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  1. sandeep040

    Visa Approval Experience @ HYD

    Thanks - They know about your employer since its on your I797 - Where do you work they ask about your client :) All the best for your interview.
  2. Hi All - Just sharing my experience @ My Visa Extension interview in Hyderabad. Hope it will be useful for someone. This is my 9th year H1B - 4th 3years extension till 2020 - I am visiting India after 8 years. I had my first H1B stamping in 2009 - Below is my experience - Me: Good Morning Officer, How are you. VO : I am doing good, How are you Me: Not bad doing good. VO: is this your 1st H1b or Extension Me: Extension. VO: Where do you work Me: ********* VO: Great this is *** company right? Me: Yes VO: How long have you been working for this employer Me: about 10+ years. VO: thats nice - are you the only employee work for this client Me: Yes (I tried to explain EVC model) VO: When is your priority date Me: 2013 VO: Long way to go Me: Yes VO: How much is your pay Me: *** VO: Your case has been approved.