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  1. Noah Lott

    uscis site visit after project ended

    don't you just love all these 'workers' who have displaced American workers with questionable H1bs?
  2. question #1: why will you return to your country following studies when you have been gone for 6+ years? question #2: see question one.
  3. Noah Lott

    Travel on B2 visa twice within 4 months

    they might also revoke her visa, since she would appear to be using it to live in the US
  4. Noah Lott

    Overstay on B1/B2 Visa i539 pending.

    ' Alien admitted until specified date; violates status; departs after date specified. Subject ...the OP violated status by working, even if not paid.
  5. Noah Lott

    Visiting visa for 1 year child

    it likely will raise issues...
  6. Noah Lott

    Overstay on B1/B2 Visa i539 pending.

    and it does not matter whether you were paid or not, work= work which is not allowed while in B2 status....and no one will believe you sat at a desk doing crossword puzzles for 8 months.
  7. Noah Lott

    Overstay on B1/B2 Visa i539 pending.

    working while in B2 status, however, meant that you violated status, which can cause other issues.
  8. Noah Lott

    F2 dependent visa got rejected

    you mean 'The University of Online Diplomas'? I believe that Ponte is correct....the CO now knows with a 100% certainty that neither you or your spouse will be returning following 'studies.'
  9. Noah Lott

    Overstay on B1/B2 Visa i539 pending.

    while the airline may board you (they cannot tell if your B2 has been revoked), imagine what the border folks will think...'hmmm..here's a person who said one thing to us, then quickly abandoned that story and went on to camp out in the US waiting around for some nebulous change of status to try and stay here....why wouldn't this person try it again?'....of course, you will show them some round trip tickets, which are worthless, you will claim that your earlier attempt to do a COS and stay was some last minute decision, etc, etc....but they should not believe you....because the last time you 'visited' you remained 'on vacation' for more than a year....what 'job' rewards its employees with an 15 month paid vacation? No job...which meant you were working under the table during your last 'visit'...and no doubt have plans to do it all over again...I would bring a couple of good books to read for the quick round trip flight back home. Your visa has been electronically revoked due to the overstay and while you can certainly apply for a new one, well, just read the above and think about how a CO will view your last 'visit' and compare what you said during your first interview with what actually took place....COs do not like being lied to....at all. While you may futilely try to argue that you just 'changed my mind' (which oddly seems to occur right after baggage claim), the CO's response (one that I used each and every time I heard that sentence) should be 'last time you applied we believed you were a bona fide B2 recipient...but this time, we have changed our mind.' Mind changing works both ways.
  10. she is no longer eligible as the son/daughter (unmarried) of an LPR....she must wait until her mom becomes a USC, then that wait will be several years.
  11. one thing is certain...you are NOT a returning resident....you have remained outside the US for more than a year for reasons that WERE in your control....this process will have to begin anew, with whatever category you are able to qualify for....which sounds like adult child of an LPR, which is around 7-8 years....if they are citizens, then around 3 years.
  12. no one can forget being arrested and fingerprinted, especially if it happened in a foreign country.....you lied, the CO knew it and now your case will undergo admin processing and the embassy will not be in a hurry....liars do not get preferential treatment..instead they get to wait and wait and wait...so the COs can process the cases in which people did not lie...simple.
  13. Noah Lott

    F2 dependent visa got rejected

    If your son is a USC, sure, but now the CO knows that your husband is not returning following yet more studies, as he just finished and did not return....the COs do not like being lied to or told stories... there are no magic answers that anyone can give you that will fool the CO...the situation now has become obvious....and nothing you can say can change that....oh sure, you can pay someone to draft a job letter back home for the future (a common tactic)...but I always asked the applicants who gave me one of those the following: 'if you (or your spouse) does not return to take this 'job', what legally will happen to him/her? If the answer is nothing, then such a job letter is meaningless...and no country has severe punishment waiting for those who do not take those phony job offers.
  14. Noah Lott

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    diplomas, college attendance,etc, are meaningless in B2 applications, especially for renewals...something else is amiss...I noticed you dodged my question about your father's age when they visited some time ago and spent 5-6 months in the US twice, I believe)...so what was his 'occupation' back then, what was it the second time they visited and how was it that any company doled out a 5-6 month paid vacation? That, in my opinion, is where the the problem(s) is/are...
  15. Noah Lott

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    It seems odd that his renewal was denied...if everything was exactly as you stated regarding their prior visa use, I do not understand why his renewal application would have been denied...credibility is the best asset an applicant can have...and since he has traveled a couple of times and returned, well, that's pretty darn good... Was your dad of working age when he stayed nearly 6 months each time? If so, what was his alleged occupation? What job gives a 6 month vacation? (no job) So it may well be that the CO believed that he was working during his visits....that will be difficult to overcome..no letters will sway the mind of a CO..no promises from you either...that is about the only thing I can think of...