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  1. @H1BWaiting2017 Mine is regular. I think its too late to upgrade to PP considering the rejection rate after RFE response especially from Vermont Center. Not sure why the processing is this slow.
  2. Did anyone get an update from Vermont Center for fresh H1B? Its been 140 days since RFE response was sent and no update till date.
  3. @DMAAB I am also in the same boat. My RFE was responded on october 20th to Vermont Center. No update till now. Not sure when I am going to see an update. My employer is not going for premium processing. Lets keep ourselves posted if anyone gets an update.
  4. dhara7

    H1B Case freeze

    My RFE was responded on october 17th and still no update :(. No option to upgrade to premium. Just waiting for that day when I get to see the status getting changed in the portal.
  5. Hi All, I have a query on RFE response review time. My RFE response was submitted to Vermont Center on October 20th and no update yet. I do not have an option to go for premium processing. Is there any update on when can we expect to receive a response? What happens if we do not get a response by April through regular processing? Do we have to mandatorily upgrade it to premium processing? What else can be done to get the response faster? (calls and e-requests have been made but still no update). Your help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have applied for H1b in 2017 and the Events are as follows : Pick notice : May 2017 RFE : august 8th, 2017 Date displayed on USCIS website ( RFE received date) : 20th Oct, 2017 Processing Center : Vermont It has been 99 days since USCIS received the response but no update yet. My employer does not give an option to upgrade it to premium. Any one is in the same boat or aware of any updates?