should understand that you will not likely be the only one making such a request, and thus, there will be a queue of other applicants wanting to be first in line....only the embassy/consulate can decide who gets to be in the front of said line. An attorney cannot, a congressman or senator cannot 'order' the embassy to give preferential treatment to someone...it will be up to the consular manager(s) based on their own criteria and workload.
  12. starting the process is fairly easy...you file an I-130....the priority date for your brother will be many years in the future.
  13. Noah Lott

    F1 visa 221(g) for 10 months

    what country are you from? Where did you actually go in Europe?
  14. Noah Lott

    F1 visa revoke email from consulate

    this sounds bogus....as a retired CO, the odds of a consulate revoking an F1 visa which is likely near its expiration date would be 1:1,000,000,000......if a visa was going to be revoked following issuance, every attempt would have been made to contact the visa holder before they traveled to the US; failing that, CBP and ICE would have been contacted to attempt to block admittance....after that, it's pointless. Revoking F1 visas long after issuance is an exercise in futility. This is very likely some sort of scam.
  15. When the CO asks, 'what are your plans following completion of your studies in the US?'...what will be your answer? When the CO says, 'I see that Company X has filed an I-140 for husband and the priority date will be valid in X years...why would you return to India instead of remaining in the US with your spouse?" Now, if you can think of some creative story or answers, well, go ahead.