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  1. 50-50 - you will either get it or not...however, if you decide to lie about this incident, your chances of getting the visa will drop to zero whatever documents support the truth about the incident.
  2. Noah Lott

    L2 status after using AoS EAD

    by some remote chance, have you contacted USCIS?? Because they are the only ones empowered to make decisions....not forum participants nor even immigration attorneys....go to the legal source: USCIS.
  3. Noah Lott

    Re-applying for OPT

    why don't you contact USCIS??? They are the only ones who can offer accurate answers - no one else can,,,,repeat....no one else can. One either follows our rules and/or processes or doesn't, but whining about them will not change anything.
  4. Noah Lott

    Business Visa to USA

    bear in mind that once an application is set aside for additional processing, whatever that might be, no one can speed up the process, realistically track the process nor influence the process....phone calls, letters, etc, will be for naught.....such inquiries are more likely to delay the process than expedite it.
  5. Noah Lott

    Business Visa to USA

  6. Noah Lott

    H1B Visa Stamping after 6 Years

    with what kind of visa did you arrive in the US almost 6 years ago?
  7. Noah Lott

    Multiple visits on Visitor visa

    spoken like a true expert....not!!! Quick turn arounds following a lengthy visit suggest something other than mere tourism (in my 23+ years of experience as a CO)....
  8. Noah Lott

    H4 Admin Processing

    your being arrested should not affect your spouse which implies there is missing information
  9. Noah Lott

    Multiple visits on Visitor visa

    what is so special about that time frame, given that she just left in July? Having just spent 5 months in the US with a barely 4 month gap before returning to 'spend time' begs the question: Why? What is so special about that time period, what is not occupying her time in her own country to the extent she can (apparently) return rather quickly to do what? All these statements about alleged child care are just statements, because something does not add up....no one 'needs' to 'visit' 8 months out of a year just for entertainment value...something else is almost always going on....
  10. Noah Lott

    H1B RFE

    if you do not submit or answer the RFE, there is NO chance it will be approved.....
  11. Noah Lott

    L2 to F1 visa

    only someone working in USCIS could answer that definitively...
  12. They apply, not you, they qualify on their own merits, not yours..
  13. you asked the same questions on another site....and got a silly answer from someone who has never been a CO...I am a retired CO, with tens of thousands of interviews as an experience background....experienced COs do not like to see abuse of the B2 privilege.....and "visiting" for 6 months every time is a classic one. Your pay stubs, model of car, bank account, etc, are not taken into consideration when a CO adjudicates a B2 application....they mean nothing in the applicant's ability to prove that they are a bona fide visitor for pleasure, instead of a mala fide visitor who works under the table providing child care or cleaning houses while in valid B2 status. No letters from any third party can make a positive difference in the outcome...no promises, guarantees will be considered....no foolish letter from some senator will even be read....and any letter from an attorney will be shredded before it hits the trash can....
  14. my guess is that all of those lengthy 6 month 'visits' while allegedly employed don't make sense....(they were likely working in the US)...and now that they are retired. why would they not try to stay 11-12 months a year? Just a guess....but no legit working person gets 6 months paid vacation every year...
  15. about 2 years via an I 130 filed by you.....a tourist visa will not likely be approved as there would be zero chance that she would return to India following studies- same for a tourist visa.