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  1. Some one posted in FB: We had recently been there to Monterrey in June for our L1B extension. We met three other folks who had come for their respective H1B extensions as well. 1. Flight is the best mode of transport. We flew from Atlanta to Monterrey and one of the folks whom we met flew from Chicago. I am sure Houston and Dallas have connecting services as well. Another folk whom we met travelled via bus (Greyhound) and he did not have a good experience as per him. I don’t have an idea on self driving to this place. Though am a driving enthusiast, I will definitely not be willing to take that risk. 2. We stayed in Hotel Radisson in San Pedro area. Hotel services were decent and they do provide a shuttle to US Consulate and back. It is also 600m away from a big mall and hence all kinds of shopping is at a walkable distance. Since they have a wide variety of cuisines in the mall’s food court, you have plenty of options to choose from provided you are not a big fan of Mexican food. Uber Eats works as well. There is an Accenture office 10 minutes away from the hotel and one of the restaurants (I don’t remember the name) serves Indian Food for lunch. I couldn’t complain about the taste. 3. Parking at the Consulate is very limited and it is advised to take an Uber from your hotel if it doesn’t offer any shuttle services. You can’t take any electronic items (smart watches, headphones, mobiles, tablets etc.) or bag inside the Consulate. However there is a small canteen like shop just inside the Consulate gate. For a fee of 40 Pesos they take care of your belongings safe. 4. Biometrics and the interview locations are NOT the same. You should find the respective addresses in the appointment confirmation letter that you receive after your MRV fee payment. Also, plan your travel accordingly as during peak (office) hours, you can expect to see some traffic jam. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time for both of your appointments. Weather is quite hot and dry. 5. It is a pretty busy Consulate and expect to stand close to an hour or two in line before your interview is complete. You could pay Fraud Detection fees inside the Consulate using your AMEX or any other international credit card. 6. Interview itself was pretty straight forward with usual questions like Job Duties, Salary, Number of Years with the Company, Specialized knowledge description (since mine was L1B) etc. Passport collection is within a day or two. Few of us got it the next day while few got it two days later. Everyone’s was approved. It is worth telling your VO that you have a flight to catch next day in order to expedite the passport collection if possible. It worked in our case, but cannot guarantee on this (sorry). Please note that Passport collection is only at the Consulate which is in the outskirts of the city. 7. If you have a valid US VISA or a Mexican tourist VISA, there should not be any problems for you to enter Mexico. For other I94 and Mexico entry related queries, probably Ernesto would be able to help. Hopefully this answers most of your queries. Please respond in the comments section below if you have any further questions. I would answer as much as am aware of it.
  2. You could have waited for couple weeks and should have raised SR instead of PP. May I know which service center you filed your application? I am also same situation like you, filed transfer March 2018@vermont, rfe received for pay slips and responded in may 2018. Site visit last week of Feb 2019. Waiting for decision and Not going to PP.

    Clarification on Lawful status - H1b

    No employer will pay without providing the approved time sheet, so you worked from Dec 4th 2018 till Dec 23rd 2018. USCIS look both payslips and letter from Employer HR manager on start/end date of employment. Also 60 days grace period started on Feb 2018 when you joined employer B, check with employer/attorney regarding this.


    It may take few weeks to couple of months. Sometimes they will ask for additional documents. I think your latest approved petition from Nebraska or Vermont?

    H1B Transfer Denied

    Hey, May I know reason for Rfe details before denial? It's speciality occupation?
  6. 60 day grace period is argumentative, some attorneys say it start from Company B joining date, some says 60 days from the denial notice. At this time Company A revoke is not matter. most of officers know Specialty Occupation memo is not really legal, just like Donald T. Just follow what company C says, max what happens is you wont get i-94 with approval, that's it.

    H1 - Transfer denied - Available Options?

    No lottery. You can use unused quota from 6 years.

    H1B Extension application reached late at USCIS

    You will get more issues if you stay with crazy employer. Just dump the employer.
  9. To avoid maintenance of H1B status RFE, your new employer need to explain the actual situation. - Get the experience letter from old employer with valid end date. - Request for extension of stay based on 60 days grace period final rule. Otherwise application will get approved without I 94.
  10. I-94 expired, so new transfer should be filed in Consular processing. Talked to company B and options.
  11. CSERFE

    h1 b approved for 3 weeks

    Ask your employer to submit new LCA with option B .Continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer in LCA. If you submit LCA with option B, you can send your extension to Nabraska (Premium service is available).
  12. I think your last day of employment is 29th Oct, so better get a letter from previous employer HR stating that last day of employment is Oct 29th and include this letter in new application. Make sure file new one before Oct 29th. It is straight forward case. If you make simple mistake, you will get RFE regarding H1B status and you may not get I-94 with approval.
  13. CSERFE

    h1 b approved for 3 weeks

    Submit another extension at Nebraska, you will get 3 years this time. Most of BA titles got 3 years at Nebraska, BA titles are really special at Nebraska:), if you are Developer, you may get 3 weeks again, just kidding.
  14. As premium processing suspended, just follow what employer B is saying. USCIS officer may approve with I-94 or without I-94. Just be prepared to go for stamping.
  15. CSERFE

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    Why illegal and bank fraud. will pay back later time.
  16. CSERFE

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    Safe side take another 50 K USD personal loan. Incase visa approval you can pay back, otherwise it goes to tooooo
  17. kkp2208, looks like your out of status. You left the company B ( Valid H1b ) July 2017, 60 days grace period comes from company B. You will get H1B approval without I-94. I know few recent cases like this. Check your inbox.
  18. CSERFE

    H1B denied before RFE Due date

    Looks like your employer is already submitted the RFE response, check with them. Also you can check your status here https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ This will provide the clear information regarding when they received the RFE response and etc. What is your SOC code/job title, RFE about and which service center?
  19. CSERFE

    H1b Transfer Denial case options

    Knowledge from the other posts, 60 days grace period count from valid H1b i.e Company A ( 10th Nov 2017). New Transfer need to file in Consular processing. But it is always better to check with new employer or Company B who is ready to file new Transfer, they will provide all possible options.
  20. CSERFE

    H1 Transfer and H1 Extension for same client

    Now applying for extension is not risk but very high risk with Transfer. Don't do big mistake just by applying for Transfer. Fight with Employer A, get what you want and don't apply Transfer at this stage.
  21. CSERFE

    H1B Transfer Denial (Urgent )

    Zeus1989, Most of them here have same situation like you. if you look at other expert answers in this forum, 60 day grace period comes from employer A and Not from denial H1B. First check for denial reason and looks like Employer B should file second application with better documents in consular processing. Incase its consular processing, make sure to file in premium before April 1st. Please share what is RFE about and SOC code/job title?
  22. Make sure job offer, client/vendor, resume should have updated job title and duties to avoid any future RFE.
  23. CSERFE

    H1 B transfer denied (urgent )

    Ank, you have to share all recent pay stubs with new employer attorney, let employer decide what to share with USCIS. If you have most recent payslips with H1B receipt, you will avoid RFE. we are not supposed to hide anything from new employer or attorney, it’s just payslips and one denial/RFE. We are not doing any crime. See how Mr. Dump’s lawyers have list of escorts/prostitutes contacts he hired in last 2 to 3 decades and non disclosure agreements tobuy their silence.
  24. CSERFE

    H1 B transfer denied (urgent )

    1. Not sure about 60 day grace period from emp A or B. Check with employer B or New employer. 2. It’s based on Employer A immigration team policy and procedures. Talk to them. 3. First check for denial reason. Filing with new employer is good option, but it’s only based on how attorney is confident regarding 60 day grace period. You already worked with employer B for long time, it’s not bad idea to ask employer b to refill with corrected documents. Sometimes they recommend for consular processing. What is your SOC code and RFE about?
  25. CSERFE

    H1B - Financial Assistance

    Ethikumar, I used that Medical financial assistance 2 times back in 2010 and saved me around $7000. But that time my salary was close to $60K, so I was eligible. Eligible criteria is monthly family income and total members in the family. Hospital will check all your payslips and bank statements and they will reduce the bill.