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  1. Rubod1986

    H4 EAD status question from USCIS website

    I'm in the same boat. i got my i140 approved today and would file my h1b extension in premium by Aug End as my H1b maxes out in Feb'2019 ( so can file extension only 6 months before ). With that i'm planning to file COS for my wife from H1b to H4 and also H4EAD for her. Would all 3 of above be processed in premium and can we expect to get her EAD card earlier than usual 3-5 months ? Can someone please share their experience ?
  2. Rubod1986

    Contract Breaking on H1B

    HI All, Suppose a staffing consultant does get an H1b for an employee and then asks employee to sign 24 months bond . how easy/difficult is it for that employee to break that bond because employee prefers to join full time opportunity somewhere as oppose to working as contractor for 24 months. please suggest.
  3. Hi All, my eb2 perm application was submitted to labor dept on 8th jan 2018 , any idea how much time is it taking to get it approved nowadays ?
  4. Rubod1986

    New H1b 2017 status

    Hi All, Does anyone have any idea how much time would this Vermont Service Center is taking to approve last year's new H1b's which were picked up in the lottery. we had received an RFE and it was responded to as well. USICS had acknowledged it on 22nd Nov and it's going to be almost 3 months now and we haven't seen anything changing on the website. Our consultancy also didn't get any reply so far. This pace of USICS is seriously disappointing .