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  1. Hello, I have the approved I-140 from my previous employer since 2016 with priority date 2015 March. I changed my employer in 2018. Now My end client offered me a permanent position without commitment for Green Card Sponsorship. I started using H1B from 2014. If I change my employer without having green card sponsorship and anytime my priority date(March 2015) becomes current, Will I be out of status? Also, Will I not be eligible to extend my H1B beyond 6 year limit? Thanks in Advance.
  2. KK485

    H1B Amendment with Level 1 Wage

    Thanks for the quick response. No, I'm not getting more than Level-1 currently.. But, He is ready to raise now. Can we file another Amendment with Level-2 and same Client now?
  3. Hello, My employer filed H1 Amendment with Level-1 wage in August 2017. It is still in "case was received" status. Since, Level 1 is problematic now, I'm thinking to ask my employer to withdraw old Amendment petition(which was filed in Aug 2017) and file a new Amendment now with Level 2 wage. Can we do that? Should I have to move to a different client to file a new Amendment or can we just file a new Amendment with the same client? I need to travel India for my wedding in a couple of months. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Mine went on 18th Jan, Got the receipt on 19th Jan.
  5. Should he file in regular quota and deal with lottery?
  6. Thank you very much.. I'm feeling more comfortable now. So I don't have to pay them anything even if i ignore them? Sorry for asking again, Just want to save few thousands and stay live piece fully..
  7. But, Since I already signed that I would pay the legal fee (for H1 transfer they paid), IF I DON'T JOIN as part of the offer acceptance. Can I just ignore them? Won't they have a chance to legally challenge me with the contract I signed?
  8. Employer contracted along with the offer and asked me to sign. My question is since I signed that I would pay the legal fee if I don't join, Should I really have to pay If I don't want to join (I'm just trying to be safe and don't want to join In case of RFE with the Transfer). Can I just ignore them and continue with my current employer.
  9. Hello, I'm with Employer A and my current H1 is valid till SEP 2018. I got an offer with Employer B. Employer B filed H1b transfer with premium processing. Got the receipt on 19, Jan 2018. I signed an agreement with Employer B saying "I will pay all the costs for H1B if I failed to join by FEB 01, 2018 provided my H1B permits" If I get an RFE before FEB 01, 2018, Can I stop moving to Employer B and just stay with Employer A? Since I signed the agreement, Should I have to pay all the H1 transfer costs to Employer B ?