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  1. Noah Lott

    B2 visa rejected for husband i'm on b-1/b-2 visa

    Return tickets are meaningless and sponsorship does not exist for B2 applicants.
  2. Noah Lott

    B2 visa rejected for husband i'm on b-1/b-2 visa

    key question: did you tell the CO that your husband would not be going or not applying for a visa? If you did, then when he shows up (again), the CO will believe that something fishy is going on..... If you told the CO that he was too busy to travel, etc, but then he shows up, again, credibility will be the issue....I doubt he will get a visa any time soon..
  3. they should answer truthfully, whatever that truthful answer is....
  4. Noah Lott

    B2 visa rejected for husband i'm on b-1/b-2 visa

    During your interview, what did you answer when the CO asked why your husband was not going as well? For how long did you state that you were staying? I am guessing that you told them (a) he was not going and (b) 3-4 weeks... Now he shows up....why? You are planning to stay much longer than you stated....why? COs do not like it when one spouse applies, gets approved and then the other spouse shows up... because there is usually something fishy going on... reapplying will only lead to a more rapid denial... Moral of the story: DO NOT play games with the COs!!!!!!!
  5. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa rejected tfor Dad - I am on F1- CPT

    you appear to be involved in some shady university,whose only focus is to 'authorize'work while you allegedly 'study' online....since your credibility is in doubt, the question for the CO is 'where did you learn to fudge things? ' Answer: your parents...your father's silly (and likely coached) answer that you supposedly 'travel' for classes makes no sense...are you really commuting between Kentucky and California every day or week?No. When an applicant gives unbelievable answers to simple questions, the interview will not likely be a success.
  6. Noah Lott

    B2 visa for parents and aunt

    ....like everyone else said....stay out of it...your situation (as long as it is legal) does not matter - everyone has to qualify based on the merits of their own specific situation, not yours......on the surface, sounds like your parents should be fine....hard to say about your aunt....
  7. Arriving B1 holders often get admitted more easily the first time....but after a 4 week 'meeting' and now back again for alleged 'training' and/or meetings (which can be accomplished via Skype or something similar) will likely, in today's environment, lead to more scrutiny at a POE....and if you lose this visa, it will be forever and a day before you get another one, so think carefully and make triply sure that you are not coming to 'gather requirements' (which often means writing code or doing some other kind of contract work under the table).....if everything is above board, fine....if not, resist the temptation to play word games with our border folks....
  8. You can expect to be asked what sort of coding you have been doing in the US, why you miraculously 'need' more training, etc....I would expect your visa to be cancelled, as you have been likely working in the US, writing code, not 'gathering requirements.'...but that's just me,
  9. No one 'has to' return to the US as a legitimate tourist......no one....the only reasons that someone allegledly 'has to' return are :(a ) continue providing child care [which is not allowed on a B2 visa) or (b) return to some other form of employment.....CBP will surely cancel their visas and send them home...and who could blame them? There are NO reasons anyone 'has to' return to the US as a tourist...impossible. Love to hear the excuse(s)....
  10. No one can answer those questions with a 100% certainty....it's not too likely it will be a problem, but who can say for sure? In 5 years, laws may change....
  11. Noah Lott

    Fired Because I am on my CPT

    Shady = shady
  12. Noah Lott

    J1 visa

    The above is no doubt blunt, but I believe is accurate. During my career, I interviewed hundreds of people who had applied for a B1 in order to attend some one week conference...but then stayed 5-6 months...when asked how they supported themselves, they usually told one of three unbelievable stories: (1) they took $2000 with them....oops...that would not last 5-6 months in the US - sometimes they then changed the amount to $10,000, whereupon I asked for their customs declaration form that would have been required had they indeed taken $10,000 (which they did not have) to the US....whereupon they would change the amount taken to $9000.....but they could never provide any credible evidence of the source of those alleged funds....and then there would be a long silence while they pondered the following two stories to tell me: (2) their parents sent them money each month...I then asked for the bank accounts of the parents for the past year along with copies of the Western Union (or whatever alleged wiring source was used) transactions....no one could produce those....or.... (3) many of their friends 'visited' them in the US, each one bringing money with them....of course, I asked for copies of the airline tickets, passports and bank accounts of every alleged visiting friend....no one ever produced those either.... At the end of several long interviews, 100% of those applicants finally admitted to working illegally and many were found ineligible under INA 212 6C(i) for having lied to the CO and having lied to our border folks....so, sorry, I do not buy the 'five months hanging out' story and neither should any CO.....
  13. Noah Lott

    J1 visa

    No conference lasts 5 months, which means you were likely working most of the time, and the CO figured it out...no doubt when you applied for the B1 visa, you did NOT tell them you were planning to camp out for 5 months for some silly 'conference.' Now, your credibility is nil. No CO with more than 10 minutes of experience will believe that you were just 'hanging out with friends' for those 5 months, and no legitimate job on the planet awards 5 months of paid vacation, thus, you had to be working for most of that time, which means you did not tell the truth and did not obey our laws, and thus, no one should trust you again in the future.
  14. Noah Lott

    Query related to B2 Visa Extension filling

    please remember that child care is not a valid reason for an extension.....and as above, in today's environment, doing anything that might jeopardize a valid visa is unwise.....no 'real tourist' needs to stay here for 6-12 months.....how many Americans routinely stay in a foreign country as a legitimate tourist for that period of time? Answer: none.
  15. Noah Lott

    "Unlawfull presence " a memo coming on August 9th

    ??????????????...I think you need to clarify whatever it is that you are talking about...