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  1. Rul_72

    Back dated approval

    Yes, they are same.
  2. Rul_72

    Back dated approval

    Hi, I came to US in Dec, 2012 on L1 visa. My visa was valid till Aug, 2015. My employer filed my L1 B extension in Aug, 2015. I got a H1 approval in 17th Oct, 2015 with a change of status valid till 16 Oct, 2016 My employer filed H1 extension in Oct, 2016 for which I got approval 17th Oct to 16th Dec, 2018 In the mean time my L1 application was pending approval. On 5th Jan, 2018 USCIS approved my L1 extension application starting Aug 2015 to 16th Oct, 2016 What does this mean, a back dated approval end date I my stay since Oct, 2016 till now is illegal Is my H1 status invalid now, due to the last action rule. Do I need to move out of US immediately Thanks, R