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  1. can a birth certificate without name but original legalized ? will it considered as a valid document ?
  2. criticalpath

    is PERM individual specific or generic.

    Thanks for the reply. Any rough thoughts on how long it takes to file a PERM ? When PERM is in progress can i-94 status change ? I mean is it okie to travel out/in ? Is there anything which needs to be taken care while perm is in progress ?
  3. If my company is filing green card for me - i know first step is PERM . Do they specifically create PERM application for me or will they try to reuse some other approved PERM application from their pool ? Basically i wanted to understand how PERM works in bigger organisation which has more people in same roles applying for GC. Wanted to know whether PERMS are like pooled work permits which can be given to any one who matches that role/job description . I am a newbie to Greencard processing, trying to understand how system works. Advanced thanks for replies.
  4. My company HR asked my birth certificate (for green card processing), i found that my (INDIAN) birth certificate does not have name in it but it has mother name, father name etc ... 1. Is birth certificate needed for PERM processing step ? 2. Or is it needed only during next steps in greencard ? Does US immigration accept legalized birth certificate with "no name" in it for processing ? What are the options available in front of me - if they dont accept ?.
  5. can someone confirm whether they were able to book appointments for chennai location in december 2019 ? which other location is available for first week ? Thanks
  6. criticalpath

    OCI and original US passport for verification ?

    ho ! yes i posted in wrong forum. Anyways CKGS confirmed him that it will be sent within 1-2 weeks.
  7. My brother is in process of filing OCI card for his new born child (US born) - but couldnt find proper FAQs in ckgs site. Its a total mess. Can some one confirm whether original US passport child needs to send for verification ? if yes within how many days do they return that back ?
  8. Have u booked the dates . Are you able to see now ? Share your thoughts. Thanks
  9. criticalpath

    Stamping dates not available for December 2019 in Chennai

    But in this page https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html it says chennai has a wait time of 35 calendar days ? What does that mean ?
  10. I used facebook long back and not active. I heard recent DS160 has social media related fields. Do i need to really fill that ? Anyone got stamping done and approved without social media details using the new DS 160 form ?
  11. I am planning for h1b stamping during december 2019 . Yet to book the dates for appointment ? Are dates available for december 2019 within first 10 dates , usually its my company which does the booking of appointments. Can anyone share the url where i can check the available dates for chennai or hyd consulate locations? Also while filling DS-160 , do we need to give linkedin.com , facebook usernames or profile urls ? is it mandatory or can we set it as NONE. This is my first stamping interview planned during india vacation . My intial stamping when i applied for h1b in india was a quick one completed within 10 minutes. Share your thoughts. Thanks,
  12. Interested to know the list of health insurance options available for people visiting usa in visitor visa. I am currently exploring options for buying travel health insurance for my inlaws. Please share your thoughts.
  13. hi , i have few questions regarding EB1 - is it mandatory that a managerial category person should have played people manager (managing international/national teams) role back home outside US for 1 year ? Can a person with designation (manager) but doing solution architecting/technical contribution managing very small team from technical perspective apply for EB1 ? If you are interested to share - Well i am interested to know about your case of justification for eb1 filing ?
  14. criticalpath

    visitor visa b2 - dilemma - in laws family

    @Noah Lott she does cashier job in his business. Well my MIL/FIL got visa approved but SIL got rejected. Is there any recommendations for health insurance for visitors in this forum ?
  15. Is this chennai location ? Did you got your passport back ?