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  1. drg81

    I-485 Denial

    still waiting on the official USCIS communication. I checked my status on the USCIS app and when contacted they said the same and wanted me to wait for the official letter.
  2. drg81

    I-485 Denial

    I am on EAD and via EB-1A and recently had my I-485 denied! working with my hospital based lawyer for a different visa status. As as as my old I-485 is concerned, what are the chances from filing I-290B motion to reconsider/reopen. any one have any experience, information? I would appreciate any inputs. Thank You.
  3. Hi there, congratulations on I-485 approval. I need some info if you could spare some time. I am in the same boat, I-485 denied, waiting on the decision notice. if you could give your email I would really appreciate or please email me Thank you and congratulations.
  4. drg81

    I-485, Supplement J

    I have an EAD via EB1a. I received an RFE asking for additional documents like birth certificate, medical examination and I-485 supplement J. In the Instruction for completing supplement J, it states if individuals filing on extraordinary ability dont have to complete up J. I spoke to USCIS and didnt get an answer. Wondering if anyone has any inputs. Thank You.
  5. Will do. Thank you very much.
  6. I am currently on a J-1 waiver job and fulfill my requirement 7/14/2018. however my H1B expires 6/30/2018. What are my options for those 2 weeks. on a side note, I have applied for a GC in 2017 (EB1) and have an EAD approved in 2017 and I-485 pending (assuming I need to complete my J-1 requirement before I get I-485 approved) Appreciate any responses. thank you.