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  1. I have been working for International Company in USA for few years (2.3 yrs) now in a specialized knowledge position (L1B - valid until Oct 2018). I have been in the U.S. in L1B status for a while and eventually received a job offer from Company X. Since the L1B visa is not transferable to an unrelated entity. I approached a consulting Company XXX to sponsor an H1B visa. On Sept 2017, I received an RFE, which was later approved on 8th January 2018 with change of status (COS) with same I94. I have the following questions now. 1. My initial L1B Visa validity shows October 2018 on my Visa, will it be still valid if I Leave the country and re-enter USA using the valid L1 visa stamp? or the L1B status gets automatically cancelled when Status is changed to H1B. 2. What do I have to do, if I have to change back to L1 Status immediately? and is there a way to re-use my H1 status in October 2018. 3 If I request my current International Company to file a change of status from H1B to L1 now? and will my H1B visa still be valid? 4. My wife is also working on L2 Visa as full time for another organization. Now, does she have to immediately resign from the org. or is there a grace period for her too?