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  1. Hi, I recently applied for H1B and my application got picked. I got my I-797 C and noticed that my Date of Birth was wrong in it (H1B application). My date of birth is MM/23/YYYY(as per my passport) but it is MM/22/YYYY on my H1B application(one day difference). Has anyone faced such issue previously or anyone has any idea how to proceed with this? Can anyone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can you please let me know the process what if it was denied. Will employer get any form, if denied. My friend status shows as 'Case was received' and his employer has not received any form or letter from USCIS as denied. But when his attorney emailed to USCIS they replied that his case was denied long back. Can this happen ? Please let me know your suggestions, he is confused and is thinking how to proceed. Is his case denied ??
  3. @naveen8812 I have changed it to premium on December 15th and the status changed to 'Requested for Premium Processing on 17th December' and On December 20th it changed to 'Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed' . I has been almost more than 20 days that I have applied for premium processing. I haven't heard anything about refund. I am still waiting for the response.
  4. I have submitted my RFE in October and changed it to premium in December.
  5. I have submitted my response in October and changed it to premium processing in December.
  6. Hi Sri999, There is no update as of now. Will update if I get any response.
  7. How come ?? I have submitted my response on RFE in October and changed it to premium in December but haven't heard from them till now. Your friend is lucky he submitted in November and got approved in January. Just looking forward when will they look into my case !!
  8. Hi, I have the same issue as well. Applied for H1B in 2017 and got an RFE in August and I have submitted the RFE documents in October. I have changed it to premium procession in December and it is more that 20 business days that I have changed it to premium. I didn't hear anything from them, still waiting for their response. My attorney raised a request 3 days back and no response as of now. I am totally confused about this, don't know why it is taking too long. My employer told me we should hear some response within 15 business days once we change it to premium. There's nothing but to wait for their response !!!
  9. No. I haven't got any update. As you mentioned I talked to my employer and told him to make a call and raise a service request. I heard that the Government will be shut down for a while, is that true ? Will this effect the processing times ?
  10. Ishikananda

    H1-B RFE - Vermont center processing time

    Hi, My friend has the same issue as yours, he is also OPT and this is his first H1. He submitted his rfe in October and changed it to premium in December. It is almost 20 business days past from the day the premium processing began, but he haven't heard anything from USCIS and the status remains the same on the website as it was in December . He is looking on what to do now . If you get to know any info please share it , I can post it to my friend. Thank you
  11. Hi, I am also having the same case. I got an RFE and I have responded to it in October. I have changed it to premium processing on December 13th. The online status showed me that 'The process for premium processing will be started' and on December 20th it changed to 'The case was received and a receipt was emailed to you'. And it is almost 18 business days past from December 20. I am confused !! And also I heard that the amount will be refunded back if there is no response from USCIS with 15 days from the start date of the premium processing. Is it true ? Can someone please suggest me what to do ?