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  1. dkarangula

    L1a max out_status

    Thank you for the quick response. Further to what you mentioned "1. Neither. Once your AOS is on file, you can stay and once you get the EAD,you can work." 1.) Is this still fine to stay in USA but not work after I hit 7 years duration on L1-A? 2.) Will I accrue any over stay OR invalid stay ? while I am still waiting for EAD approval 3.) Do we have to inform , like USCIS, that "on this day I completed all 7 year duration, even including the recapture times that was allocated due to out of country vacation"? Informing them is required? Please suggest. Thanks, DK
  2. dkarangula

    L1a max out_status

    Hi All, 7 years L1A maxing out in 2 months. Soon, my company will be filing for a green card under EB1 with concurrent I-140, 485 & advance parole Questions: 1. Will I have to leave the country once I hit 7 years limit or can the stay on L1A be extended once/since I-140, I-485 and Advance Parole has been filed? 2. Can I work while on extension while STILL awaiting approvals of I-140, I-485 and EAD? 3. Can I continue to work after hitting 7 years on L1A while still awaiting for I-485 and EAD approval?2. If I have to leave then will my green card application and advance parole process continue? Can I re-enter the US once the advance parole is approved by having the AP notice shipped to my foreign address? Thanks, Dkarangula