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  1. prakash333

    H1B stamped, travelling on H4

    Hello Friends, Need your help.I have applied from Change of Status(COS) from H4 to H1b. Client has provided all the Letters and SOW. I have received the RFE for speciality occupation and Position evaluation. Now, the client is not willing to wait and is looking for other candidates because of delay. So, my company is thinking whether to abandon the application as these days USCIS is strict and verifying whether the job position is still existing with the client. Not sure, if proceeding with the response of RFE, (even though the client position doesn't exist any more and they are looking for other candidates) will put the company in Black mark. What are my options? Any help/suggestions are most welcome in this regard.
  2. prakash333

    H1b revoked, while on H4.

    Thank you very much for the response. will this work, even if the petition holding company filed for my H1b revocation?
  3. prakash333

    H1b revoked, while on H4.

    My Case: H1B approved and stamped with an Indian company A. My husband also has H1B and I traveled with him using H4 to enter USA with extended leave from company A. I am not working in USA at this time. My H1B was never used till today. Company A (in India) filed for my H1B revocation. I left company A now. My question: Can i get my H1B transferred to new company/employer now? Is yes, can i file H1B transfer as out-of the cap transfer? Note: I am curretly in US on H4 status
  4. prakash333

    H1B stamped, travelling on H4

    Hello Friends, I have an H1b stamped visa Valid until Dec, 2018. However I have traveled to US on H4 as there is no project with my current company. Currently Iam on H4. My wife's visa is valid until Aug, 2018, so I got H4 until then. Now my questions are: 1. If I get a job in US with any consulting company, Is it possible that new company can apply for H1b even when I never traveled on H1b with my original petitioner. 2. Can I work once I get receipt number or should I need to wait until I get h1b approval, before I start working. What are my options, If I need to work in US. Please let me know. Thanks, Prakash