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  1. Noah Lott

    F2 visa refused 4 times

    two applicants seeking F1/F2 would be adjudicated at the same time....but when the F1 applicant chooses to stay separate, that no longer applies...especially when the F1 claims to be leaving a spouse behind as some sort of 'proof' of return....not true.
  2. Noah Lott

    F2 visa refused 4 times

    except in this case, the F1 went alone....and likely told the CO that the spouse would stay behind....so,,,,she will stay behind, because there is no chance the F1 is returning.
  3. they will find out....a denial will become especially bad,.....why is it they 'have to' stay longer than 6 months....(I can guess.....child care, not some silly excuse about sight seeing)
  4. Noah Lott

    F2 visa refused 4 times

    having a new job will not be considered as a strong reason to return.
  5. this a bogus employer...why would you wish to work for a company who wants to pass on the costs of a visa to you, when by law, they are not allowed to do so>???
  6. Noah Lott

    Visitor visa for Sister and her daughter

    I am aware of many who did not succeed, for the reason I posted above...your mom may well succeed; your sister is much more doubtful... each applicant is judged (when they are 18+) on their own specific merits in these situations, not combined together...
  7. Noah Lott

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    my question was based on years of interviewing experience, when some claimed they 'had to' visit some favorite relative, often someone whom they'd not seen for years... your reasons for his visa request are immaterial insofar as having any positive effect on the outcome of his interview...if he is not able to convince a CO that he will abide by the trust he is seeking, based exclusively on his own merits, then by law his application will be denied, no matter how many letters or phone calls you make trying to plea for reconsideration (which, BTW, does not exist).
  8. Noah Lott

    I94 Issued for 2 months

    lame? how about 24 years of consular experience? It is you who are lame with the silly excuses about why they are back so soon, why they could not delay their arrival closer to the alleged closing date of the house, etc...you do not control my input on this site - the mods do...if they judge my comments inappropriate, they can excise it or not post it....I encountered thousands of cases like this one....and at the end of the day, there were other reasons for extended visits and extensions that had little to do with whatever feeble excuse was given... the solution is simple: do not treat a B2 visa as a portable green card and H1b....providing child care while in B2 status is not allowed, no matter what you might believe...and people who can 'vacation' for 11 months out of a year are not tourists...rather than whine about how CBP was so unfair...they see this nonsense everyday....your in-laws were lucky to have been admitted at all...try an extension request...and watch their visas vanish the next time they show up for a 'house warming' or new car purchase 'celebration' or a diaper changing party or whatever after having been home for 15 minutes... and when you have interviewed 200,000+ applicants, then perhaps you will have gained enough experience to make really lame judgments...
  9. Noah Lott

    I94 Issued for 2 months

    a B2 visa is a privilege, not a right and that the privilege can be taken away....if the closing date of the house was known, why did they show up so early? (babysitting comes to mind) surely they could have delayed their arrival for this 'house warming' ceremony until such time as the closing date was closer....USCIS won't care about some closing date....if your parents keep this trend up, their visa may be revoked
  10. Noah Lott

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    however, your expressed lack of encouragement about his possible option to stay in the US is not relevant....you cannot control his actions once admitted to the US...I've heard this sort of thing way too often, as some Amcit proclaims their ideals against illegal immigration....yet if true, why aren't (or others will similar beliefs) out there rounding up illegals even as we speak? Because you have no authority to do so...sure, you could call ICE but I doubt you would 'drop a dime' on your cousin if he decided to stay put...what matters is the CO's assessment of his situation, not your beliefs nor alleged unwillingness/inability to support him....those things do not matter at all.
  11. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa denied due to insufficient funds

    And while the average vacation time for Americans is around 2-3 weeks, it always amazed me that people in other countries put down '3 months' under the planned visit time.....what company on this planet doles out 3 month paid vacations? No company...it's called 'realistic plans' ..of course, when denied, they returned 3 weeks later, this time claiming they were only going to spend one week in the US....thinking that change would somehow fool a good CO...it didn't. All it did was speed up the interview, but not in the direction the applicants wished.
  12. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa denied due to insufficient funds

    the next CO is not going to ask about why they were denied previously....his or her colleague made some notes about that interview which reside in the consular data base.....they might be asked 'what has changed in your life since the last application'....if they try to shove a new and improved bank statement through the window, expect that bank statement to be placed under an electron microscope for accuracy - the bank will be called to verify that the sum listed is real and not printed by someone who has one of those little kiosks around the corner from the embassy....they really do not want to 'invest' $50 for a fake bank statement...they were not denied specifically for funding issues, though it may have contributed some....they just did not inspire confidence in the CO and a bank statement won't cure that. And based on the current exchange rate, your relatives truly have in excess of $25,000 in the bank? How did they both earn and save that much?
  13. no doubt some attorney can find some ethically challenged 'credential evaluator', who, for around $800, will use word games to try and associate electrical engineering with software code writing...
  14. the OP appears to be looking for some way to avoid direct scrutiny when seeking an H1b,...why> many immigration attorneys know that a COS in the US faces far less scrutiny than when someone applies for an H1 overseas....thus many would-be H1B applicants are often encouraged to make up story about attending some nebulous conference/convention, then once admitted, make a bee line to the attorney's office to begin the COS procedure....whereas a focused CO seeing the applicant 'live' will ask questions about the revocation and try to determine if the original H1B was bogus and USCIS found out....
  15. clearly you are reluctant to apply for an H1 directly...why was the first one revoked? (I am pretty sure why) a CO will see through this charade pretty quickly...