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  1. Didnt they ask any question in port of entry or asking to show last month pay slips/client letter ? Which US airport did u land ?
  2. My perm got rejected . It was filed in 2019 , got a RFE during the month of July 2020 and a denial notice during the month of December 2020. Have few doubts - Employer didn't share any details why the rejection happened, but said it was an random audit which resulted in RFE and denial. Will sticking with current employer affect green card processing in future for the same employer ? Can i again file H1B perm with the same employer - is there any timeline or should i look for a new employer ? What documents or details i should save or keep it with me so that if i switch to another employer - green card processing is fine without any issue ? Well i am interested to know whether i should make a note of dates or reasons for denial or any acknowledgements etc.. Advanced Thanks for spending time with my question.
  3. my friend has a situation like this - He recently traveled to India for a medical emergency and he wants to return back to USA now. His H1B is valid till next September 2021 . But it was issued for Virginia based client. He has not changed company . Well his project got ended in USA and now he got assigned to another client in USA and location is another state. Can he travel back with same valid H1B visa or does he need put amendment when he is in India ? He works for an Indian product/service provider company . His company says that he may need to do new stamping in India as his work is for new client and not the old one. Well he likes to explore options related to traveling with old valid h1b visa (which was issued for old client) ? He wants to convince his travel team , so that amendment can be raised when he lands in USA. Any thoughts what is the best possible solution for this ?
  4. criticalpath

    evacuation flight question - my mom not well back in india

    Thanks for your reply, will check the link. Luckily my mom got recovered , but still i am exploring options of travel - so that i can be with her. Looks like restoration of normal international flight operations to India is still a question mark ? No official dates announced by indian government till now. Please correct me if i am wrong. Is air india allowing booking for june or july ?
  5. criticalpath

    is PERM individual specific or generic.

    Once perm is approved, if i had to travel out of usa. Can i still go ahead and apply for i-140 ?
  6. criticalpath

    I-140 filing process if I leave USA

    Assume Perm is approved(candidate working in US) . Can i-140 be filed if the candidate is out of country ? Assume candidate is out of country for few months.
  7. My mom not well back in india , thinking of going to india with my family. Is there a chance i can apply for evacuation flight ? What proof do i need to submit ? Anyone who got seat in evacuation flight from usa to india. Please share your thoughts.
  8. Always tell truth - dont carry prohibited items like rice,garbanzo beans, poppy seeds. Tell them if you carry $ cash in hands. Abu dhabi is little quick when compared to port of entry within USA. I used etihad for flying once, they just asked where you work , which place are you travelling to, showed my baggages on a screen and asked if i carry any prohibited food items.
  9. criticalpath

    H1B and Short term capital loss due to intra trading

    I did file, no one said its not allowed. Internet search gave different views so wanted to know !
  10. criticalpath

    H1B and Short term capital loss due to intra trading

    Yes you are right intra trading means - buying and selling on same day . I checked with brokerage firm , but they are clueless - reading through law related forums in internet it just states you should not do intratrading like daily job ( constant source of income).
  11. I 2019 filed taxes just few days back , when i did calculations my short term capital gains COST ( was near 70k) and PROCEEDS (was near 60k) , final LOSS was near 5000$. I showed the loss as 5000 in my tax returns. This short term gain is due to intra trading and options trading. Well no where its mentioned i got loss or gain due to intra or options trading. Now how will US IRS or immigration will know that i did intra trading ? (I did some intra trading for few days). I came to know intra trading is not allowed for H1B holders recently , my bad I did it thinking its allowed during 2019. Is options trading allowed for h1b holders or is that also not allowed for h1b holders ?
  12. can a birth certificate without name but original legalized ? will it considered as a valid document ?
  13. criticalpath

    is PERM individual specific or generic.

    Thanks for the reply. Any rough thoughts on how long it takes to file a PERM ? When PERM is in progress can i-94 status change ? I mean is it okie to travel out/in ? Is there anything which needs to be taken care while perm is in progress ?
  14. If my company is filing green card for me - i know first step is PERM . Do they specifically create PERM application for me or will they try to reuse some other approved PERM application from their pool ? Basically i wanted to understand how PERM works in bigger organisation which has more people in same roles applying for GC. Wanted to know whether PERMS are like pooled work permits which can be given to any one who matches that role/job description . I am a newbie to Greencard processing, trying to understand how system works. Advanced thanks for replies.