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    Travel when H1b petition is pending

    Thanks for the feedback. When you say ' re-file H1B', I need to go through the entire lottery process again or as just my COS will be abandoned, I need to get the H1B stamped by travelling out of country? And, my H1B will be effective only after I get it stamped? Is this also a possible option apart from re-filing the COS through attorney?
  2. I'm on F2 visa and a employer will be filing my H1b this April with Cos. I'm planning to travel to India during the first week of July on some urgent work and return before end of July. Is this possible? Will travelling abandony COS request? I need some serious suggestions Note : My husband on F1 Visa, is a current student and not on OPT yet. His course ends not before August 2018. So the F1 and F2 visas are valid for long. TIA.