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  1. You could have waited for couple weeks and should have raised SR instead of PP. May I know which service center you filed your application? I am also same situation like you, filed transfer March 2018@vermont, rfe received for pay slips and responded in may 2018. Site visit last week of Feb 2019. Waiting for decision and Not going to PP.

    Clarification on Lawful status - H1b

    No employer will pay without providing the approved time sheet, so you worked from Dec 4th 2018 till Dec 23rd 2018. USCIS look both payslips and letter from Employer HR manager on start/end date of employment. Also 60 days grace period started on Feb 2018 when you joined employer B, check with employer/attorney regarding this.


    It may take few weeks to couple of months. Sometimes they will ask for additional documents. I think your latest approved petition from Nebraska or Vermont?

    H1B Transfer Denied

    Hey, May I know reason for Rfe details before denial? It's speciality occupation?
  5. 60 day grace period is argumentative, some attorneys say it start from Company B joining date, some says 60 days from the denial notice. At this time Company A revoke is not matter. most of officers know Specialty Occupation memo is not really legal, just like Donald T. Just follow what company C says, max what happens is you wont get i-94 with approval, that's it.

    H1 - Transfer denied - Available Options?

    No lottery. You can use unused quota from 6 years.

    H1B Extension application reached late at USCIS

    You will get more issues if you stay with crazy employer. Just dump the employer.
  8. To avoid maintenance of H1B status RFE, your new employer need to explain the actual situation. - Get the experience letter from old employer with valid end date. - Request for extension of stay based on 60 days grace period final rule. Otherwise application will get approved without I 94.
  9. I-94 expired, so new transfer should be filed in Consular processing. Talked to company B and options.
  10. CSERFE

    h1 b approved for 3 weeks

    Ask your employer to submit new LCA with option B .Continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer in LCA. If you submit LCA with option B, you can send your extension to Nabraska (Premium service is available).
  11. I think your last day of employment is 29th Oct, so better get a letter from previous employer HR stating that last day of employment is Oct 29th and include this letter in new application. Make sure file new one before Oct 29th. It is straight forward case. If you make simple mistake, you will get RFE regarding H1B status and you may not get I-94 with approval.
  12. CSERFE

    h1 b approved for 3 weeks

    Submit another extension at Nebraska, you will get 3 years this time. Most of BA titles got 3 years at Nebraska, BA titles are really special at Nebraska:), if you are Developer, you may get 3 weeks again, just kidding.
  13. As premium processing suspended, just follow what employer B is saying. USCIS officer may approve with I-94 or without I-94. Just be prepared to go for stamping.
  14. CSERFE

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    Why illegal and bank fraud. will pay back later time.
  15. CSERFE

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    Safe side take another 50 K USD personal loan. Incase visa approval you can pay back, otherwise it goes to tooooo