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  1. Hi, Arrested in 2017 Aug, the case dismissed with prejudice due to insufficient admissible evidence to support the charges. The non conviction record is deleted in 2022. I have the citation, certified court disposition document consisting motion, order to dismiss and court docket. FBI Copy no charges are mentioned and copy of the deletion of non conviction record deletion acknowledgement. I am planning to get attorney letter, arrest record and police report. Do I need any other documents. I am planning to go for h1b stamping. I am worried how it goes. After the incident i have not travelled to india. I have no issues with h1b, h1b amendment, i140 and h1b extension.
  2. I have arrested 4 year back in a police sting operation. But due to insufficient admissible evidence the case was dismissed with prejudice. No fine, no probation, no diversion classes. I am planning to go for h1b visa stamping. I am working on to get the certified court documents and fbi, attorney letter. I am worried about the stamping.
  3. ajaymk

    Patronizing a prostitute - OPT extension

    My lawyer told there is no problem for the extension but still I am worried
  4. Hi Members, I have got arrested for Patronizing a prostitute in Sept 2017 in police sting operation. My case was dismissed with prejudice having insufficient admissible evidence. I have applied for OPT STEM Extension. What can I expect? Will I get my OPT Extension. Thank you,