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  1. Stella1234


    i went to hyderabad for visa stamping on 26 March (biometric) and 27 visa stamping. my passport was delievered to my home address on 31st march.
  2. Stella1234

    H1B stamping India

    i dnt think so they will deny in any case as u got your H1B approved. i went to india 1 month before after my H1b transfer rejection and then my company refile it and got an RFE for the same. i had an urgency to go to india and i went during my H1B was pending to USCIS . after some days i got the aproval with my i94 while i was in india . i went to hyderabad for my visa stamping as i was getting the dates earlier only there and VO asked only one question to me "is company X your employer" and my visa was approved. So dont worry its all luck. good luck.
  3. Stella1234

    H1B Transfer

    yes ,they can refile it .. i got my rejection from my company in jan. as i joined in receipt notice i had to stop work after that and then they refiled it again and got the approval .Now i joined back the same client again ;)
  4. speciality occupation for system analyst job. now got an RFE of right to control although my employer has provided all the docs but same things they asked again.
  5. Stella1234

    H1B denied, no Update for new PP petition

    mine was also denied on 2 jan 2018 and uscis received an application fon 24 jan 2018 for premium processing .its been 20 calendar days and still no update my attorney said that they consider 15 buisness days and today is 14th bsuiness day still no update.
  6. same employer has filed it again in premium. today is 17th calendar day and didnt get any response from uscis yet. My employer says its 15 calendar days but attorney says they take 15 business days. Hoping for the good news soon.
  7. Stella1234

    H1b transfer denied

    i have joined an employer on receipt notice and that transfer got denied on 2nd jan 2018. My employer filed another transfer (Nun pro trunc) request for diff role and level2wage in PP. i have a travel planned for 8th feb to india. Can i still travel to india while my transfer will pending and come back on stamped visa in case my transfer will be approved?
  8. Stella1234

    H1B transfer denied

    my attorney filed another transfer request(Nun pro trunc) for diff role and wage in PP. i have a urgent travel planned for 8 feb. in case i will not get the result by 8th can i travel to india and come back on stamped visa when petition will be approved ?
  9. Stella1234

    H1B Transfer Denied

    what is the status of your case? is it approved ? i had the same reason and i got denial and applied again with didf wage and role..waiting fir the result.
  10. Stella1234

    H1 transfer denied - COS to H4

    what is the reason of your denial? Mine was denied on 2 jan.
  11. My attorney told me there is no grace period kn h1b but another attorney told that 60 days grace period is for the one who got laid off.
  12. @JoeFi guess you r rigt my i94 is valid till dec 2018 and thats why my attorney told me that you are not illegal just not maintaining your status
  13. Stella1234

    h1 transfer denied and i94 already expired

    actually i got to know 2 days back that they have filed my transfer in NPT (nun pro trunc) in premium processing with new role and wage level because my 180 days will be counted now from the date i left my first employer and it was beyond 180 days now. waiting for approval.
  14. There is no 60 days grace period in case of denial. also you will be considered out of status from the day your previous employer revoked the petiiton and if that will be more than 180 days then individual would be Ban for 3 years. I am not an attorney but got this info from my attorney.