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  1. Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that since 2 years I was working in the US and I was on H1B visa, However I recently got engaged on 20th Dec 2017 and I was about to get married on 6th Feb. I thought that I can take my spouse in Jan and I told my spouse to show it as a Married and apply for the Dependent visa from India. She went for an Interview on 23rd Jan and US Consulate officer was having doubt whether she is married or not , started interrogating her and asked her to show some photos of wedding ceremony but she failed to show all of them, then the Consulate officer has taken her mobile and started making calls randomly to her relatives and asked about whether she is married or not. Some said married and some said unmarried as they were about to get married on 6th Feb. Officer threw all the documents and photos and told her to give in written that she got married on 6th Feb and engaged on 20th Dec. She has written that and finally they gave a letter stating below. Spouse: Gave the remark as 212(a)(6)(c) (i) prohibits willful misrepresentation and material facts Warning: If the action is not been taken within 1 year period according to the INA 221(G) and 223 (G),the application will be cancelled. Received an email stating that she can re-apply anytime. Me: When I came on short vacation to India recently, I was stopped at the airport in Mumbai and I was told that they received an Email from US and I am denied to enter USA and got an email from the Embassy stating that my H1B visa has been revoked and If I want to apply for the visa again then I need to re-apply. Please do let me know if I can re-apply , If yes then do I have to apply for the H1B again from the scratch and go for the same or any other alternative. Regards Ahmed