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  1. @san56 I said Yes since it was true and its also fact that they already were aware of.

    When I appeared for the stamping initially, I was working with Employer Company X and client was Company Y.

    This stamping went into admin processing.  I reappeared for stamping with Company Y (same company that was my client earlier).

    After I answered the question, the officer just nodded and said that visa was approved.

  2. I was in similar situation until just last month

    1. Yes, you can transfer the H1b to different employer while 221g is in progress

    2. You can send email to usTraveldocs helpdesk asking how to proceed. In my case they asked me to send them email confirming that I would like to close the current visa stamping application that is pending 221g and I understand that it can not be reopened once it's close.

    Make sure you mention that you are asking for closing of vista stamping application and not talking about withdrawing h1b petition. These are two different things. In this case, closing the current pending visa stamping process is sufficient.

  3. On 4/26/2018 at 8:24 AM, ashukla said:

    Good to hear this, and thank you for sharing this positive news as it is difficult to find one on this forum....it would be great help for others if you can provide the question asked to you in your interview, I noticed here that other folks are also in similar situation as you were.

    End is well everything is well, fly back safe!!!

    Sure thing.

    Here are the questions asked during interview -

    Where you would be working

    - replied with new employer name and location

    What are your job duties

    What's your salary going to be

    In the end the interviewer said: I see you appeared for stamping in last Fall for employer X and now you are here with petition for employer Y who was your end client when you were with employer X. Is that true?

    This was the last question.



  4. @ashukla  Thank you so much for your assistance.

    I applied for visa stamping with new employer/end client, and the consulate approved the same. The interview went very smoothly, not many questions were asked.

    I filled in new DS-160, paid visa stamping fees once again, scheduled the appointment for fingerprinting and consulate visit.

    Before consulate visit, I emailed the US Travel helpdesk support alias asking to close the previous application that was pending in administrative processing/221g.


  5. On 2/8/2018 at 0:25 PM, ashukla said:

    H1B denials are mainly because of employer credibility and cleanliness. I have gone through the similar situation in past and I should not be saying this but really don't want to present any false hope on your situation, reason because I have sailed the same boat which you are sitting in.

    Being in EVC model, you have very thin chances to expect any positive movement on your existing petition, most likely it will be sent back to USCIS from DOS for a re review and then it will be lost forever or USCIS will wake up after an year or so and ask such things which you will not be able to present at that time as no employer in the world can wait for any employee for an year or long.

    All I can suggest that try to reach out to vendor if he is willing to file a new petition for you, check with him how many approvals he have received in the past from USCIS and H1B.

    Good Luck Bro!!!! wish to see you back soon
    Let me know if I can help with any thing here in USA or in India.

    Dear Ashukla,

    I too got 221g/Admin pending recently on my H-1B visa stamping, it's been 90 days and no updates.

    My end client filed for transfer and it's approved. I am trying to understand the process to get this visa stamped.

    My detailed post here, can you please help with answers?



  6. Looking for assistance on how to go about visa stamping given the situation I am in.

    I came to India on vacation in October, 2017 and did drop-box, personal interview at Mumbai consulate for H-1B stamping, EVC model.
    I got 221g/Administrative processing, and the visa stamping is still stuck in Administrative Processing.

    Meanwhile my end client filed for H-1B change of employer, the petition was approved by USCIS last week on February 5, 2018.

    My question is how do I proceed from here?

    Do I fill in new DS-160 and pay visa stamp fees once more?
    If go to USATravelDocs website to schedule appointment, it is going to send me for dropbox option again. I believe I need to rather show up for in person interview at the Consulate. So how do I schedule appointment?

    Also I believe my current employer will have to withdraw the H-1B stamping/petition that is currently in Admin Processing.
    When should this happen? Before I visit the consulate or can I carry the withdrawal letter when I visit the consulate?

    While filling in DS-160, if the previous application is still in pending status, is it still considered as 221g refusal?