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  1. Noah Lott

    Sevis administrative processing

    depends on what is found during this AP...
  2. Noah Lott

    B2 Visa Extension with pending H1B application

    first, you need to stop working without permission....and your request for an extension merely announces that is what you are doing, as no student has the resources to be a tourist for months and months...leaving the US will not affect any pending H1B application, as you are not in H1B status..the first question that will be asked is just how and what you are doing now....watching TV won't be a believable answer
  3. Noah Lott

    B2 visa extension

    cruise lines are not operating, so no one is on the same boat...excuses for extensions usually come in the form of some unidentified illness that 'requires' that the visa holder remain in the US....in reality the excuse that is never mentioned is continuous child care
  4. Noah Lott

    I-539 - extension for B2 visitor

    there are no safety concerns that preclude travel
  5. Noah Lott

    B2 visa extension

    there will very likely be issues when (or if) she attempts to return soon....because 'tourism' or 'see the sights' won't be a valid excuse after having remained in the US for a year or more....what sights does she 'need' to see? Of course, free full time child care will be the real reason....
  6. 1- did you do the crime? Yes 2- why would any American citizen care about you being able to remain the in US? cannot think of a reason 3- see #1
  7. Noah Lott

    B2 visitor visa for medical purpose

    don't forget....someone other than US taxpayers have to pay for said treatment.....no promises by you will do it...the standard of proof will be high because treatment will not be cheap...and....said treatment must NOT be available in one's own country
  8. wait until the embassies reopen for visa services, because nothing else will do. Since you told the CO when you applied for your F1 visa that you would be returning following completion of studies, why not return?
  9. Noah Lott

    DHS doing home visit for AZTech

    what are you afraid of?
  10. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa given for 3 months only

    and yet by your own admission, you had other plans inconsistent with the rules of a B2 visitor....I used to thoroughly enjoy interviewing these types of applicants...
  11. Noah Lott

    Visitor Visa for Entire Family

    where are your sisters today?