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  1. H1_485EAD_H1

    H1 485 EAD back to H1

    Thank you for your reply, i know its a little late, as I didn’t logon since march 2018. Just to clarify, at that time, my new employer filed for a h1 and it was approved, but to use it i would have required visa stamping. Then I ported my 485 using supplement j. The h1 was just a backup in case something went wrong with porting.
  2. No steps to take, as far as i know we just need to wait for case to be updated. Interview for older 485 applicants is random for only selective cases. i am curious though, what month and year did you last submit your medicals? my pd is july 2009 and i had rfes in 2014 and 2018 august to redo medicals. Technically my medical will have expired by the time the pd becomes current on oct 1st.
  3. H1_485EAD_H1

    H1 485 EAD back to H1

    I was on H1 for several years and filed I485 AOS under EB2. I received EAD/AP. Since priority dates retrogressed i have been working on EAD for the past 4 years and travelling on AP. My last H1 expired more than 3 years ago. I am now changing jobs, my new employer wants to file for H1 extension before filing for 485 porting under AC21 as an extra precaution. 1) Is it possible to go back to H1 after a gap in H1 status (while being present in US for the entire period)? 2) any other implications i should be aware of? 3) has anyone had issues with Supplement J filings for job portability? For Q1), the only reference i found online is here and it appears to be a new provision from 2017 http://www.nafsa.org/Professional_Resources/Browse_by_Interest/International_Students_and_Scholars/AC21_Rule_Effective_January_17,_2017/ 3-year extensions of H-1B status beyond six years under AC21 104(c) Per-country per country or worldwide immigrant visa cutoff basis Must be beneficiary of approved EB-1, 2, or 3 petition Do not have to be in H-1B status at time request is filed Extensions 3 years at a time