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  1. Interested to know the list of health insurance options available for people visiting usa in visitor visa. I am currently exploring options for buying travel health insurance for my inlaws. Please share your thoughts.
  2. hi , i have few questions regarding EB1 - is it mandatory that a managerial category person should have played people manager (managing international/national teams) role back home outside US for 1 year ? Can a person with designation (manager) but doing solution architecting/technical contribution managing very small team from technical perspective apply for EB1 ? If you are interested to share - Well i am interested to know about your case of justification for eb1 filing ?
  3. criticalpath

    visitor visa b2 - dilemma - in laws family

    @Noah Lott she does cashier job in his business. Well my MIL/FIL got visa approved but SIL got rejected. Is there any recommendations for health insurance for visitors in this forum ?
  4. Is this chennai location ? Did you got your passport back ?
  5. criticalpath

    visitor visa b2 - dilemma - in laws family

    Thanks @Noah Lott for the comment. Fingers crossed , have applied for all together. My sister in law works in father in law 's business as employee.
  6. I am currently planning to bring my father-inlaw , mother inlaw and sister in law to visit my family. Place of interview : Chennai , India I am planning to file DS-160 considering all 3 will travel together. my mother in law (education till school level) is a homemaker and fatherin law (education till school level) runs business. Sister in law dropped out of school at 8th standard and remained in house along with my mother in law. Now i am in dilemma, should i apply for all - b2 visa ? or only for father/mother in law ? Wondering whether adding sister in law will lead to rejection as she is 21 yrs of age but studied only till 8th. She studied in house but never appeared for board exams. Please share your thoughts. Also while trying to do the payment - how do i make group appointment (if i need to pay/book appointment for 2/3 people together) ?
  7. Where are you travelling ? I am in similar situation - need to apply for visa stamping without going to india.
  8. criticalpath

    Successful Visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    @sreevats.ns@gmail.com how did u travel from usa to mexico - by car or plane ? I have got my petition approved, wondering how to get it stamped without travelling to india. Please share your thoughts.
  9. criticalpath

    Amendment and H1b extension

    Working at location B without amendment for 18 months (surprised). Isnt it illegal ?
  10. Can a company with just 1-2 employees sponsor a green card to a person with H1B visa like me ? Well recently i met a person who said he owns a IT company with 2 employees only and the 2 being his wife and his sister in law. Both doing coding and doing freelancing work. He himself works in another company as a permanent employee. He offered me a job and asked me to help his company. Although i didnt say yes or no , wondering whether it is possible for him to sponsor someone a green card .
  11. just go for it , even if there is any issue - ask them to transfer you to any near shore location. Work from there and then apply for h1b. Many product companies are considering that option , only issue is that you should have a vacancy in any other location matching your role. Pray for the best.
  12. Can we board flights internally within USA with expired h1b visa . I used to show my passport as valid ID proof and they used to check the visa page for validity. Wondering whether i can do the same with expired h1b visa for me and my family members. Well I do have USA based license, but i don't have state ids (local proofs) for my family . Share your thoughts on what i can show as proof while boarding local USA flights ?
  13. criticalpath

    my Employer forcing me to assign addendum

    Are you less than 5 years of total IT experience , some companies do this to create a fear factor among junior level employees. Better don't sign it.
  14. criticalpath

    My HR asked me to leave the Firm in 15days.

    What if the job search is successful on 40th day , there will be no pay stubs for atleast previous 40days - how will the h1b transfer be considered by uscis ?